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  1. DittiMaru

    Night time temps?? Temps in general??

    Hello fam ❤️ long time no see Short update before I get into it; Casper the lil marbled children’s python passed away about a year and a bit ago, vets said we can find out what happened if we autopsy him but we opted to just cremate him. He didn’t get much bigger in the year we did have him and...
  2. G

    WANTED: Female Albino Darwin/Northern Carpet Python

    Hello, I am looking for a female Albino Darwin/Northern Carpet Python (morelia spilota variegata). I am located in Northern NSW and would be happy to drive up to 3 hours to pick up, otherwise could arrange freight to the local airport. I hold a valid reptile licence. Please let me know if you...
  3. B

    100% Het Darwin Carpet Pythons for Sale

    Species Common Name Darwin Carpet Python (100% Het) Age 6 Length 1.5 - 2m Quantity Available 1 male (hanging down) and 1 female (curled up) Bred By General Description Both carry the albino gene but have never been bred. Both have no trouble feeding. Larger female has never struck...
  4. Jafar

    Hello from Greece

    Just wanted to say "hello" and introduce myself. I took up "snake keeping" in 2012 and i currently own a female Irian jaya carpet python (Morelia spilota variegata) plus some other snakes (Agkistrodon b. bilineatus (Cantil viper), Macrovipera schweizeri (Blunt nosed viper), Aspidelaps l...
  5. jscarlett

    Albino Darwin Carpets

    Albino Darwin Carpet Males and females 8 months old all feeding on defrosted mice. Friendly snakes with good temperament. Contact if interested [email protected] or 0401476044. Pickup northern beaches or freight can be organised.
  6. southy

    EOI albino carpets, blonde macs, boodarie womas, bredli

    Species Common Name bredli pair boodarie woma pair trio blonde macs normal macs hatchy macs albino Darwin carpet in eggs Age all adults except hatchy macs and albinos in eggs Length various Quantity Available bredli 1 m 1 f adult pair boodarie womas 1m 1f adult pair...
  7. jscarlett

    Het darwin carpet pythons

    2 het darwin carpet pythons with striped reduced pattern 9 months old eating defrosted mice. Willing to freight. Contact for inquiries [email protected] or 0401476044.
  8. I

    whats the difference between murry, coastal, darling pythons

    Hi been going though some old threads and was wondering what the difference is between the murry, darlings and coastal ? or are they the same just different sizes or am I just stupid lol
  9. jscarlett

    Het Darwin Carpet Python

    1 female 100% het Darwin carpet python 8 month old. Handles very well, excellent feeder. Breed by myself. If interested contact [email protected] or 0401476044, willing to fright.
  10. I

    back again after many years away

    Hi All I was a member back in 2007 I had 6 carpet snakes and I had decided to sell them as I moved interstate and couldn't take them with me I missed them tho, but now im back I have a children python now 2 year old male who is very friendly. so glad to have a snake again, maybe eventually I may...
  11. Sam123

    2nd snake suggestions?

    Hi y'all im in the market for my second snake and would like some suggestions. my length limit for this snake would be around the 2.5-2.8 m mark, however I would like to look into yellow faced whip-snakes and would like to know if anyone has experience with these guys? p.s I was also thinking...
  12. pythonmum

    Albino Darwin carpet pythons, 10 months old, clearance sale!

    Species Common Name Albino Darwin Carpet Pythons Age hatched November 2015 Length growing rapidly Quantity Available 3 Bred By me from Southern Cross (Blondie) parents General Description These lovely little pythons are feeding strongly on thawed hopper rats. They have been feeding...
  13. O

    Moving interstate temporarily - import/export help!

    Hey everyone, New reptile owner here, i just have a question about the Import/Export rules. I am getting my first snake (Darwin carpet) in QLD (where i usually live) and want to take her back to college with me in NSW for the last 2 months of the year. (I have both a QLD reptile license and a...
  14. O

    Taking snakes across borders

    Hey everyone, New reptile owner here, i just have a question about the Import/Export rules. I am getting my first snake (Darwin carpet) in QLD (where i usually live) and want to take her back to college with me in NSW for the last 2 months of the year. (I have both a QLD reptile license and a...
  15. B

    What to get next?!

    Ever since seeing my first snake, I've been hooked. I was lucky enough to get my first snake a year ago, and a couple months ago I got a little Woma Python. And I'm rather pleased to say that I've finally gotten my own R1 reptile license (my mother holds the current license for my two current...
  16. A

    How is my setup looking?

    I purchased the enclosure and snake not long ago. It houses my 2 year male Darwin carpet python named Seth, his around 1-1.2 metres long (3.5-4 feet). The enclosure is 2x4x2. It uses a ceramic heat emitter plugged into a thermofilm basic thermostat for the heat and has a edison fitting bulb for...
  17. M

    Hello I am new!1

    Hi I am new, I have just registered because I am new to keeping reptiles and I have loads of questions. I am hoping this group can help me! I have a baby Albino Darwin Carpet Python named Mango who is an absolute model citizen. He eats, sheds and handles perfectly! I also have two 1 year old...
  18. A

    My snakes

    Hello, my names Hayden I'm from NSW and I'm a relatively new snake keeper. I have 2 snakes. The first snake I got a few months ago and his names Seth. His a 2 year old male Darwin carpet python, a little over a meter long. My second snake is also a carpet python named Carlos.Though I was not...
  19. jscarlett

    Albino Darwin carpet pythons

    Established pure Albino darwin carpet pythons, 7 months old. Good temperament and nice to handle. All feeding on defrosted mice. Contact if interested 0401476044, [email protected]. Pickup from northern beaches or Penrith area. Freight can be done if needed.
  20. Bubba01

    Albino Darwin Carpet Python MALE 3.5 years

    Species Common Name Albino Darwin Carpet Python Age 3.5 years Length Approx. 2 metres Quantity Available 1 Bred By Raptor's Reptiles General Description "Bubba" DOB 2 Dec 2012 Location Greenhills Beach (near Cronulla) NSW Willing to Freight? No Contact Details 0419...
  21. M

    Albino Darwins & 100% Hets

    Species Common Name Darwin Carpet Python Age 6 months Quantity Available 15 General Description 6 months old Darwin Carpet Pythons ready to go to new homes. Feeding well on frozen thawed pinky rats. Shedding without issue. Beautiful, healthy, trouble free animals, most with great...
  22. Dave

    WTB Albino Darwins (pair or trio) & Small/Med Monitors

    General Description Chasing a M/F pair or trio of Albino Darwin Carpet Pythons. Chasing small/med monitor species preferably in pairs or trios, nothing larger than Varanus gouldii Location Toowoomba QLD Willing to pay for Freight? Yes but I'd prefer to find a local (QLD) Seller...
  23. jscarlett

    Albino Darwin Carpet Pythons 6 months old

    Beautiful Albino Carpet python hatchling from this season. D.O.B January 2016. Starting to come through with defined pattern and colouring. Good temperament and easy to handle snakes. Establish feeder on defrosted mice. Males and Females available for pickup from Northern Beaches or freight...
  24. L

    Snake refuses to eat, is she sick?

    Hiya everyone :) Boots (my albino darwin carpet python) wasnt originally mine but the ex owner (my ex) was a **** owner whod throw her around, so i took her. So i dont know much about snakes, so sorry if this is a stupid advice request. Shes refusing to eat, this is the first time shes ever...
  25. jscarlett

    Het Darwin Carpet Pythons

    Het Darwin Carpet Pythons with nice bright colouring. They have a good temperament and are easily handled. Born January 2016. Feeding on hopper – weaner defrosted mice. Males and females available, willing to freight. Contact if interested [email protected], 0401476044.
  26. B

    breeding question

    has anyone ever bred an albino Darwin carpet python with a jungle X diamond python? or anything similar..
  27. pythonmum

    6-month-old Albino Darwins for sale

    Species Common Name Albino Darwin Carpet Pythons Age hatched November 2015 Length growing rapidly Quantity Available 11 Bred By me from Blondie line Southern Cross parents General Description These lovely little snakes are feeding strongly on frozen thawed mice and rat pups. They have...
  28. T

    Confirmation please

    I am a bit dubious about my seller and purchase. Just hoping someone can confirm/advise on what species/subspecies my fella might be? Sent from my SM-G920I using Tapatalk
  29. S

    Caramel Coastal Female

    Species Common Name Coastal Carpet Age 1.5 Length moderate Quantity Available 1 Bred By me General Description Beautiful female caramel coastal yearling.Stunning markings and beautiful temperament. Great for a first snake, very placid. permit# F46838. freight available Location...
  30. jscarlett

    Albino Darwin Hatchlings

    Albino Darwin Carpet Pythons. D.O.B 15/12/15 all feeding strong on defrosted weaner mice. Contact for inquiries $600 each $1000 for a pair. [email protected], 0401476044. Pickup northern beaches or willing to freight.
  31. SerpentWanderer

    Why are death adders sold so cheap?

    Hello everyone, I have been doing research on reptiles for a little while now and death adders have always intrigued me. I wouldn't mind owning a pair sometime down the track if I get a collection and I couldn't help but notice how inexpensive they are sold for. My curiosity just begs the...
  32. greggles91

    Albino and 100% her darwin carpet pythons

    Hi all, i currently have 4 albino darwin carpet pythons and 10 100% hets. They have not been sexed. Born decemver and all eating and shedding well. Come in small hatchling tub and will throw in a 100% het for 50 dollars with any albino purchase. Albinos are $500 each 100% hets separately...
  33. Ekans

    What's your holy grail of reptiles?

    What's that one native snake, lizard, invertebrate etc that you want to someday own but your skill, its care is slightly intimidating or its rarity is holding you back? :)
  34. Jackrabbit

    Albino Diamonds

    Has anyone seen one or know if these exist? My daughter's boyfriend says his mate has bred some. If so are more likely to have been crossed with something?
  35. BredliFreak

    An update and new additions

    Hi everyone, it's been a while I like the snazzy new look! First off, an update on Red and Lizzie. They are fine, and Red is in his new tank Unfortunately, Rari had to go as he had a terrible kangaroo attack injury and he was scared of my Dad (past family had scary male?) so we gave him to an...
  36. S

    First Reptile! Feeding Question.

    Hey! I recently got my first reptile a beautiful little Carpet Python named Willis (Will-hiss), still trying to figure out if he is a Darwin or a Jungle, bought him through a pet shop and the breeder didn't provide much information, only saying that he is a Top End and a Morelia Spilota...
  37. S

    Carpet Python ID

    Just received my first reptile was curious to double check it's actual sub-species, purchased him from Coburg Aquarium, the breeder was kind of vague only identifying it as a Top End carpet, license info saids it is a Morelia Spilota Variegata, he is 2 years old a male and around 3 foot. Is he...
  38. R

    Confused about my first Carpet Python

    Hi, I bought this Jungle off gumtree (I know, not ideal but it was very cheap), came as is with enclosure and a fairly decent setup. The person I bought it from couldn't give me a huge amount of info about it over the phone as they had moved and left it with a family member to look after it...
  39. greggles91

    Albino and 100% het Darwin Carpet Pythons

    Species Common Name Albino and 100% het Darwin Carpet Pythons Age 3 months Length appropriate Quantity Available 4 Albinos and 10 100% hets Bred By Me General Description Hi all, i currently have 4 albino and 10 100% het hatchling darwin carpet pythons. They have not been sexed...
  40. jscarlett

    Albino Darwin Hatchlings

    Albino Darwin Carpet python hatchlings born December 2015. All feeding on fuzzy mice and had at least 4 feeds. They are generally good to handle and have a nice temperament. Great first snake for anyone. Breeding history and records available. Contact if interested [email protected] or...
  41. J

    Help with Yearling Darwin CP

    Hey, So I have a yearling Darwin Carpet python. When I first got him I tamed him so he never bit me. In fact in the 9 months he never even tried to. I had to go away / I stopped handling him for a month and now all of a sudden every time I go near his enclosure / try and get him out he is...
  42. S

    Albino Darwin Python Male Yearlings

    Price: 475 Species: Morelia spilota variegata Sex: Males Species Common Name: Darvin Carpet Python (Albino Southern Cross bloodline) Age 8 months Length 51 cm Quantity Available 2 Bred By Slateman General Description Eating well fuzzy rats. good handlers, Location South Sydney...
  43. pythonmum

    Albino Darwin carpet hatchlings

    Species Common Name Albino Darwin carpet python Age Hatched mid-November 2015 Length small Quantity Available 13 Bred By me, from Blondie line parents General Description $500 each or $950 pair These lovely hatchlings are feeding strongly on thawed fuzzy mice. They are suitable for...
  44. Smittiferous

    Next project: Conversion!

    Found this half an hour ago on my street with "Free to good home" stuck to it. Instantly saw potential, so claimed it, as a very good lady friend will be getting her own Variegata soon and will need a home for it. Going to test out some ideas for mounting easily removable vertical branches...
  45. Smittiferous

    Went to Bunnings....

    Went to Bunnings, bought some stuff: Gonna make something. Stay tuned, will include progress photos. Like this one: Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  46. Tyrone89

    Albino Darwin Carpets

    Species Common Name Darwin Carpet Pythons Age 11 months Length Quantity Available 10+ Bred By Me General Description Young albino darwin carpet pythons available feeding on small rats. Shed fine handle well. Price is negotiable. Location Sunshine Coast...
  47. ViperReptiles

    Thoughts on UV Lights?

    So I'm in the process of building a snake rack, I've watched quite a few videos about them and although they all tell me about heating and all of that, none say anything about lighting. What are your opinions on lighting for a snake? Do you think they need a UVB Light?
  48. S

    How long without heating?

    Hello! I'm currently in Canberra studying, but my snakes live with my family in my hometown two hours away. I have just found out that my 6yo Darwin Carpet Python's heat lamp has broken. I can't get back home immediately; how long can she go without heating? Without the heating, it is possible...
  49. M

    Egg incubation

    Hi guys, Have a couple of questions regarding Python egg incubation that I haven't been able to find the answers to, hopefully someone more experienced than I can offer some advice. I have 2 clutches of Darwin Carpet Python eggs currently incubating at 31.5 degrees, and everything seemingly has...
  50. greggles91

    My first clutch of Eggs! :)

    Hi All, I know this is pretty standard for a lot of you but thought id just share my excitement with you all anyway. My female Albino Darwin Carpet python has just laid her first clutch of eggs! photos of eggs and mum bellow. there was a total of fifteen eggs. but only nine in the main mound...