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physignathus lesueurii lesueurii

  1. zacthefrog

    new little jackys

    Hey everyone just got my baby Jacky dragons. 15 cm long and going strong, eating crickets, blueberry's, carrot, lettuce and mealies. Can't believe my success with their feeding. here are some pics, the pic of the frog if one of my green TF's checking them out. They dont have names yet got any...
  2. H

    tips for handling gippsland water dragons

    i have 2 gippsland water dragons and need some tips on handling them as they are really skitish they freak out when i open their tank and when i do have them out all they seem to do is run. can anyone give me tips on how to calm them down enough to handle them better??
  3. KaotikJezta

    King Ghedorah loves Nastustiums

    My beardy Ghedorah was looking very nice today so I snapped some shots of him in the feeding tub eating his favourite thing, Nasturtium flowers. The colour is not exact, he is more lemon and cream with lilac.
  4. mayamaya

    Buying vs DIY huge indoor enclosures

    Hey I have an approximately 6-7 month old eastern water dragon. S/he's in a good sized enclosure at the moment for their size (5-6cm snout to vent, not incl tail) but at the end of this year or next year or whenever s/he grows out of it, I want to get the final or at least long-term enclosure...
  5. K

    lets see your outdoor enclosures for ur dragons

    hey guy just want to see some pics of your outdoor enclosures you's have made for your dragons. i am thinking of making one for my beardy and my 2 pygmys, they will be separate tho :) i already have a big one for my EWD which i am happy with and came up good so will prob make one similar, but...
  6. F

    Ewd ??

    I was watching a show called 'The Zoo'. They were rehousing some EWD's. They said that they can live to 60 years old. Anyone know how true this is??? I find it a bit hard to believe myself.
  7. H

    friend for my gippsland water dragon

    looking for a friend for my gippsland water dragon just out of curiosity is there any other reptile that could live with a Gippsland water dragon. this is my Gippsland water drgon Turbo
  8. S

    Theft prevention! Whats your method?

    With all this talk about stolen snakes i thought id throw it out there... How have you secured your snakes from theft? Do you have locks, an alarm, moat, sentry guns or perhaps you let your most dangerous beasties roam the house Without giving it all away what do you use to prevent...
  9. mayamaya

    show me your enclosures!

    Hey I would like to see your enclosures no matter what type of reptile, just for some ideas on new set ups etc to see what they are most comfortable with :) Preferrably EWD ones, but if you have a different reptile I would like to see that too! ^_^ thank you
  10. mayamaya

    EWD shedding info

    Hey jw, when does an eastern water dragon start shedding? Or if you dont know, any similar reptile when it starts shedding to give me a bit of an idea? I have a young EWD, still small,,around 6cm snout to vent.. Unknown age, had him/her since Feb. Im guessing he's around 6 months though.... I...
  11. ilovemycoastal

    tax returns soon... :)

    whats everyone buying? haha i myself am thinking BHP
  12. mayamaya

    young EWD enclosure next to window, bad idea?

    Are young EWDs more scared being by the window + adapting to new bigger enclosure? Very random topic, but for people who have ideas or experience with young lizards/reptiles, preferrably the skittish/shy little eastern water dragons(Anything really would be great), it would be great if you...
  13. kr0nick

    eastern water dragon diy enclosure

    Hi all i am looking at getting two eastern water dragons and i wondering if i have a 6 foot glass aquarium and make a frame above and across from that point out of pine and then fly screen the outside of that would that be alright for water dragons? i have a very simple paint drawing but it...
  14. H

    sexing gipsland water dragons

    i have a young gippsland water dragon a would like to get a eastern water dragon but need to no if its possible to find out their sex so dont end up with 2 males. Can anyone help me in sexing them the one i have is under a year old and about 20cm long including tail
  15. L

    stuck choosin which lizard to get.

    hi guys i gave a 3ftx2ftx1ft reptile enclosure and was wondering what lizard to put in there on a class 1 license. i already have a northern bearded dragon and eastern water dragon. thanks.
  16. Mexie13

    Water Dragon hibernation help please.

    Hi, can anyone help? My Eastern Water Dragon seems too active to be hibernating. Despite no food for at least 3 weeks, still finding tiny bits of poo in the water - perhaps from eating random insects getting into the indoor enclosure? When the cricket house is near, she watches them with great...
  17. cadwallader

    Show us you Breeding pairs..

    Hey interested to see pictures of what your breeding this year, geckos, monitors snakes, dragons etc the lot anything and everything:P
  18. MathewB

    Keeping Eastern Beardies with Others

    In the coming months I am going to get a couple of Beardies, and I was wondering if they would be ok with my Bluie/Cunninghams? It's a large outdoor enclosure but I don't want conflict. In my opinion a black/dark Eastern with a yellow mouth is an amazing looking animal and that is what I'm...
  19. vampstorso

    New Eastern Water Dragons

    My latest prides and joy! 6 weeks old and adorable! They've been seemingly happily basking since I got them home, there's two rocks for basking of equal "heat value" and two branches as well, rather specifically to ensure harmony stays intact! One has a slimmer head and body than the other...
  20. Jackrabbit

    What limits the number of Reptiles you own?

    I was in Petbarn yesterday and looking at all the things they have for reptiles and pets in general and I wanted to buy lots of it and get more animals. It got me thinking what limits the number of reptiles/animals people have? I am primarily limited by space living an a unit. I wanted to...
  21. AaronR

    Eastern water Dragons and Turtles

    Hi All, THINKING about making an enclosure for my 3 Turtles and 2 EWD to live in together just after thoughts about this. The enclosure will have more than enough room for all to live in a move freely, food is readily available for all.
  22. mad_at_arms

    EWD Indoor Enclosure Setup

    Hi guys, I am in the process of setting up a new enclosure for my EWD. It measures 120H x 120W x 75D(the enclosure that is!) and was previously set up for a python. I have put a large shelf in the corner and fitted large branch. I also have made up a vertical branch that is about 75cm...
  23. vampstorso

    SA Eastern Water Dragon Juv-Hatchie

    Found some! Thanks to all who tried to help! Casey
  24. 8

    Help Lighting

    Hi, I am soon to be the owner of a hatchling eastern water dragon. I am currently setting up the tank and went on the search for UVA/B fluros. Now what a mine field of information good and bad. What does everyone here recommend/use. I have read so much that says that one brand is terrible for...
  25. B

    Snake ID

    http://photos-e.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-snc6/247326_644652132571_277002533_6071711_3986590_s.jpg Could someone please tell me what type of snake this is. I found it in my front yard. I live in townsville queensland, suburb: south townsville. Looks quite young. My girlfriend is freaking out...
  26. B

    diy enclosure

    hi guys heres my enclosure that i have built. well just for some background info first, my partner and i decided a couple of months ago now, that we will get some eastern long neck turtles. anyway me being greedy said well wouldnt it look better if we had something else in with them? a few...
  27. B

    EWD questions

    hi guys i have just purchased 2 EWDs on saturday and i have noticed that there are a few differences, i measured the length of them and 1 is approximately 18cm long including the tail and the other is 20cm long. the one that is longer has much brighter colouring than the smaller one, would this...
  28. Twitch_80

    Aquarium in enclosure

    Hi all so I was looking through threads and noticed that amazing enclosure that just plain nuts has on show with the aquarium in the bottom. I was just wondering how many people have that in an enclosure, what sort of snakes they have in it and if they have turtles or fish in there? Has anyone...
  29. mayamaya

    young EWD help & questions!! age, diet, taming, etc.

    I've had my baby eastern water dragon jamba since february. I never knew his/her exact length back then but I recently measured its length roughly from snout to vent (not incl. tail) and it was 6cm. Approximately how old could this be? Also, how do I get it to eat fruit & vegetables... Im kind...
  30. R

    NSW eastern water dragons sale

    Eastern Water Dragon Hatchlings for Sale $10 each THIS WEEKEND ONLY 3rd June - 5th June NO FREIGHT PICK UP ONLY location is Salamander Bay, Port Stephens 40 mins north of Newcastle please Phone or text only to organise time's NO PM will not reply 0432045760 must have licence with you...
  31. L

    What to feed baby bearded dragon

    Just got 3 babies, and want to know what is best to feef them? they are currently eating crickets, peas, carrots, and corn.
  32. damian83

    fitting a windscreen today.....

    talking to the bloke in ballina that i was installing a screen for and got onto talking bout reptiles, his son has childreni with an eastern water dragon in the same tank with no problems... but that isnt what i was gonna talk bout.......... he told me hours before i got there he told his kiwi...
  33. holdenman_89

    pics of EWD (eastern water dragons)

    hey everyone i have realised that not as many people keep EWD compared to Bearded Dragons. i dont have a EWD but would like if people could post some pics of their own? they are such awesome lizards and i cant wait to own one myself. Thanks.
  34. beejay

    help needed with young ewd's

    hello all, sorry to be disturbing the guru's with the usual 'help me' questions! owned multiple herp's over the years but only just got back into ownership with a pair of ewd's,not sure how old but they are only 10cm's in length so rather young im assuming. picked them up last thursday and...
  35. TaraLeigh

    Few happy snaps from today!

    Not all lizards even though this is in the lizard forum but hey. The first shot is my fav. That's Jumanji my Stimmo, you can see his colour better in the other pic though . They are only some quick snaps from my iPhone. But I thought I would share them anyway rather than just tucking them away...
  36. richoman_3

    Angle heads and frogs. opinions

    hey guys, im getting some (10+) white lipped tree frog bubs soon. When they get bigger i want to move them into a big 4 foot tank and setup up a rainforest setup and want to put angle headed dragons in. now, if the dragons and frogs are adults, they would both be too big for eachother too eat...