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  1. richoman_3

    Herp Trip to South Australia

    Well last Tuesday night after watching some epic cricket, matthew (pythonwner or some boring name like that on here) got ready to get up at 4am to get a flight to Adelaide. Arriving at Adelaide we met up with JP from QLD and waited for shawn (rocket) to pick us up. We went to his house and saw...
  2. D

    Southern Australia Herping

    So, I just did a small trip to SA, I don't like using names, so I'll reintroduce you to the Driver and the Twin. Who were first seen here. The Driver and I landed in Adelaide late Thursday afternoon...
  3. Nephrurus

    2012: A year in review (warning: massive self indulgent post)

    I've seen a few "herping 2012" around the joint so I decided to put this together over the last few weeks when I've had spare time. I don't post much anymore, but I do put stuff on flickr. I just fail to use it in posts. I do enjoy putting threads together- so humour me. The last year is now...
  4. DanNG

    ID snake

    Hi guys, a friend found this in his pool, any idea what snake it is? In Perth
  5. ad

    Tiny Snake!!

    Here is an old pic I found, this little guy was found in leaf litter in a suburban garden at The Gap. Cheers Adam
  6. W


    A question: is it important to allow reptiles that normally hibernate in the wild, to hibernate in captivity? Yes or know? Why? What advantage would it be to the animal? :D:D:D
  7. D

    What Snake is this - Perth

    What Snake is this - Perth Hi I found this snake in my bathroom under the vanity. You can't tell from the picture but it was about 15 cm long. This was in Perth - I live across bush land. The colours are yellow and black. Is it poisonous? Thanks Dan
  8. O

    I'm Visiting WA for a month ...want to be friends??? :)

    Hello everyone, this is my first time enjoying your forum and second day in WA. I wouldn't call myself a herper, but I love to see snakes in the wild. I'm here on vacation until the 26th with a rent-car, my wife, and 5-year-old daughter. My daughter loves to see snakes too. Our visit is...
  9. grannieannie

    I met a strange person today......

    I was in my local pet shop buying goldfish this afternoon and a chap came in wanting to buy "crickets" for his....snake !!! My ears popped....I said to him....crickets for a snake, I don't think so....what sort of snake. He said he wasn't sure, his mate had given it to him, it was about 4...
  10. sash76

    Does anyone know of a (West) Aussie snake that might look something like this.....?

    Hi All, my Dad found a snake in his garden this arvo and we're not sure what it was. We live in WA and he lives close to a nature reserve/conservation area. The nearest pic we found was of an Indian snake a "Banded Krait". I'm assuming the snake must have slithered away again.
  11. Bushfire

    Conservation: Future Directions

    A discussion has taken place in another thread that I feel deserves a wider audience than the title it has would get. I would strongly suggest before posting to go a read: APS Thread : 'Australia thinking about exporting again' (The title doesn't give the discussion the justice it deserves)...
  12. Niall

    Narrow-banded Shovel Nosed Snakes (pics)

    Just got back from a weekend get away up in the Cervantes area and found this good looking Narrow-banded Shovel Nosed Snake and thought I might share a few pictures with you. The night temps were not as good as I thought they would be and the land was bone dry (70+ days without a drop of rain)...
  13. A

    Recent Perth, WA herps

    Nathan Waugh and I have spent a few days in the last couple of weeks herping around Perth. The weather is just starting to get warm again, so the herps are getting active. The following pics are from the nearby Darling Ranges, coastal lakes and coastal dunes. Unfortunately I can't figure out how...
  14. fwoggys

    Help with snake identification

    G'day, First time on here and I need some help identifying a snake I found in a garden clean up I was working on today. If it’s a friendly thing then ok but if it’s a venomous snake then I need to warn my client that there could be more of them. The little guy is banded a vivid yellow and...
  15. moloch05

    pics from Monkey Mia, WA

    I visited Monkey Mia, Western Australia, with my son in November, 2005, and then again with a friend in February, 2007. On both visits, we stayed at the campground in the Monkey Mia Resort. This is a very dry place and the resort runs a desalinator night and day to produce drinking water...
  16. Serpant_Lady

    AHH The black-headed tiger snake!!

    Today at my boyfriends work there was a small (15-20cm) very VERY thin snake w/ a black head and tigar like strips. I tried to find out if there was a dorsal stripe or not and whether the stripes were alighned or not. So far the best I can get is small black head and stripes lol he called it a...