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Mar 15, 2011
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I am aware of quite a few issues on the site at the moment but if people could add what they can see needs resolving below, that would be much appriciated thanks

A list of current issues I am aware of and am working on at the moment are below.
  • Title Image link returns a 404 error -FIXED
  • Links for Subscriptions, Terms of Use, Privacy Policy etc in the footer return a 404 error - FIXED
  • Missing forums -FIXED
  • Support System broken
  • Forums only showing threads newer than 45 days ​-FIXED
  • Broken icon links in user titles - ​FIXED
  • Emails not being sent to users - ​FIXED
  • Like button not working as designed ​- FIXED
  • Groups link not working - ​FIXED
  • Attachments not displaying correctly - FIXED
  • Certain links return a 404 error - FIXED
  • Site Moderator list not displaying properly. ​-FIXED
Fatal error: Header may not contain more than a single header, new line detected. in ..../includes/functions.php on line 4368

Issue when trying to search classifieds

Thanks @Luohanfan that should now be sorted for you, could you check?

A list of other issues has been added to the original post that are being worked on.
Thanks [MENTION=24657]cagey[/MENTION], I have added the forum now
I posted a thread in Herp help and it didn't show up in recent discussion


Just found and fixed the issue. It might not pick up your thread unfortunately but will pick up all threads in future
It happened again :evil:, this time in jokes and fun.Maybe it is when you post it directly in a category?

It happened again :evil:, this time in jokes and fun.Maybe it is when you post it directly in a category?

Just found the issue. It was because that was a new forum and the module didn't pick up the new post. If you post there now or bump your thread, it should pop up.
Also, the security error issue affecting multiple people should now be resolved.
FINALLY! That issue was really annoying! I migrated over to ARF during that time. Quite a few others did too; freeloader, pinefamily, wally76. Was goo to see some familiar names over there, but nothibg like APS!

- - - Updated - - -

There is currently an issue with the site sending out email messages due to an issue between the mail server and the site software. This should be resolved in a couple of hours however you may not get any notifications of PMs and such in the interim.

I am manually activating users to save them hassles until such time as this is resolved.
The log in issues I've had for over a year have disappeared since the server migration.
Whenever I upload certain photos (whether as an attatchment or profle pic) it always says 'upload failed'.
FWIW, I uploaded quite a few photos (all JPEG files) yesterday with no issues.
Since it's an iPhone photo I think it is .jpg and I'm not sure of the file size...
It might be too big for a profile pic but I used a similar image before for my profile pic which was an iPhone photo as well. It also doen't explain my attachment glitch because I uploaded a similar pic onto the manager which said it was fine.

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