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  1. C

    NT herps

    Hi, so there is a good chance I will be doing a massive road trip next year up through SA (going through coober pedy) and into the NT so Alice springs, Simpson desert, Ayers rock and right up to the top for some barra fishing (and hopefully some croc spotting). I was just hoping for some...
  2. D

    Darwin to the Kimberly

    Not too long ago, myself and my girlfried, CVHG, umped onto a pressuresed metal tube and flew 2848.54 km / 1538.09 nautical miles to the NT's night life crazy CBD, Darwin. We landed at midnight, with boots, camera equipment, a bag full of field guides and a sleeping bag each. My best...
  3. Djbowker

    Snake ID

    Found in a CQ kitchen, on a local buy swap and sell page. I think it's either a baby brown, or an orange nape snake. Despite numerous calls from people that it's actually a BHP.
  4. n3xia

    Snake ID: Possible moon snake hatchling?

    This snake was found in Batchelor, NT, on a footpath, in the middle of the day but under shade. This footpath is between buildings and less than a metre from a small garden with hay laid over it. Sorry about the poor quality photos. A friend reckons it might be a moon snake/orange naped snake...
  5. I

    What snake is this ?

    Can you tell me if this a orange naped snake ? Forina Ornata ?Does anyone keep one as a pet ? Can you share something about them with us ? Thanks
  6. PythonOwner25

    A weekend at Kakadu!

    Hey all, flew up to Darwin then headed to Kakadu National Park for the weekend (25th - 29th April). Here is just some of what we found, hope you enjoy the photos :). Fresh Water Crocodile (Crocodylus johnsoni) by Matt Clancy Wildlife Photography, on Flickr Frill-necked Lizard (Chlamydosaurus...
  7. n3xia

    Red naped snake found in NT

    My workmate found one of these in her driveway at Noonamah, 40 mins south of Darwin last night. Seems like their distribution is currently thought to be the east coast only.... hmmm. Anyone got an idea who I should tell about this? Is there a govt body or something where you can report snake...
  8. D

    Herping 2012

    Last year I looked for snakes and lizards. I found some. Cairns Dry Season Morelia kinghorni by J. Kelk, on Flickr Morelia kinghorni by J. Kelk, on Flickr Morelia kinghorni by J. Kelk, on Flickr Junguy by J. Kelk, on Flickr Stegonotus cucullatus by J. Kelk, on Flickr Lepidodactylus...
  9. moloch05

    Photos from a trip to the Red Centre

    Over the Christmas break, I had the opportunity to make a quick trip to the Red Centre. It is a place that I've wanted to see for many years but never could find the time to get out there. Australia is a big place and the drive to the middle of the continent is a big one from the east coast...
  10. Chanzey

    Snake ID

    Now I'm pretty certain it's an Orange Naped Snake, but wondering if it could possibly be a different naped as some of the pictures Ive looked at look similar to others, anyone want to confirm. I have read they stand upright and kind of bluff as a defensive measure and this guy was certainly...
  11. GeckPhotographer

    Herping in the Kimberley

    Recently I spent 3 weeks volunteering in the Eastern Kimberley with a scientific project radio tracking monitors, both Varanus panoptes and Varanus mertensi. The research was being conducted at El Questro Station a popular tourist destination in the East Kimberley and involved many different...
  12. phoebe

    My recent trip to the NT

    Couple of weeks ago I spent a week (not long enough!) in the NT. Started in Darwin for a few nights with some mates in bands (they were playing some gigs) and then my buddy and I headed down to Katherine, then a cattle station at Mainoru which we stayed at for a few nights and then down to...
  13. Darlyn

    Red naped snakes

    Anyone keep them? Know anything about them? If nobody breeds them, why not?
  14. hodges

    Orange-naped snake. Furina ornata

    Wanting preferably a pair of Orange naped snake, but will take whatever your offering. Feeding or force fed either way is perfect, heard these guys are a challenge wanting to increase my experience with other species of small elapids. Text me on : 0448636707 Email: [email protected] (if...
  15. waruikazi

    Past few weeks

    I've been a little lazy the past few weeks with my herping rounds. So here we go, catching up for lost time and i got myself a new camera that i've been playing around with. I'm beginning to get pretty bored with snakes, i'll start with a few skinks i've found recently, and i've finally worked...
  16. G


    Ahh yes another guess thread if you guess it correctly I'll post the full pic and you can have a turn I'll start easy
  17. D

    Herping NT to the Gulf of Carpentaria, Qld

    In continuation from my previous posts, here is the 2nd to last chapter of a herping trip myself and a few friends went on from October-December 2010. Previous posts found below. http://www.aussiepythons.com/forum/field-herping-reptile-studies-5373/nt-qld-herping-trip-western-155397/...
  18. D

    NT & Qld herping trip - Western Brigalow Belt - Mt. Isa (Massive DUW)

    Sorry guys but this is going to be one of 3 or 4 massive posts, this one covering the Western Brigalow Belt to Mt. Isa in October last year. I will try to leave as many boring species out as possible, the link above it will take you to my unfinished website that is a long way from completion, so...
  19. Braidotti


    Hi All, I have just seen some pics of Piebald ball pythons, and I was wondering if anyone in aus has started to do the same thing with our reptiles. Or if not how long do you think it will take until they would be available. Because a piebald bredli or jungle would look so awesome.:)
  20. StephenZozaya

    Herping Australia during the worst time of year - Part 2

    This is the second and final installment regarding this particular trip. The majority of the time I spent with Kris during his trans-Australia roadtrip was concentrated in the Top End of the Northern Territory. This is an amazing area of sandstone gorges, massive wetlands, extensive mangroves...
  21. S

    A Starter Ven

    Whilst I'm not considering getting any soon, I am curious as to what venomous people started put on and reasons why? And what are considered more advanced vens?
  22. J

    names and faces

    Hey all, On AIF they have a great thread and id like to do the same here For those willing chuck up a photo of your self, i myself like to put a face to whom im talking too. anyways just a idea ill kick things off...
  23. B

    Please identify this snake found on the road.

    Hi Guys, I am travelling around the top end of Australia and have found a lot of snakes on the road. I found this guy on the road at night in North Western Qld. Near Lawn Hill National Park. Would love to know what it was if you can tell from my pics. Thanks for the help Adrian
  24. kel

    ID help please

    my mum just caught this at her work on the toilet floor, its in singleton what is it? its about 20cms long, sorry for the crap photo
  25. moloch05

    Windorah, Queensland 2 -- Gibber, Clay and Mulga

    There is a paved road that extends west from Windorah for about 120kms before finally giving away to gravel on the Birdsville and Diamantina Tracks. This road is a great place for night driving since there is very little traffic on it at night. It also passes through a variety of habitats...
  26. moloch05

    Photos from North West Cape, WA -- pt 2

    This is part 2 of the Exmouth area report. Once again, it is a combined report of animals that I found with my son in November, 2005, and with a friend in February, 2007. We saw a number of Burton's Snake-lizards (Lialis burtonis) in November but none in February. All of those in the...
  27. aussiegirl20022

    Snake ID assistance pls.

    This little guy came out to say hello as we were working in the back shed. It has a black hood and a black band behind neck goes all the way round. Bright red body. It was about the thickness of a pencil and about 30 cm's long. It was found in the shed under some tins in the rural area near...
  28. smacdonald

    The Pilbara, WA

    Hi all, This the final installment from my WA trip. Earlier episodes: The Pinnacles and Lesueur National Park Numbat alert! Perth Zoo Tiger snakes Into the Rat's nest Shark Bay Monkey Mia and Hamelin Pool Cape Range National Park and Exmouth In this exciting...
  29. falconboy

    Red Naped snake info

    Hey all, I did a wires reptile foster care course the other day and one of the instructors had a rescue red naped snake (not sure why it was a rescue, it looked fine to me). Anyway, this thing was adorable, and my kind of snake, I'd love one. I realise finding one, let alone a pair...
  30. Nephrurus

    Kimberley Area (Dial Up DEATH!)

    I spent a fair bit of time in the northern area of the Kimberley on my last trip (as well as the west) and as the habitat is a little bit different (less rugged) we caught/ observed a different array of critters. Hope you enjoy the pics, I'll do a little spiel on each species. The old...
  31. PhilK

    A Lengthy Post. Good news AND questions

    Hello! I haven't posted in aaaaagges, but after a recent trip to the Northern Territory I have a bugging question. I was around the Glen Helen region, if that makes sense to anyone, and I came across a tiny snake. I did not think to take a photo, but he was fairly distinct. It had a black head...
  32. Oxyuranus microlepid

    Red Naped snake

    im wondering if anyone has any, hatchies prefferably, im looking for a male and a female, how much am i looking at pricewise?
  33. zard

    snake id please

    red naped snake??
  34. nvenm8

    Red Naped Snake

    Saved this little fellow from a certain appointment with a shovel. I am glad that my neighbour had the fore-thought to call me. Damn cute little bugger too. Hope the Photo's are ok. Furina diadema -for those interested in. technical names.
  35. E

    Moon snake question

    hey all Can anybody tell me about the Orange Naped Snake/Moon Snake,Furina ornata in relation to its venom?. is it harmful to humans? or is it tool small or venom to weak.. does anyone know if its um.. bad to get bitten? cheers
  36. D

    Smallest non-venomous snakes in Australia

    Is the Antaresia/Liasis perthensis (Anthill/pygmy python) the smallest native python in Australia? (heard that they don't grow much bigger than 2 feet) Does anyone know whether it is easy to get hatchlings of this species?
  37. westaussie

    The things I see

    We stopped to identify this roadkill orange naped snake, (Furina ornata) when a king brown happened along. He too had eyes on this roadkill. Started eating it right in front of us and didn?t mind the camera. This meal was over in about 60 seconds,he then turned back the way he came and...
  38. W

    Cool Pics

    Some photos. I didn't take them but was there when they were. I think they're great shots. Enjoy
  39. insectovor

    Spotting back in action

    I was talking to a few friends this week and they have been doing some good spotlighting lately. Also some of the reports online have been good so I decided to go spotlighting in prime reptile country..The red centre.... We started driving at about seven and it did not take long before we saw...
  40. B

    Red Nape Snake

    Just found this cool little red nape under a rock while doing some gardening 8) I've come across quite a few of these but wasn't sure how venemous they are so i didn't handle him and just took a pic of him in a plastic jar :) Sorry the pic's not too crash hot A very pretty little snake,this...
  41. sarahbell

    oh no

    i think i done the wrong thing introducing my husband to herps. he got 2 childrens yesterday (they are so tiny) also hes getting a file snake and 2 moon snakesin a couple of weeks then theres the olives hes getting in a month and the pair of blue tounges next weekend i have to clean out the...