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  1. Stompsy

    Kimberley Rock Monitors

    Hi Guys, So, I'm pretty clueless when it comes to the politics of having certain species added to keepers lists, however I have fallen head over heals with Kimberley Rock Monitors but alas, they are not available to keep in Victoria. So, my question is.... what is the process to have any given...
  2. C

    Vic reveiw

    Hi, Just curious which year the licensing system review is? Also any idea what might change in terms of reptiles and amphibians listed under the scheduals 2, 3 and 7? Really hoping some more Varanus sp are added, such as Varanus glauerti. Also hoping N.asper and N.amyea are moved to basic.... I...
  3. Herpo

    A Change of Plans

    Hi all, So basically, a few changes have occurred. We might not be moving at all (whoo) or be moving to a smaller house than we thought. This means that sadly, and olive python may not be a realisable goal as of now. So I'm seizing the opportunity for lizards. I'm looking for something that: -...
  4. Janelle22

    Gecko's for sale 1X asper 1X amyae

    For sale i have 1 Male Asper $250 1 Female Amyae $300 Getting out of geckos and these two i was not going to sell. both proven breeders will not freight. please call or text Elle on 0413955850 - - - Updated - - - Both sold
  5. Nero Egernia

    Show us your Bobtails (Tiliqua rugosa)!

    The title says it all. Show us your Bobtails or Shinglebacks or Sleepy/Lazy/Pine-cone Lizards (phew, this lizard has quite a few names)! I actually know some people who call them goana. But more specifically, the scientific name, Tiliqua rugosa. A few people I know think they're ugly, but these...
  6. Kit_fox

    keeping Exotic animals in Australia

    Hi guys, one thing that has always really anoyed and confused me is to why we're allowed to keep all sorts of exotic birds and sea creatures, but not one exotic reptile or amphibian (other than axolotls). I mean, it makes perfect sense when people say that exotic imported reptiles and amphibians...
  7. Twiggz

    FOR SALE: *****ly Knob Tailed Gecko Pair (Reds)

    Selling an adult pair of Red Phased *****ly Knob Tailed Geckos (N.Asper) Female approx. 4-5yrs old, Male just under 2yrs old. Male is also, despite darker appearance, the offspring of this female and a previous Red phased male. Both eating well on woodies and crickets, and have recently dropped...
  8. Sdaji

    Show us Your Ants! The Antaresia Appreciation Thread!

    Looks like we need to get another one of these started! Here's a couple of patternless Children's Pythons of mine going for it. This resulted in a nice clutch.
  9. K

    Show off your geckos

    Do it! I love my little geckos. I have 4 thick tailed geckos and a bynoes and soon getting a southern spiny tail. After being misted Need to get some better photos of the bynoes
  10. Janelle22

    Male rough knob tailed gecko (asper)

    Scientific Name nephrurus asper Common Name rough knob tailed gecko Age 2 Quantity Available 1 General Description got one male asper for sale, he is of breeding age and is a gorgeous little man. Location Melbourne Willing to Freight? No Contact Details PM or call Nelle...
  11. Twiggz

    GECKOS FOR SALE: Amyae, Asper and C.Louisiadensis

    FOR SALE: 4 x Hatchling Ring Tailed Geckos (Class 2 license requirement). From 2 separate clutches of unrelated parents. $230ea or $400/pair. 1 x Hatchling N.Amyae. $250. 1 x Adult male N.Asper. $300. Real dark grey colouring. MUST be licensed. Will consider freight, at buyers...
  12. Jazzz

    Borneo and king Cobras [pic heavy]

    Myself and Jannico recently did another trip with bali reptile rescue to Kalimantan, Borneo. We started in Banjarmasin and had around a week and a half in a remote section of jungle few westerners get to visit. We then had a few days looking for orangutans in central Borneo, which we found. We...
  13. Benskene

    WTB male banded asper

    Sorry amendment to the previous advert I'm looking to buy 1x male adult sized banded Asper. I would also consider a pair as long as they healthy and ready to breed this season. Willing to freight. Text me on 0402259981 and let me know what you have. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. F

    For money or love

    How many eggs do the knob tail gecko breeders on this forum let their females have in their first season? I have just read that a guy let his 1yo female occy have 24 eggs in it's first breeding season and is expecting better results in this upcoming season. Now he is trying to sell it way over...
  15. HaberfieldsReps

    Amyae, Asper, Levis

    We have the following for sale: 7 x N. amyae hatchlings - $350 each 5 x N. asper hatchlings - $300 each 6 x N. levis hatchlings - $120 each or $600 for all 6. All are in guaranteed good health. Freight available for purchases greater than $500. $80 to AAE major city locations. Willing to...
  16. jabba_da_hut

    Female N.Asper

    Looking for a girl so I can establish a breeding pair.
  17. D

    Nephrurus Asper

    Scientific Name nephrurus asper Common Name *****ly knob tail Age 4yr Size adults Quantity Available 3 pairs Bred By me General Description Location sydney Willing to Freight? yes $75 air freight $25 export permit Contact Details 0414 217764 1st pic male 2nd pic female...
  18. Radar

    N. asper Females/Pair

    Scientific Name N. Asper Common Name *****ly Knobtail Gecko Quantity Available 4 Bred By Myself General Description 1 x 2 Year old female asper, bred at 12 months, purposefully not bred this last season as no time for young. $340 plus shipping 2 x Yearling females, all their seasons...
  19. I

    Couple new enclosures iv built up over the holidays

    Took an extra 2 weeks of long service leave to work on my 4wd, as it turned out the wife had to go back to work early so iv had the kids too, all I could do was work on tanks. So I did some renovating and prep work. Leaf tails: Moved the Gillens to a new enclosure, this has been scaped for an...
  20. Reptiles101

    Gecko rack help

    As I really want to expand my gecko collection with more species I've been really thinking about making a really nice gecko rack system with a heat cord routed at the back. I'm thinking of keeping most of the Nephururs species (wheeleri, Levis, asper etc). The melamine (shelving) is going to...
  21. YayPythons

    Newly Bought Thread

    Hey all, it's getting to the time where everyone is starting to buy new additions so I thought I would make a thread for everyone to put up the fresh purchases. Thanks, YayPythons P.S. Don't have mine just yet, going to hopefully get something in January.
  22. swampie

    Albino Darwin carpet python hatchies

    Species Common Name Darwin or Northwestern carpet python Age 8 weeks Length 35 cm Quantity Available ??? Bred By me General Description Feeding well on hopper/weanling mice. Have shed twice. Location Deception Bay, Qld Willing to Freight? sorry, not...
  23. Crotalid

    Baby cobra

    Got this little devil yesterday. I will get more better pictures in a week or two, once she's settled in.
  24. S

    Funny Shingleback Colour

    I've had this photo saved onto my computer for a couple of months now but I keep forgetting to post it. Here it is. And for those who don't know already, albino shinglebacks do exist. I'm too lazy to google a picture, though :|. Anyways, what do you guys think is up with lizard?
  25. G

    Asper Gecko Male 3 year old

    Scientific Name Nephrurus asper Common Name Asper/*****ly Knob Tail Age 3 yr old Size normal adult size Quantity Available 1 Bred By General Description Male Asper 3 years old proven breeder. Great healthy male. Downsizing on the geckos. Pickup Wagga or can road freight to...
  26. woody101

    Female Banded Asper

    Looking for Female Banded Asper / Normal Asper will pay good money for the right animal. Willing to pay freight. Thanks, Josh PM please
  27. Chadleystar

    Nephrurus Asper

    Scientific Name - Nephrurus Asper Common Name - Prikly Knob-tailed Gecko Age - 7 Months Size - 5cms Quantity Available - Bred By - CM & ST General Description - Healthy Apser eating well. 75% confidant its a male but had them look like this before at this age and turn female...
  28. oOLaurenOo

    Male asper for sale

    Scientific Name Nephrurus asper Common Name *****ly knob tailed gecko Age 3 years Size Adult size Quantity Available 1 Bred By Unknown General Description Nice little gecko, excess to my needs Location Newcastle/Maitland area Willing to Freight? No Contact Details Pm or...
  29. F

    !!!!!! Gecko prefrences !!!!

    Hi im new to this forum and i am intreasted in geckos i understand they are not particularly for handling but is their any that would tolerate some handling that are available in WA Im intreasted in nephrurus levis
  30. A

    New asper has mites

    After recently receiving a new asper and taking the usual photos I have found what appears to be mites around the top of the eyes, what treatments are there to deal with mites around the eyes as most information is on snakes. I will post a picture up in the next day or so (hopefully) but in the...
  31. Radar

    Asper (female)

    Scientific Name N. asper Common Name *****ly knobtail gecko (That's right, *****ly knobtail....P>R>I>C>K>L>Y knobtail...) Age 8 months Size Appropriate, large for age Quantity Available 1 Bred By Myself General Description Healthy young female asper, typically breed at 12 months if...
  32. HaberfieldsReps

    Hatchling Black headed monitors (V. tristis)

    Black headed monitor (Varanus tristis) 6-10 week old hatchlings. Feeding well on woodies and growing well. Established line and will be the last available this year. Unsure of original locality however resemble the Alice Springs locale. 9 available. Unable to sex accurately at this age. See...
  33. cadwallader

    Female asper

    As title states I'm after a female asper asap let me know if you have any you could sell on...
  34. I

    So my asper died today

    Well, I bought a "banded knob tail" that turned out to be an asper at the castle hill reptile show this year. He was labeled banded, but i put it on here because i had serious doubts, the combined wisdom of all came to the conclusion on the ID section that it was an asper, but a skinny one...
  35. F

    Illawarra Reptile Society Show, this Sunday 10th March 2013

    Hi All, Just letting everyone know about this weekends monster show at Kembla Grange Racecourse, Kembla Grange. Will be a fantastic family friendly day. Come and support the Reptile Clubs. We proudly sponsor some great animal groups and these shows allow us to do that. Devil Ark Symbio Zoo...
  36. Nephrurus

    2012: A year in review (warning: massive self indulgent post)

    I've seen a few "herping 2012" around the joint so I decided to put this together over the last few weeks when I've had spare time. I don't post much anymore, but I do put stuff on flickr. I just fail to use it in posts. I do enjoy putting threads together- so humour me. The last year is now...
  37. R

    Top 10 Lizards

    Hi guys, What is your top 10 favorite lizards of Australia???
  38. Radar

    N. asper SWAP N. amyae

    Scientific Name N. asper Common Name Age 2-3 months Size appropriate Quantity Available Clutch pair Bred By Myself General Description Looking to swap a clutch pair of asper (on my part) for a clutch pair of N. amyae, or some form of swap (pair for trio with cash...
  39. clopo

    More of Mount Isa

    Ill start from last night and go backwards a few weeks. First up last night was a young Olive python. Olive Python by R. Francis, on Flickr I then found a DOR black headed python which i was disapointed about as i really wanted to see one. I then came across this little mulga snake...
  40. I

    Banded knob tail or else?

    Hey all, I bought a Gecko at the Castle Hill reptile expo on sunday that was supposed to be a Banded Knob-tailed Gecko, says so right on the container lable. However, when i bought it i was a bit rushed (wife in my ear saying we had to go cause our littlest one wasnt feeling well), i had a quick...
  41. Wild~Touch

    asper female

    Female asper, preferably in QLD Please PM for further info
  42. Radar

    Night tiger female, Nice Asper, posshet axanthic carpet.

    First up, my apologies to people who have tried to contact me over the past while, my subscription ran out, inbox was overflowing and all the rest. Have been out of town away from the computer and not able to do anything about it on my phone. Have got my laptop back up and running now. Species...
  43. Benskene

    N.Asper (banded form)

    Looking for banded Asper. Interested in purchasing females or hatchies. Willing to purchase a few animals if price is right. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  44. D

    Nephrurus Asper

    Scientific Name NEPHRURUS ASPER Common Name PRICKLY KNOB TAIL Age Hatchling-Yearling Size sml - med Quantity Available 3 Bred By Dean Privett General Description I have 3 aspers to sell 1- cute little dark hatchy to young to sex atm and pair- dark yearling m and fem all are...
  45. S

    Wanna take a stab at sexing my western shinglebacks??

    Hey guys, I recently picked up two two year old T.r. rugosa's. I'm hoping they are male and female. I know it's probably going to be an educated guess based on appearance, but does anyone wanna tell me what sex they think my guys are? Both of their tales are quite different from one another...
  46. GeckPhotographer

    A couple of recent herping photos part 2 of 2.

    So recently I've been doing a bit of herping here and there. My aim for herping this year was to get my list of species of Australian reptiles seen (and positively ID'd) to 200 species. Having completed this earlier this year (in a thread yet to be posted), I decided to head to Qld with some...
  47. Gibblore

    Male Asper

    Scientific Name Common Name Prickly knob-tailed gecko Age 12 months Size Yearling Quantity Available 1 Bred By Me General Description 1male asper eating dusted crickets and woodies Location Ormeau QLD Willing to Freight? No Contact Details PM...
  48. Shadow86

    Nephrurys Amyae

    Nephrurus Amyae looking for Amyae Geckos of any age. Pm if you have some or will have some.
  49. zookieboi

    Nephrurus Asper Male

    Scientific Name Nephrurus Asper Common Name Prickly Knob-Tailed gecko Age 3 1/2 Size Adult Quantity Available 1 Bred By General Description Healthy male eats veraciously. Purchased in late 2010 to breed but attention has since turned elsewhere. No health issues, very active and...
  50. Twiggz

    Red Phased Asper (Females & pairs)

    Looking for more red phased Asper. Females and adult pairs.