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Sensational pictures! What an amazing year you had.
An inspiring thread. A mix of artistic and scientific photography, some absolutely mesmerising shots. Unreal.
Fantastic! Beaut shots, a truly worthwhile post Henry. Madagascar has always been a dream destination of mine.
Love the Pilbara pics too. Lucky guy spotting the northern quoll. Have you ever spotted/ trapped any other Dasyurids in your travels such as kowaris or western quolls? I was stoked to spot a black eastern quoll & devil on Cradle Mountain - no photos though unfortunately. Cheers
Thanks so much for the time put in to post this thread stunning imagery and great commentry. Loved every shot but the day gecko and the Uro were my faves. Wish there were more threads like this one.
Hi guys, I haven't responded as I've just been travelling from coast to coast by car (thread forthcoming... or some kind of multiple blog post- I can't decide).

Thanks for the kind responses, I certainly took a fair bit of time putting it together. It had been something I'd wanted to do early on in the month but being busy and going through my images to put together some kind of timeline of where I'd been has taken time. I wish I'd spent a bit more time and fleshed it out a bit more. As you can see by hitting the flickr links to galleries/sets all the way through there are many many many more photos that could have gone in. I'm sure I didn't choose the very best images... a mix i guess.

Direct questions:

TnT78: I often see Dasyurids when we're trapping. Mulgara (blythi), Kaluta, various Planigales and Dunnarts are often seen in the pilbara. Just last weekend in some Qld rainforest I saw some Antechinus racing around madly.

Only seen a western quoll once, that had let itself into the fenced reserve Karakamia in the Perth hills.

Thanks for the positive comments.

Your photos are divine - looking through them is better than eating chocolate lol. You should put a book together.
Thanks. I'll think about it. I'm not sure what the book would be about though- "Reptile across Australia"? also I'm pretty sure photos of small brown lizards have a fairly limited appeal. :)
A book just on small brown lizards would be awesome, heaps of lerista and lampropholis. What a dream...

Great photo's Henry, hurry up and put the next post up.
Menetia, Proablepharus, Lampropholis and Carlia.

"Fiddley Fauna of Australia: Animals to make you squint."
I held down a job that entire year. What wasn't highlighted in the post was the long days that i sat in front of a screen in the office. It's much less romantic.
Love your work!

And here's us thinking you have the ideal job traipsing around the country herping and taking great photos. 8)
Love your work!
Ha! I do now. I'm now unemployed. Still traipsing about the place, but watching my savings slowly (sometimes rapidly- damn new tyres) decrease.
Wow, what a great year for you. Thanks heaps for sharing the pictures, there is some amazing animals on there. The reptiles in particular are stunning.
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