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  1. NickGeee

    Mornington Peninsula Herping

    Here are some pics from the past week i took down at the Mornington Peninsula, which is about an hour south east of Melbourne. I had afew species in mind, including the metallic skink, swamp skink and white lipped snake. I had photographed swamp skinks and seen white lips before, but mettalics...
  2. NickGeee

    Some recentish vic herping finds

    Hi guys, here are some super common species i have come across the past few months around greater melb and also places like the grampians. I am still not too skilled with a camera but slowly getting there :P Crinia parinsignifera by nickgherping, on Flickr Eulamprus heatwolei with a sore tail...
  3. cheekabee

    Recent Herping around Victoria

    I went for a short trip to far east Gippsland and ticked off a few cool species of frogs and managed to get a couple shots of some cool reptiles. Untitled by Akash Samuel Melbourne, on Flickr Victorian Smooth Froglet (Geocrinia victoriana) by Akash Samuel Melbourne, on Flickr Victorian Smooth...
  4. GeckPhotographer

    Herp pics (warning - pic rich!)

    So this thread is composed of a bunch of reptile pics I've taken since back in October, through to now over a couple different trips. First off was a short night up around Newcastle with a couple of friends. This Rough-scale was one of the few snakes out on the road. Tropidechis carinatus...
  5. U

    Skink ID in Northern Sydney Please :)

    Howdy folks! Just wondering if anyone can help me work out what this little fella is, measures around 10cm long and was found in the middle of the road just sitting there at 9pm - quite chilly. I've taken him / her in for the night and will be popping them back out in the morning near where...
  6. Vikingtimbo

    Weasel Skink Question

    I rarely see Weasel Skinks but I found one a couple of months ago on a fairly cool, cloudy day. I needed to move it off a footpath but when I touched it it didn't react very much. Just a few seconds later it started to go into what looked like a seizure. Its body went rigid; its arms folded...
  7. gus11

    skinks - qld

    Hi everyone, I have some skink photos I'm not confident of the ID's of. If I could get peoples thoughts it would be appreciated. cheers Gus 1 mt wellington 2 mt wellington 3 4 lamington np 5 lamington np 6 lamington np 7 perth 8 perth 9 carnarnvon gorge 10 lamington np 11lamington np
  8. D

    Touring Australia

    During the summer my band went on our 1st Australian Tour. In my spare time I met up with a few friends from interstate and did a days herping. Also, if you're into Metal, check out Eternal Rest. First we hit up Vic. After playing a sweet gig a mate of mine who recently went to FNQ with me...
  9. GeckPhotographer

    A Quick Weekend Herp

    Went for a quick herp up the hill on the weekend. Photographed some of the things I saw> Managed to photograph all three threatened species of Heath habitat frogs from the place I went to. Pseudophryne australis by Stephen Mahony, on Flickr Litoria littlejohni by Stephen Mahony, on Flickr...
  10. cheekabee

    More herping pics Melbourne

    Just a few more Melbourne herping pics from these summer holidays which are unfortunately over and which went way to quick. Can't complain though as I had a good time. Lizards Weasel Skink(Saproscincus mustelinus) with eggs, in shared laying site by Melbourne herping, on Flickr Delicate...
  11. V

    herping here and there

    Have not been herping that much lately but plan to pick up again and some of these shots are from awhile ago. Species in photos shown include: Ctenotus orientalis, Delma impar, Pseudemoia pagenstecheri, Litoria aurea, Limnodynastes tasmaniensis, Saproscincus mustelinus and Amphibolurus muricatus.
  12. cheekabee

    Some of this season's finds, Melbourne

    These are just some of this seasons finds around melbourne and its surounds Unfortunately didn't get any good pics of copper heads and tiger snakes although I did see a few. And still haven't encoutered a white lipped snake to photograph. Enjoy, Akash Cunningham skink(Egernia cunninghami)...
  13. L

    Skink ID - Blue Mountains NSW

    Hi experts, Can someone please ID this skink found in the Blue Mountains west of Sydney? Hard to see in the photos but its tail is red. Living amongst cool, moist garden beds and seems to like it when they're watered because that's when it pops out, although these were taken when removing it...
  14. Tipsylama

    Show us who lives in your garden!

    There seems to be a "Show us your" thread for almost every other thing, so i thought why not make my own unique one! Feel free to post pictures of an happy little critter that is taking residence in your garden whether it be Reptile,Bird, Amphibian insect or even a mammal takes some pictures...
  15. P

    Mount Warning Skink - ID please.

    This skink is about one and a half times the size of Lampropholis delicata. The red mark behind the forelegs appears to be a natural coloration, and not an injury. The lizard is in the sub-tropical rainforest at Mount Warning, NSW. Please identify.
  16. richoman_3

    more Herping pics !!

    just some of my latest finds over the past month or so... first of all, one of my favourite and best finds ! this guy was awesome!, but a pain to photograph !! a worm lizard! Pink Tailed Worm Lizard (Aprasia parapulchella) by Richoman_herps, on Flickr Pink Tailed Worm Lizard (Aprasia...
  17. Jason.s

    Native Wildlife in your backyard.

    What sort of native wildlife do you have in your backyard love to see pics and any ideas to bring them in.
  18. dottyback

    Rough Scaled Pythons soon to be available overseas!

    I thought this was a very interesting article from the UK magazine 'Practical reptile Keeping'
  19. S

    Help on identifying this little guy

    Hey just wondering if you could help Identify this little bloke any input would be great
  20. T

    Unknown Species.

    Found him in my lounge room :) Grabbed some pictures before letting him go. Just wondering what species he is? A skink of some kind is the most i know.
  21. GeckPhotographer

    Past Weeks Herping

    Well while you haven't seen a hundred threads, that doesn't mean I haven't been out frantically herping every night since my last thread. I've finally gotten some pictures of some snakes and a dodgy shot of a leaftail which I promised myself I would get before making this thread. So here we go...
  22. D

    Pain in Lizards

    I'm wondering if the nerves in lizards are as sensitive to pressure as humans? I'm asking this because a guy I know practically tortured one, it got caught in a powerpoint, he turned the powerpoint on and exploded the poor Weasel Skink. He also captures them even though I tell him it's...
  23. Redtailed

    male Weasel skink

    been looking everywhere for a male weasel skink so i can breed the female i have now plz contact me if you have 1:D nvm i found a breeder
  24. hornet

    Morethia boulengeri

    Snapped a couple of pics of these guys, will get more when they settle in. These guys remind me of Cryptoblepharus....on steroids lol. Like Cryptoblepharus they seem to love climbing, while i was moving one for a pic it decided to run up my arm. Bloody gorgeous lizards and 10x better then the...
  25. D

    I.D. this small skink

    I know it's common, but I just don't know what it is. Photos are blurry -- the tail is red. By the way, my friend kept two of these, wild-caught. We didn't know it was illegal.
  26. TomsPhotos

    looking for an albino garden skink

    anyone ever seen or kept an albino garden skink
  27. Redtailed

    What is this type of Skink?

    I got this Skink Ages ago from A friend and have yet to find what kind it is please help.
  28. jesskie

    Garden Skinks Pictures

    Ok im slightly obsessed.. plz post up any pictures you've taken of Garden Skinks! :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
  29. lizardman59

    Show us yor skinks

    show us your skinks :D:D:D
  30. Acrochordus

    Heaps of Pic's from Herping!!!

    Well here are some pics of some herps i have found lately. I saw a single Black Rock Skink (Egernia saxatilis) which ran away before i could get pic's, 3 Cunningham Skinks (Egernia cunninghami) i got pic's of one the other 2 were very skittish, also about 20 Broad Tailed Geckos (Phyllurus...
  31. herptrader

    Skink ID - Bayside Melbourne (Near Rosebud)

    No doubt I could work this out myself with reference to the books I have but I thought I would offer these pics to APS as a challenge to the skinophiles..
  32. moloch05

    Mustard-bellied Snake and others

    Spring is here and on Friday, I heard the raucous calls of Channel-billed Cuckoos for the first time this season (see This is a great time of the year...
  33. greeny1

    Skink Thread

    Thought i'd post this thread because most of my lizards are skinks & I'd really like to see some of the differant species some people have. 1: My Pink Tongue Skink, 2: My pair of Cunninghams, 3: My Black Rock Skinks 4: My Bluey enjoying himself in his waterbowl.
  34. moloch05

    Photo guide to Australian Lizards -- pt3

    SCINCIDAE -- Skinks (Continued) This post will include photos of skinks only. It is the third of a series of four posts. EREMIASCINCUS -- "Sand-swimmers". A genus of 2 skinks that are widespread in the interior. They have glossy scales and are excellent burrowers. Broad-banded...
  35. hornet

    Skink id

    Caught this little guy a short while ago sitting on a leaf while spotlighting for inverts in the rainforest, looks similar to a weasel skink, and ideas?
  36. Acrochordus

    Local Herps

    Just thought i would post some pic's of reptiles that live around my area. Some of the herps live in my backyard and some live in the bush around here. I will put some more shoot's after these. 1) Broad-Tailed Gecko (Phyllurus platurus) 2) Jacky Dragon (Amphibolurus muricatus) 3) Eastern Water...
  37. Snakebuster

    Please Identify this skink.

    Hello all, My dad found this at work, I took photos of it, then released it. [ As well as those garden skinks. ] Does anyone know what it is? Thanks, S-buster.:)
  38. moloch05

    A Diamond, Tiger and others from Wollongong

    This has been a good year so far for finding reptiles in Wollongong. Overall, the weather has been cool and fairly wet, but there have been enough warm days mixed in to bring out the snakes and lizards. Here are a few shots of Wollongong and the surrounding areas where I search. Wollongong...
  39. RedEyeGirl

    Lizard/Skink ID???

    he was found at my house nearly drowned in the pool.I have no idea of what he is? He was bigger than your average garden skink with a very long tail!:D:D:D:D:DSorry about the blurry pics.....................Had to use my mum's camera with only 1 hand(bcause of lizard)!;):rolleyes::):P:)...
  40. moloch05

    More from Wollongong

    Here are a few pics from areas near Wollongong. I visited the hills above Wollongong, Carrington Falls and Dharawal in the last couple of weeks. The weather has been pretty good with mostly warm days and a little rain. The hills above Wollongong are covered with wet eucalyptus woodland...
  41. m_beardie

    beardie enclosure & little skink

    hey everyone! i thought i would share with you some pictures of my beardie enclosure because i got him some new fake grass substrate instead of the kitty litter newspaper pellets that i had before: Also, i found my friends cat trying to eat a little skink and it unfortunately lost its tail...

    Skink I.D

    Hey, I found these skinks in my garden last night on a rock and I took them inside to take some pics. Here they are. Thanks in advance Jess:)
  43. moloch05

    Winter herps at the 'Gong

    The last three days in Wollongong have been beautiful with mild temps (18-20C) and no wind. I have taken an extended lunch break each day and headed up into the hills to see what I could find. I know a spot in the hills with tin and other dumped rubbish so I examined this area and found the...
  44. moloch05

    herps from Wollongong, NSW. Part 1

    Here is the first of two posts of herps that I have seen near Wollongong, NSW, in the last three years. The habitat near Wollongong consists mostly of wet eucalyptus forest on the slopes of the escarpment with isolated patches of rainforest in some of the protected gullies. There is heath on...
  45. jan

    Mother Garden skink!!

    Unreal:) l keep a variety of reptiles, snakes and lizards...l also keep 4 garden skinks cause l think they are pretty cute with their delicate features and all....anyhow one of them looked pretty fat...really fat actually!! Today she laid 11 little or what!! l couldnt believe...
  46. ollieham


    Yesterday i caught a little weasel skink. it is soooo cute. i used to catch them at my grandparents palce but they moved but now the lizards are at my house I'll try get a pic as soon as i can
  47. kwaka_80

    keeping garden skinks

    Im looking to keep some garden skins in my enclosure... would they be hard to keep, I have UV and Heat for them... i asume they eat little bugs and insects and could i add bigger lizzards in there with them say a netted or bearded dragons??
  48. M

    Can anyone identify this species of skink?

    Anyone know what species this is?