eulamprus quoyii


  1. CrazyLizardLady

    VIC Wanted Eastern Water Skinks please!

    Hey everyone! I’m after Eastern Water Skinks (Eulamprus quoyii) please! Male, female, young, old, one skink or 10+ I’m located in Vic Please text me on 0437928221 Thank you :) Also looking for any of the Eulamprus species particularly the Southern Water Skink. Keen to see people’s Eulamprus...
  2. bluedragon

    Skink ID

    found this skink on a rock at bondi NSW
  3. X

    What lizards would you put in paludarium style enclosure??

    I was looking for input on what others would put in a paludarium style enclosure similar to images attached. I was looking at getting a lizard, not snake (as a member of the household is terrified) I love geckos but don't know of any that live in this sort of environment and have also looked...
  4. T

    Newbie- Gecko noise and other reptile suggestions.

    Hi all, Im a newb and looking to get my first reptile. I have been looking into gecko's so far and possibly a thick tailed gecko. But the only problem is i hear they make a lot of noise at night and i wont be allowed to have one if they do! The main reason i am looking at a gecko is because i...
  5. billygt

    Bearded dragon, blue tongue or any other ideas

    Hi everyone im new to this site [noob alert:oops:] and ive been doing TONS of research over the two lizards and im still debating over the 2. i have other reptiles so im not new to the passion but i want something with personality. if you have any other great reptiles leave them below as well...
  6. S

    Cunningham's Skinks have different coloured tongues?

    So recently I noticed that my male and female cunningham's skinks have different coloured tongues. The female has bright pink, whereas the male has blue. Is this typical? I've looked at the male, and he has a clean mouth and seems healthy, but his tongue is quite blue. Thoughts? Sarah Jane
  7. K

    request ID please

    Hi, I saw this skink and wonder if it is Eulamprus quoyii. Sorry, I seem to find these skinks very confusing. Thanks for your help.
  8. mad_at_arms

    crocdoc vs ianinoz

    Remember this thread:- ? That was possibly some of the most entertaining reading I have ever had on here. Second to that would have been the thread about "Lizzie" the EWS. I wonder what that crazy cat ianinoz is up to now.
  9. BredliFreak

    Good lizards to own

    hi all, I'm thinking of getting another lizard in the future and I am looking for a good handling and somewhat affectionate, placid animal. I've narrowed down my search a bit to these animals: -Jacky Lizard -Mountain Dragon -cunningham's skink -black rock skink -white's skink -southern water...
  10. S

    Best type of lizard on a basic license

    Hi everyone, I have owned a few marbled geckos for a while now. I am wondering what is the best type of lizard for me that is on the basic license for victoria. My tank is 2 foot by 1 foot and I would much rather a lizard that will be active during the day. Cheers everyone
  11. BlueGecko

    Blue tongue enclosure

    Hi everyone, I'm trying to work out how to make my blue tongues enclosure more stimulating so she doesn't just stay in her hide aaaall day every day. Right now there is a heat lamp on one side, a bunch of logs and hides, and a hide on the cool side with her water dish on top. A few questions...
  12. book

    QLD Baby Eastern Water Skinks

    Scientific Name Eulamprus quoyii Common Name Eastern / Golden Water Skinks Age born 25/9/14 Size 50mm SVL Quantity Available 11 Bred By Me General Description Baby Eastern / Golden Water Skinks born 25/9/14. $50 each. Eating small insects and Wombaroo Reptile...
  13. S

    Garden Skinks

    Well after a few months of waiting I managed to secure a take from the wild permit to get some Garden Skinks (Lampropholis guichenoti) and wondering if there is any love from others out there for this lil' active fella's.
  14. NickGeee

    Some of my captive small skinks.

    Red throated skinks-Acritoscincus platynotum. I have a trio of these awesome lizards! Morethia boulengeri- boulengers skink. I have a trio of these aswell. And probably my favourite, Eastern water skink, eulamprus quoyii.
  15. Multifoliate

    ID - Skink found in Epping/Macquarie Park area NSW

    Hi All Saw this pretty little thing on my fence, doesn't look like the everyday garden skink to me. Am I wrong? If not, what is it?
  16. G

    Murray river herping

    Hi, so basically i may be going on the murray river house boats in october, with family. we plan on hiring a private boat so that i am somewhat free to stop anywhere and herp. My question is what would i likely see? cheers
  17. James_Scott

    New planted tank

    Hi Guys, I thought I would share a video of my latest planted tank. This one is for a few eastern water skink hatchies and comes complete with a stream that flows from left to right. Enjoy. Just click the HD button on the bottom of the video for a better picture...
  18. T

    NSW Eastern Water Skinks

    Scientific Name Eulamprus quoyii Common Name Eastern Water Skink Age 3 Weeks Old (Born New Years Day) Size 3 - 4 Inches Quantity Available 7 Bred By Myself General Description Beautiful healthy baby Eastern Water Skinks that are feeding ferociously on small crickets, these guys are...
  19. book

    QLD Juvenile Eastern Water Skinks

    Scientific Name: Eulamprus quoyii Common Name: Eastern / Golden Water Skinks Age: Born 6/8/13 Quantity Available: 2 Bred By Me General Description Feeding on a variety of small insects. Location: Bundaberg Willing to Freight? Will freight with AAE for...
  20. Unclewo-wo

    Illawarra lizards and frogs ident

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  21. reptilezac

    What do you find in your yard?

    so i wanted to know what herps people find in there yard i found these green tree frogs in my front yard :) i love frogs
  22. DaReptileBoy

    Ackie Monitor

    Hey Guys/Girls I want to get an ackie monitor but I was just wondering what size enclosure do they need when full grown and also can they eat crickets or should I feed them mice etc. Any Info on Them Would be Great Cheers DRB or they are known as a ridge tailed monitor
  23. spud_meister

    Would this work?

    For my next reptile purchase, I'm thinking of getting an Eastern Water Skink and a Perons Tree Frog, and having them live together in a very large fish tank, that includes a small fish pond and lots of plants. I'm think that I'd need to get a 4ft aquarium, have the first foot as a pool area with...
  24. HerpNthusiast

    Eastern Water Skink

    Hi I will be hopefully getting some Striped Marsh & Brown Tree Frogs in some time and I heard somewhere they can live with Frogs is this true and do they require just UV as they live here in vic or do I need to heat them as well any other care tips would be great please.
  25. lizardking1994

    substrate/bedding ideas

    G'day im soon to be getting an eastern water skink and i was just woundering what are good substrates/bedding for them besides coir peat. any help will greatly appreciated and thank you in advance. sorry if this has already been asked.
  26. lizardking1994

    gday mates

    G'day mates just wanted to say hi from me and benjamen my northern blue tongue (and also from the eastern water skink i will be getting soon {(^_^)} whom i have named picard ). i look forward to creating and commenting on threads.
  27. Gruni

    Eastern Water Skink... I think.

    Just wanting to confirm an ID please. I did a bit of herping while at Giraween NP in the SE Qld Granite Belt over the last couple of days. I didn't get to see a lot of herps but did see quite a few skinks and got pics of these three lovelys. As far as I can tell they appear to be Eastern Water...
  28. A

    last 3 skinks to identify ;-)

    Hi, this are the last 3 fotos I have to identify... can you please help me? Dorrigo NP near Rockhampton Royal NP Thanks, Alexandra
  29. G

    NSW code of practice about to be released

    THE COP has been finalised and is being implemented now to private keepers. Cage sizes become law now. This was taken from an internal memo about reptiles in pet shops: "People who keep pet reptiles under an Animal Keepers Licence or Companion Animal Licence are now required to comply...
  30. A

    skinks skinks skinks, please help me...

    Hi, there are so many different skinks in Australia... perhaps you can help me to merge my pictures: Queensland near Mackay: QL near Mapleton and near Brisbane: NSW, Border Ranges NP: NSW Blue Mountain NP: Thank you! I will send you a link to my report if I finish it ;-) Alexandra
  31. A

    Skink identiication Atherton Tablelands

    Hi, can you please help me to identify these skinks from Atherton Tablelands? I'm sorry for all my questions, I'm merging my pictures to write a trip report ;-) Alexandra
  32. DaReptileBoy

    Show Us Your Reptiles!

    show us your reps or inverts or amphibians! heres some of mine My Bearded Dragon And His Tank! My Eastern Water Skink And His Tank My Stick Insect Tank The Frog Tank Could Not Find My Frogs So Dont Have A Picture My Leaf-Tailed Geckos and There Tank And My Fish I have a Flinders...
  33. DaReptileBoy

    Can My Skink Live With My Geckos

    hey Iv got an eastern water skink he is not to big at the moment probably the same size as my geckos. So here is the question i have 3 arboreal geckos living in a 60x45x60 tank and i have a deep water dish for my eastern water skink to swim in, and since he is growing to big for his tank can he...
  34. warren63

    QLD Juvie eastern water skinks

    Scientific Name E Quoyii Common Name Eastern water skink Age Juvenile Size Juvenile size about 10 - 12cms tl Quantity Available 6 Bred By Me General Description Great skink doesnt require specialist care. Happily eating crickets Location Gold Coast...
  35. DaReptileBoy

    Why Is My Female Frog So Aggresive

    alright so we setup this awsome looking tank for her my male frog and my eastern water skink it has a waterfall and every thing but anyway my female keeps attacking me and my skink when ever we go into this one spot has she layed eggs there and are pretecting them or something i just cant figure...
  36. lizardjasper

    What did you name your reptiles?

    Wondering what most people name their pet reptiles? Mine are: 4 C Beardies - Jasper, Diego, Cricket and PeterPan 2 E Beardies - Pepsi and Schweps 1 E Water Dragon - Mr. T.Rex 2 Bluetongues - Buffy and Leelo What do you have and what did you call them?
  37. M

    Skink ID - Eulamprus heatwolei?

    Hello, is this Eulamprus heatwolei? Found in the Blue Mountains (NSW) in November 2009. Thanks in advance and best regards, Mario
  38. warren63

    QLD Xmas special - week old eastern water skinks

    Scientific Name E. quoyii Common Name Eastern water skink Age one week Size on week size (imagine a typical garden skink) Quantity Available 5 no splitting this group Bred By me General Description great active skink, easy to feed. no specialist care required i have too many mouths...
  39. DaReptileBoy

    Frilled Dragon Tank

    hi i want to get a frilled dragon what size tank do you need for an adult one if i have to build a custom tank i can but how big does it have to be?? please anser:lol::rolleyes:;):x:?:P:o:shock::|:oops::evil::(:):D
  40. DaReptileBoy

    Eastern Water Skink: how do i tell the sex

    hi i have recently got an eastern water skink and dont know how to tell the sex cause i want to breed these guys i think its a male going off what i know from normal garden skinks (yellow belly= male Pink/White belly= Female) i can post photos if you want.:D
  41. DaReptileBoy

    How do i tell the sex of my eastern water skink

    i recently got a water skink and dont know how to tell the sex of it. Will post photo's if needed:o:shock::o
  42. P

    skink at Millaa Millaa Falls

    After the success of the last post. I'd ask for more help with this photo. It's not the best quality, but I hope it's OK. This skink was at Millaa Millaa Falls in tropical Queensland. My interest is botany, but I see plenty of other great things as well.
  43. Gruni

    Wildlife Photo Collection

    I had a look through my folders and discovered that I had more wild herp pics than I realised and thought I'd throw them in here together. I know some of the species but not all but I'm happy to just post them and see how many can be identified by the experts in here... something I am far from...
  44. AUSGEX

    Garden skinks

    Hi guys I know these little fellas don't come up for sale very often but I am curious as to how much they would cost? If anybody has any idea please let me know, or even if you don't know the actual selling how much to you personal think they'd be worth? I wouldn't mind getting myself a few...
  45. Albino93

    Found this skink, please id

    Found this little guy in the laundry, pretty certain its a yellow bellied water skink but not 100% sure, i didnt get a chance to see the belly tho. It was found in medowie, NSW. As a guess its snout to vent length was around 10ish cm, very cute little fella. :)
  46. warren63

    QLD Eastern water skinks

  47. Grogshla

    Id this skink

    My girlfriends friend said this little critter was in her shed. She snapped a photo for an Id then let it back out where it was. Roughly 25-30cm long total length. Found around Sydney area.
  48. R

    Small Dragon Species

    Hey guys, I'm looking to add to my mixed species enclosure by adding some more of the smaller varieties of dragons, such as the Mountain Heath Dragon and Painted Dragon, just wondering what peoples thoughts are on the topic, they would be going in with JUVIE Eastern Water Dragons and some jacky...
  49. Womagaunt

    Show us your EVERYTHING!!! :)

    Post a pic of your pet reptile or amphibian and their enclosure with a brief description :p This is my 8 month old woma got him a few days ago very cute!!! :D
  50. J

    Bearded dragons

    I was wondering if you could keep pygmy bearded dragons with and eastern or central beardie, will they hurt eachother or will they just be normal ?