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    Hi there I'm currently making Reptile enclosures/setups to suit any Snake or Lizard.

    I've been into keeping Reptile's for over 20years now so therefore I have great knowledge of what sort of housing they require.

    I'm happy to build any enclosure to fit ur wants & needs.

    Whether it's a standed 2ft, 4ft or 6ft enclosure, an 8ft x 6ft enclosure or bank of enclosures all together I'm more then happy to make it for u.

    Enclosures in pic's r of ones built by me.

    All enclosure setups come with a thermostat, new glass, wiring, ceramic fittings & globes.
    (Pending on what u want ofcourse)

    All enclosures will only be made out of White water resistant Melamine (some melamine steets used may have the occasional screw hole or scrach but this doesn't affect the overall result)

    Heating options range from Ceramic, infrared & basking lights, all with ceramic fittings.

    Very competitive prices n much cheaper then the shops considering what u get.

    Above pics r just some of the enclosures I've made from scratch or modify to suit peoples personal needs.

    If ur looking for a fantastic enclosure setup that has no hidden extra cost n one that u take home, turn on n put ur reptile in it; then feel free to contact me for a chat on what u need.

    All enclosures will require a 50% deposit by cash or bank deposit when placing an order before they will be made.
    (A written recept will be given with all deposits if requested)

    Please text, call or email for more info or quote.

    Can deliver if required

    Located in Wyndham Vale Victoria

    Every enclosure brought will receive a FREE digital thermometer!!!

    0490715486 ad_7_1522929129478.jpg 20180406_184103.jpg

    Thanks for ur time, hope to hear from u soon.

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    Will keep you in mind. I live 10 minutes away from you. My glass enclosure isn't keeping in heat during winter for my GTP. So will probably go melamine custom.
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    I've personally met Damien, and have seen some of the enclosures he has built. Highly recommended, especially for the price.
    I offered to purchase one off him recently in an attempt to downsize a current enclosure, thinking this was causing high stress levels on a BD. Instead of selling me one, we spent a decent amount of time on the phone coming up with alternative ideas. Deliberately did himself out of a sale, but his knowledge has made a massive difference to my BD's behaviour. Can't get that kind of service from a shop.

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