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Jun 12, 2020
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Hi all,
I am moving from Adelaide to Queanbeyan for work in December and need to organise for my Daughter's 1 year old Central Bearded Dragon - Phoenix, to be transported.
The pet transport company is picking Phoenix up in early DEC and transporting her to an exotic pet carer, then picking her up 10 days later to take to Adelaide Airport for transport on a direct Virgin flight to Canberra.

I have heard that dragons should be air freighted in a pillow case or similar, which will be inside a plastic clip lock container with holes on all 4 sides and the top, and the lid taped on. The courier has also sugested placing this plastic container inside a standard pet (puppy/cat) transport container.

The exotic pet sitter needs to give Phoeinx a checkover a week or 2 prior to delivery and will be doing the 'packaging'.

Has anyone done this recently and do you have any advice, either confirming the above or suggesting a better option?


is there any reason for the 10 day delay ?
I have had to import and export a couple of times, I drop off or pickup on the day of flight.
Packing details are similar, reptile inside pillowslip or calico bag inside an aerated cliplock container with shredded paper for packing. Cable ties for security plus tape . never used catbox,
I use a transport company that organizes the flight, /, costs about $100 ?
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Thanks @dragonlover1. The 10 day delay is for the time it takes for our furniture and effects to be transported from our house in Adelaide to our new house in Queanbeyan. Sounds like the odd bits of information I have heard are on the right track. Doesn't cost us any extra for the second box as far as I know.


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