morelia spilota metcalfei


  1. Sam123

    Shingleback care?

    Hi all, I am still rather new in keeping reptiles, but I have seem to be addicted. Anyhow, I am looking into getting a pair of shinglebacks with the eventual purpose to breed them, but I cannot for the life of me, find that much about them. So it would be greatly appreciated if some people...
  2. K

    Power outages. Keeping tanks warm.

    We're currently having a storm here in SA and I've realised that with no power I have no heat. What do you guys do to keep your Scaled friends warm? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. I

    whats the difference between murry, coastal, darling pythons

    Hi been going though some old threads and was wondering what the difference is between the murry, darlings and coastal ? or are they the same just different sizes or am I just stupid lol
  4. Sam123

    NSW High red Murray darling wanted (Will go to a good home)

    General Description Willing to pay up to $450 for high red murray darling (Price negotiable depending on animal) Location Sydney Area, willing to go to gosford etc.. Willing to pay for Freight? Yes if animal is pretty enough Contact Details PM me. Other Details Wont be used in breeding...
  5. Sam123

    2nd snake suggestions?

    Hi y'all im in the market for my second snake and would like some suggestions. my length limit for this snake would be around the 2.5-2.8 m mark, however I would like to look into yellow faced whip-snakes and would like to know if anyone has experience with these guys? p.s I was also thinking...
  6. D

    NSW Free Murray Darling Carpet Python

    Quantity Available 1 General Description Free to good home, female Murray Darling, 5y.o. approximately 6ft, does NOT like to be handled. I have owned her since she was just a few weeks old but have been through a difficult time over the past 18months in which I rarely handle her. I feed her...
  7. B

    What to get next?!

    Ever since seeing my first snake, I've been hooked. I was lucky enough to get my first snake a year ago, and a couple months ago I got a little Woma Python. And I'm rather pleased to say that I've finally gotten my own R1 reptile license (my mother holds the current license for my two current...
  8. Tim-morelia

    QLD Murray Darling Carpets

    Species Common Name Age8mths Length +30cm Quantity Available 12 Bred By myself General Description Location Brisbane Willing to Freight? yes Contact Details 0499826537 License Number (Required for NSW and SA Sellers) Other Details All feed and shed very well no health issues
  9. Sam123

    Inland feedings issues

    Hi ya'll I just want to know your guy's advice on this matter, so I have had a murray darling carpet python for about 7 months now and she hasn't eaten for 3-4 weeks now, should I be worried? or is she just gonna sleep for winter? Please tell me if im worrying to much or if I need to take her to...
  10. Sam123

    New keeper, just want to know some stuff :)

    Hi y'all I have been registered for a while, just have never posted so nice to meet you all! :) So anyway I am the proud owner of a yearling Murray Darling Carpet Python, and have had previous and ongoing experience being around reptiles as a junior volunteer at Taronga Zoo. I would just...
  11. winchester

    Beginner snake suggestions?

    Hello :D I've thinking about buying a snake for a few years and deemed it too difficult without researching beforehand. I since house-shared with some friends who owned an olive python and Darwin python and have since decided I quite enjoy snakes and that with research and some tips from the...
  12. PythonMelb

    Advice Needed - OK to put Murray Darling Carpet Python with Jungle Carpet Python?

    Hi all, Well I'm new to this community - so thanks for having me here :) Have had a look on here previously but hadn't got round to signing up. It is now by necessity that I'm here as I need some advice ASAP :) Hoping to pick your collective brains on this ... I currently own an approximately...
  13. snakegirlie

    My collection

    Just thought I would show everyone what I have so far :) My bearded dragon Rosie she was my first reptile. Oldish pictures don't have any recent ones of my lizards My Blue tongue buddy. My first snake Hugo. He is a Murray darling carpet and he is the sweetest snake I own. Zoe my stimsons...
  14. snakegirlie

    Baby snakes

    I have two baby carpet pythons and I was told that the albino Darwin was born on the 18th November 2014 and weighs 70 grams and a Murray darling carpet that was born on the 4th of February 2015 and weighs 84 grams does this sound normal? Just asking the question as I haven't owned snakes for...
  15. Prof_Moreliarty

    The Freshly Shed Thread

    Hey all seeing as the old fresh shed thread is gone I thought I would start another. First up up is my Dajarra MD some rusty orange starting to come through. - - - Updated - - - And my male black and gold jungle.
  16. C

    Neurological problems? Help!

    Hey all I've recently acquired an ~18 month old Murray Darling Carpet Python, my first snake. I am concerned she may have neurological damage, or something of the sort. She shakes her head as she moves around, and constantly flips upside down as she moves around. She also seems generally...
  17. J

    Snake newbie!

    Hi all, I have recently moved to Melbourne and have decided to get a python. I have had lots of different reptiles before, but never a snake. I have done some research and would really love a gammon ranges or a murray darling carpet python, but I am wondering what you guys think of them as a...
  18. B

    inland carpet python tank size confusion.

    Been reading up on the nsw enviroment page and the cage sizes are confusing me. Its says i need a .6m2 tank size min floor or back wall space. I have a tank size of 800mm wide x 580mm deep x 1170mm h. Its for a inland carpet python. Will that tank size work or will i need bigger? I also have...
  19. E

    QLD Stunning Murray Darling Carpet Python

    Species Common Name Murray Darling Carpet Python Age 4 yrs old Length 5 ft Quantity Available 1 Bred By K-Brothers General Description Stunning 4 yr old Male Murray Darling Carpet. Originally bred by K-Brothers (Troy Kuligowski). Excellent handler, eats adult...
  20. Wench

    QLD Murray Darling Carpet Python + Enclosure

    Species Common Name Murray Darling Carpet Python Age 5 years? maybe 6? cant remember Length Quantity Available 1 Bred By General Description 1 x Murray Darling Carpet Python - I unfortunately need to sell him asap. He is friendly, but I am still scared of snakes so he hasn't been...
  21. P

    Which is the most arboreal of the carpets?

    Sadly, most of the US forums are dead. I think Facebook has taken the life of so many great conversation areas that are specific to some type of hobby, but it appears this forum is still going fairly strong, at least by comparison. I think the best place to ask this question is here, because...
  22. drobbo

    NSW Yearling Inland Carpet Pythons $80 Each

    Species Common Name Inland/Murry Darling Carpet Pythons Age Yearling Quantity Available 6 Females - & Males Bred By Me General Description 13 healthy yearlings only selling cheap because i have to make room for new hatchlings Location Cessnock Willing to Freight? At buyers expense...
  23. B

    QLD Morelia spilota Metcalfei

    Species Common Name Murray Darling Python Age 9+1/2 Length 1.8mtrs Quantity Available 1 Bred By General Description A lovable python with lovely colours, loves to wander around. Very handlable. Has sired several nice clutches for previous owner, Pythons Are Us... Athletic & healthy...
  24. bladesmd

    what substrate donu thinks best

    Hey I'm just wondering what substrate every one uses and why they think its best
  25. Nik

    NSW Murray Darlings

    General Description 2 Murray Darling Carpet Pythons one is 18 months old and the other is 2 1/2 years. Never bitten, good to handle, a little flighty when being caught, never refuse a feed. $200. Must have a licence The older one has a really dark pattern as you can see in the picture, it's...
  26. mattG

    QLD Murray Darling Carpet Pythons

    Species Common Name Murray Darling Carpet Pythons Age hatched 20/2/14 Bred By myself General Description Victorian locality MDs. feeding well.. Location Noosa Heads, Sunshine Coast Willing to Freight? Yes for multiples Contact Details 0402 807 486
  27. hawkesbury reptiles

    NSW Murray/Darling Inland carpet pythons (locality Pilliga NSW)

    HATCHLINGS (Locality Pilliga NSW) Murray/Darling (Inland Carpet) Pythons Morelia spilota metcalfei Hatched: Feb 2014 Healthy & Feeding well on fuzzy mice. Very calm, easy to handle. Please Call/SMS or Email Kelly anytime. ph: 0410 588 187 Email: [email protected] See website for...
  28. drobbo

    NSW Inland carpet hatchlings $150

    Species Common Name Inland ( Murray darling ) carpet pythons Age hatched 01/01/14 Quantity Available 18 Bred By myself General Description Hatchling inland carpet pythons $150 firm eating on fuzzy mice Open to swapping of knob-tail geckos of...
  29. cemspec

    NSW Murray Darling/Inland Carpet Pythons Baby Hatchies - Beautiful Colours

    Species Common Name Murray Darling/Inland Carpet Pythons Age 1 mth Length small Quantity Available 5 Bred By me General Description We have 5 baby Murray Darling/Inland Carpet Pythons for sale. These guys have all shed and had one feed bar 2 of them (no. 2 &3)! Three fed on frozen...
  30. C

    NSW Murray Darling Carpet Python

    Species Common Name Murray Darling Age 8 years Length 2.0m Quantity Available 1 Bred By General Description Handles very well,fantastic eater never a problem feeding, had him since was a hatchling. Location Cronulla Willing to Freight? pick up only Contact Details Call...
  31. drobbo

    NSW Yearling Inland Carpet ( Murry Darling) pythons $150

    Species Common Name Yearling Inland Carpet (Murry Darling) pythons Age Hatched 14/01/13 Quantity Available 2 Bred By myself General Description Yearling Inland Carpet (Murry Darling) pythons $150 firm all eating on Adult mice Location cessnock Willing to Freight? not at this stage...
  32. M

    whats the best substrate for reptiles?

    Hey everybody I'm wondering what the best substrate is to use for reptiles. .. any ideas will be appreciated Cheers, :)
  33. B

    VIC 2 murray darling carpet pythons

    Species Common Name Age female 3 male 5 Length female about 1.2 metres male about 1.8 metres Quantity Available 1 male 1 female Bred By General Description Location norlane Willing to Freight? no Contact Details 0423596978 License Number (Required for NSW and SA Sellers)...
  34. C

    NSW Murray Darling Carpet Python

    Species Common Name Murray Darling Age 8 years Length 2.0m Quantity Available 1 Bred By General Description Handles very well, fantastic eater never a problem, had him since was a hatchling. Location Cronulla Willing to Freight? Pick up only Contact Details Call 0408464180 b4...
  35. c0nn0r

    NSW Murray Darling Carpet Python

    Species Common Name Murray Darling Carpet Python Age 3 Years and 11 Months Length 1.9m Quantity Available 1 Bred By Cameron Meredith General Description Great Snake, great personality and temperament.. Was my first snake, Sadly Needs a new home. Never missed a feed and never has had...
  36. P

    NSW Inland Carpet

    Male Inland Carpet is almost 5 years old now, about 5 foot long and a proven breeder. Always kept in clean conditions since birth, very calm python that is great to handle and easy to feed. Would be ideal for a beginner of for future breeders. I also have a female same age that he has bred...
  37. cagey

    Great Service; Homebush Animal Hospital

    I had a small problem with my Inland Carpet Python today so I rang to book her in. The receptionist put the vet on the line and we sorted it out over the phone. I was impressed with their professionalism and approach. Will be my "go-to" place from now on.
  38. B

    VIC Murray Darling carpet pythons

    Species Common Name Age 6 and 3 Length 1.8 metres and 1.2 metrse Quantity Available 2 Bred By General Description Location winchelsea Willing to Freight? no Contact Details mick 0423596978 License Number (Required for NSW and SA Sellers) Other Details
  39. greeny1

    Outback NSW

    Recently I had the chance to head out to far western NSW for 2 weeks on a family holiday with my mum and dad and with a few suggestions of places to go to I managed to fill in a fair bit of herping in that time. Unfortunately the weather wasn't always in our favor with many windy days and cool...
  40. chewy_num

    Bredli x Spotted breeding?

    Joined a couple of those Facebook snake pages and found a real stunning light classic python, a couple of months younger then my own so it would be a bit of a wait before trying a breed with them :3 My question she is a Bredli and mine is a spotted, is it possible to breed them? I'm a new snake...
  41. S

    Enclosures for Murray Darling Carpet Python?

    I know I started a thread before about darwins and womas, but I have done some extensive research and I have made up my mind. I'm planning on getting a Murray Darling hatchling sometime next year, and I'm doing lots of research beforehand. I plan on keeping the hatching in a 7-10L click clack...
  42. Maxwell

    Next Snake

    Im sure this thread has been done a million and one times but it always is a fun one. And nothing wrong with living in dream land. What is your next snake. Mine is a blue phase tree snake (Second in line with one for sale) Sent from my GT-I9305T using Tapatalk 4
  43. Dazza91

    G'day everyone!

    Hi all, new to this site and reptiles, have been reading as much on here as i can to learn as much as i can about reptiles, keeping breeding and keeping them. I currently have 1 young murray darling carpet python and my younger brother has a marbled gecko. We have a huge wish list haha. Looking...
  44. ozziepythons

    SA Inland Carpet Pythons (1 pair and 1 male)

    Species Common Name Inland Carpet Python Age 7 years Length 2.5 m Quantity Available Several Bred By Various General Description 1 Breeding Pair of Gammon Ranges ($500) * Feed well, handle fine, medium sized carpets, no health issues. Used for breeding but also handled regularly...
  45. cagey

    Brumation Question

    Just a quick question re snakes shedding in winter. My Inland Carpet has been looking like she has been in pre-shed mode for 4 weeks or so. Do snakes delay shedding during a period of brumation. She basically spends the whole time curled up but has eaten each 3 weeks or so. Thanks for any...
  46. hunterschamps

    Snake enclosure/s build!

    Hi guys and gals, Knocked up a couple of cabinets out of melamine on the weekend, just wanting some suggestions as to what light fittings/type of lights and heating i should have? Do i just use normal globes? Should i use uv lamps? The enclosures are 900x600x600 and will be stacked on top...
  47. ozziepythons

    SA Murray Darling Carpet hatchies

    Species Common Name Murray Darling Carpet Python Age Several months Length small Quantity Available a few Bred By me General Description Healthy little MDs (FR locale) eating fuzzy mice, very nice patterns but most still snappy. Calm down with handling. Location SA Willing to...
  48. F

    General python question

    Hi just over a year ago (14 months) I got a Murray Darling Carpet Python hatchling, he is currently a few inches over 5 foot long. I'm unsure what his weight is at the moment as I don't have any scales to weigh him, but he is relatively heavy bodied. He has been feeding well since I got him...
  49. hunterschamps

    Murray Darling Carpet Python Size

    Hi guys, I finally got myself a murray darling carpet, bought her from a local pet shop.. She is aprox 40 months old, measures in around 1.2m and weighs around 450grams.. My question being, is she undersize for her age? I have heard pet shops underfeed thier snakes to retain a smaller size...
  50. tasdevil

    Carpet ID

    I was just wondering are those Mt isa / dajarra carpets is just a different locality of the Murray Darling Carpet Python ?