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Just thought I'd show off some of the photos i've taken of local, SA herps over the past ten or so years. I am not a photographer - don't expect perfect photos. This is by far, not everything I have seen but these show some of the animals where I managed to have a camera (not a great one I might add) on hand.


Christinus marmoratus - southern marbled gecko.

Lucasium damaeum - beaded gecko. This animal was interfered with and later released under an appropriate ethics permit.

Nephrurus deleani - Pernatty knob-tailed gecko.

Nephrurus levis levis - common knob-tailed gecko.

Rhynchoedura eyrensis - eyre basin beaked gecko.

Strophurus elderi - jewelled gecko.

Strophurus intermedius - southern spiny-tailed gecko,.

Strophurus williamsi - eastern spiny-tailed gecko. This animal was interfered with and later released under an appropriate ethics permit.

Underwoodisaurus milii - thick-tailed/ barking gecko.


Aprasia striolata - striped/ lined worm lizard.

Delma molleri - moller's delma.

Agamids/ Dragons

Ctenophorus cristatus - crested dragon.

Ctenophorus decresii - tawny dragon.

Ctenophorus pictus - painted dragon.

Pogona barbata - eastern bearded dragon.

Pogona vitticeps - central bearded dragon.


Cryptoblepharus pannosus - ragged snake-eyed skink.

Liopholis margaretae personata - centralian ranges rock-skink.

Tiliqua adelaidensis - pygmy blue-tongued skink.

Tiliqua occipitalis - western blue-tongued skink.

Tiliqua rugosa - shingleback.

Tiliqua scincoides scincoides - eastern/ common blue-tongued skink.

Varanids/ Monitors/ Goannas

Varanus gilleni - pygmy mulga monitor.

Varanus gouldii - sand/ goulds monitor.


Brachyurophis australis - coral snake.

Parasuta nigriceps - Mitchell's short-tailed snake.

Parasuta spectabilis spectabilis - mallee black-headed snake.

Pseudechis australis - mulga snake.

Pseudonaja textilis - common/ eastern brown snake.


Neobatrachus pictus - painted frog.

Enjoy... and whatnot.
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