1. HerpDerp

    What is that one piece of advice that you wish someone had given you when you first started keeping snakes?

    Hi all, My name is Matthieu, I'm in Melbourne and I've always wanted a pet snake. There is nothing more frustrating for me than people who intentionally or unintentionally abuse their animals because they are ignorant or because they want to join the latest fad. This has lead me to be...
  2. M

    Please help me! I’m not sure if my snake is sick!

    Hello I have a 8month old children’s python and I lately noticed a tiny bit of a stain on the corner of his mouth and I’m scared he is sick so can someone please look at the photos and tell me firstly if he is sick, and secondly what to do (whether that be going to the vet ). Sorry if this is...
  3. W

    Twine to Chain Feed Snakes?

    Hello, trying to get a fussy hatchling to eat mice/rats and have read about chain feeding them to help them transition, but wondered what everyone used to tie them together? Thanks!
  4. S

    SOLD Adopt me: Fully grown coastal carpet python

    Hello, I am relocating out of country on the 26th of April and unfortunately cannot bring my pet of over 10 years with me. I am looking for a new home for her. She is a healthy Queensland Coastal Carpet python (Morelia Spilota) approx 160 cm long with a brilliant pattern which looks like...
  5. W

    Anyone Have Shed Snake Skins?

    Hello everyone, I was wondering if anyone might have some shed snake skins they would be happy to send for educational use? As many a variety as possible would be great! Or if you could keep me in mind when your snake next sheds, I would appreciate that greatly as well :)
  6. W

    QLD WTB Snake Book A Guide to Australian Snakes in Captivity Elapids and Colubrids

    Hello everyone, as the title says, I'm possibly after a copy of A Guide to Australian Snakes in Captivity Elapids and Colubrids by Scott Eipper. If anyone has a spare one around let me know; it would be much appreciated!
  7. C

    Olive python hatchling being snappy

    Hi all, I recently got myself an Olive Python hatchling and I’ve found that it’s a bit snappy, to the point where when I offered food it was going for my hand instead. Also when I walk into the room it starts turning into an ‘S’ shape. Also when I’m trying to change the water and I use the hook...
  8. R

    SOLD Green Tree Python (+Enclosure, Lamp, Humidifier) $800

    "Monty" our GTP is for sale. Originally acquired by my wife for our classroom at school (yes, we work together!) however due to starting a family and her on leave from work I have too little time to dedicate to all our animals. Monty is ~6 years old, a very bright and lively display snake who...
  9. Mitella

    2 days of herping in NSW.

    G'day guys and gals, here's a new video out of part of my big trip I had in Jan this year. More clips will follow up, hope you enjoy! Cheers, Mitella
  10. S

    Black headed python. Respiratory infection

    Hello everyone my name is Sean from Raleigh NC USA, I have a 3.5 year old black headed python who is starting to show symptoms of a respiratory infection as of now just some light whistles when being handled or moving too quickly and a small amount of mucus in her mouth. I've already made an...
  11. cooperftw

    SOLD Adult friendly Murray Darling Carpet Python + optional enclosure

    Hi there, Just welcomed my first child, am moving house and need a larger enclosure for my beloved Murray Darling Carpet Python (morelia spilota metcalfei). Too much for me to take on at the moment so I've decided to sell the family pet. Also included (if you want it) is a used but in good...
  12. daniel101

    VIC EOI Female Scrub Python 4m ++++

    Hi Guys, Just posting an expression of interest for the sale of my 8 year old Female Scrub Python. Regretful sale as I will be moving out in a few months and the snake is just to much of a handful for my father to handle alone (typical scrub python behaviour). The snake is a very good feeder...
  13. Zer0tonin

    Water based timber stain safe for snakes?

    Hey guys, Currently building two large plywood enclosures for my snakes. The timber looks really nice but I want to stain it and make it water resistant. Anyone know if this stuff is safe for...
  14. SmudgeDaz

    People’s opinions on vet check ups

    Hi all, I wanted to see other people’s opinions on vets and pythons. so I have a Stimson who will be about 10 years old this year. I was told when I brought her that a vet visit isn’t needed unless something is wrong. So for the past 8/9 years that I have owned her, I have never taken her to...
  15. DaNReD

    SOLD [SOLD] Huge Enclosure 1850 x 1850 x 620 Located south of Melbourne CBD

    Extremely well built, 1850 x 1850 x 620 reptile enclosure All accessories and fixtures you see in the pictures come with the enclosure 2 Ceramic fixtures and one regular fixture 3 Cages for all the bulbs. Thermostat Sliding door Hand-made ceramic reptile caves Large water dish On wheels Bottom...
  16. C

    VIC VIC, Looking for a juvenile JAG Diamond or Jungle

    Hey everyone! I'm currently on the market for a hatchling or atleast a young Diamond or Jungle python. I'm based in Melbourne, so I'd prefer to pick one up in Victoria but I'm happy to have one freighted if interstate. Please contact me on 0421033608 or [email protected] if you can help! :)
  17. Snakebreak

    Do snakes get worse before getting better (RI)???

    My snake seems to be more mucusy since giving him the antibiotics prescribed for him. Is it true that he will get worse before he gets better? Is he just bringing up the mucus so it rids his body of it? It's been 2 weeks now. His a albino Darwin 4 years old. QUICK BACK STORY Temp and...
  18. T

    Basic reptile liscence SA

    Hi everyone, ive just joined to ask a quick question which im super unsure about. I know that to keep 1 reptile, in my example, a snake, you do not need a liscence unless wanting to sell the snake. But my issue is, i havent had a snake in years, im looking at getting a little hatchling in the...
  19. S

    first time snake owner - Bredli or Spotted?

    Hey All! hope you're having a wonderful day. I'm a first time snake mama, and i was initially advised to get a Spotted Mac as they are a great first time snake... but then was advised to get a Bredli as they are very docile... I've been doing research and i just kind of seem to get mixed...
  20. R

    Jungle jag scale issue?

    Hey guys, So I’m fairly new at snake keeping and my partner has had snakes his whole life. We recently got Kaa our jungle jag python of 2-3 years old from a friend who could no longer keep her. She is roughly 1.5m at the moment. We have her in an enclose that’s 2.5m H x 1.5m W x 1.5 L we use...
  21. morgobean

    Which reptile is right 4 me?

    Hey all, looking to get a reptile in the near future and wondering what is the easiest for beginners - I'm tossing up between a bearded dragon, or some sort of snake. Not incredibly well versed however so I am open suggestion! I want to be able to handle my baby to some extent (but also have no...
  22. steppo94

    NSW 2x DIY cabinet enclosures for sale (SYD)

    2x self converted reptile enclosures for sale. Both have perspex doors. Please see images attached. Suitable for a small or juvenile python. Includes unique backdrop artwork from 16yo me Available for pickup in Botany or Granville Feel free to message me if you need more details - 0427004036...
  23. ajk321

    This is a very classic question about UVB.

    Hi, I'm a humble redneck who raise Ramsayi and Melanocephalus in South Korea. It is not the first time I raise snakes, so I heard snakes don't need UVB lights because they eat their preys whole. What I was curious about is that recent studies and articles here shows that they "DO" needs UVB...
  24. K

    First snake, need help please

    hey all, im new. and i dont really know much when it comes to caring for a snake. hoping some of yous could answer my questions. so i recently got a snake, henry. we got him from a family member who was too scared to look after him. he hasn't had his cage cleaned in 2 years and hasn't eaten in 3...
  25. E

    NSW WTB black and yellow jungle python

    I’m currently living in narromine and I’m wanting to buy a black and yellow jungle python. No preferred sex. Please send me a text of what you have 0415685630
  26. G

    Egg-Eating Snakes in Australia

    A friend in my TAFE course would like to get an egg-eating snake but as far as I'm aware, they aren't legal due to them not being a native animal. Is this true?
  27. G

    I need some help!

    Hello! I am Currently 16 and am starting to get interested in snakes... (also a newbie) I’m trying to find a Decently small snake that doesn’t eat rodents and legal in Australia. If anyone could tell me some so I could do some more research would be great!!! thank you so much
  28. I

    Snake questions

    HEY I’m wanting to get a snake but I have some questions. If you guys can where them thank. Q1: How king do I need my reptile license/Do I need to have lizards before a snake. Q2: what would a good begginer snake be. Q3: how much attention does a snake need/how expensive
  29. Mitella

    Recent herping around Darwin, NT.

    G'day everyone, here's a little 8 minute video of herps from around the Top End recently. It was pretty hectic and I definitely recommend to visit there for a herp if you get a chance!
  30. C

    Aussie youtubers

    Hi all! I know there has been a few threads on this in the past but none of them are recent so I’m wondering if there is any Aussie reptile youtubers out there that are still active? Tried searching the ones in the older threads but a lot of them aren’t making videos anymore so if there is any...
  31. G

    bredli temp question

    hey i recently got my first bredli she was born in January 2018 according to the store i got her from and i read that the hot area for the enclosure should be about 32 i have a heat mat and a basking light but the hot zone doesn't feel like it is at 32 degrees she is very active at night and...
  32. N

    Stimson's python biting

    Hey guys, I've had this Stimson python for around 8 months and I got her when she was 11 months. I've had no issue with her biting since I first got her, until three days ago. I fed her and the next day she started striking at me. I do feed her outside of the cage. When I finally managed to get...
  33. Mitch.11

    Recent finds on the Gold Coast

    A Coastal Carpet Python (Morelia spilota mcdowelli), Common Death Adder (Acanthophis antarcticus) and Brown Tree Snake (Boiga irregularis) found recently. The climate for reptiles in South East Queensland is great at the moment. For more info on each...
  34. P

    Is my Coastal Carpet Constipated?

    Hi everyone, Just a quick question, I have a 5 year old coastal carpet python and around 2 weeks ago I tried to feed him but he regurgitated it. Up until then I've had no problems with him and he has been very healthy with heating, newspaper bedding changed every 3 weeks or when he poos, fresh...
  35. cheesecake10001

    Beginner/ First Snake suggestions please

    Hi guys! this is my first time on this forum and also my first time getting a snake. I've been looking into the Murray Darling Carpet Pythons, Centralian Carpet Python or Children's python which are the ones they sell near where I live. I also have a few questions: 1. Which one of these snakes...
  36. eipper

    QLD Reptile Apparel

    We love animals. We also love quality. All images in our extensive photo library have been taken by Scott and Tie Eipper and are an accumulation of many years work. All images are copyrighted to Nature 4 You. Images from our vast collection are carefully chosen and edited to produce the clearest...
  37. eipper

    QLD Barkley Adders for Sale

    Barkley adders for sale. $120 each, will freight at buyers expense if 3 or more are bought. Both males and females are available. Born on 11.3.18. All eating well unaided, poop and shed just like they should. Browns, greys and pinks available. Pm me for me pics or info.
  38. M

    WA reptile law

    Hi everyone, Been wondering if anyone knows anything about the WA reptile law. From my understanding you can’t import reptiles from other states, which I find stupid because you can bring in cats and dog which can be more destructive than a snake. Does anyone know anything more on this topic...
  39. mrnofear

    VIC Reptile enclosures & accessories

    7AM-2PM SATURDAY 9TH JUNE 2018 -------------- 1 DAY ONLY------------------- Hi everyone we're having a huge clearance sale on all things related to Reptiles. New & used items available Most items will be under half the price of the shops Items included in the sale are: 2ft, 3ft, 4ft BLACK &...
  40. M

    Childrens python- not eating???

    Hi, I know this is a common one, but I also feel like it's very out of character. I've got a children's, 8 years old, female (have had since yearling). She ate a weaner rat at the end of Feb, and an adult mouse mid April. Nothing between or since- has rejected offers. Very active around her...
  41. Jake B

    VIC Juvenile spotted python $100

    Born november 2017 Parents are wild x ebony Located in VIC
  42. S

    NSW Female Stimsons Python

    Young female $100 ONO- currently on fuzzy mice almost ready to go up a size. Can be quite bitey and defensive Located Newcastle NSW
  43. mrnofear


    Hi there I'm currently making Reptile enclosures/setups to suit any Snake or Lizard. I've been into keeping Reptile's for over 20years now so therefore I have great knowledge of what sort of housing they require. I'm happy to build any enclosure to fit ur wants & needs. Whether it's a standed...
  44. B

    NSW Centralian carpet python /w Tank

    Selling young Centralia carpet python with huge tank (2 lockable doors, storage unit and separate cooling area) also comes with accessories. I am willing to sell snake by itself *Snake $300 (negotiable) *Snake + Tank $600 (negotiable) Am willing to lower price Email/ message me for images or...
  45. Oscar's

    Snake Racks

    Would like to know some information on snake/reptile racks Why don't people use heat lights and uv lights in snake racks, not using uv does it cause heath issues with your reptiles?? They only use heat mats, i know a heat lamp isn't neccesary but doesnt uv give heath benefits to your reptile?
  46. Jarmo Kuhna

    Python, The sly strangler

    I dont know is this right Place to ask but I had looking for some documentary about snakes and I find out it is Python: The sly strangler from year 1997 Does anyone in here have that documentary ? I would be very grateful if I can finally get that
  47. mrnofear


    WANTED---WANTED---WANTED--- Hi there I'm looking for any Scales & Tails Magazines that people no longer need or want. Doesn't matter if they're Old or Resent ones I'm only wanting these magazines for my personal educational use. Please contact me via text, call or email if u have any Scales &...
  48. O

    Worried my baby is undersized!

    IMG_3253 by Olive.99 posted Oct 10, 2017 at 3:31 AMIMG_3252 by Olive.99 posted Oct 10, 2017 at 3:31 AMImage by Olive.99 posted Oct 10, 2017 at 3:33 AMImage by Olive.99 posted Oct 10, 2017 at 3:37 AMHi there! I'm the proud mum of a coastal carpet python, the breeder I bought her from said she was...
  49. Jafar

    Yesterday I obtained a Woma python! (Unboxing video)

    Hello guys, hello from Greece, this is me unboxing a Woma python! Fascinating and really unique species... Hope you enjoy, have fun, visit my YouTube channel if you like :P
  50. Gold Coast Pet Centre

    QLD Childrens and Stimsons for sale $150 each!!

    Gold Coast Pet Centre is having a renovations sale on all pythons. Most are around the 2 year old mark, some a little older, some slightly younger. All healthy and eating adult mice, with feed charts. Come in store to 4/110 Kortum Drv, West Burleigh and mention this ad to receive the special...