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  1. L

    Size of a Black headed monitor

    G’day everyone Hope your week has been great 😊 Just wondering how big female black headed monitors get and also males? I’m currently in the process of getting a 120 x 60 x 120cm for a female 😊 What temperature for the heat spot needs to be along with cool spot? What heat would you recommend...
  2. L

    Black headed monitor and Pygmy Mulga Monitor care

    G’day everyone Hope your day has been great 😊 Just wondering if I could possibly get more information on Black headed monitors and Pygmy Mulga Monitor How big would you recommend an enclosure be for a Black headed monitor female alone or a pair? How big would you recommend an enclosure be...
  3. El3ctric E3l

    Ackie or tristis?

    So I've been quite interested in dwarf monitors for a while and I've been thinking of getting one in the distant future. The two species I've been the most interested in are ackies and black-headed/freckled monitors. I'm interested to hear what people think of the two species (temperament-wise...
  4. Friller2009

    Black headed (tristis) monitor care?

    Hi all, i am currently looking into getting a black headed monitor (Varanus tristis tristis) and I have a couple questions 1. Would an wooden enclosure that measures 120cmx60x120 (length x width x height) be large enough to sustain a singular adult or pair? 2. Would an enclosure measuring...
  5. S

    Black Headed Monitor Outdoors

    Just wondering if a black headed monitor could live outdoors in Sydney, with substituted hear from a couple heat lights, or would it be too much of a risk over winter?
  6. Sam123

    Opinions on hybridization

    Hi everyone, I know this is a very touchy subject from scrolling through old threads on the forums, and banter will probably start up during this thread. Anyways, what is everyone's opinions on hybridization between different species and subspecies? I know from looking through old threads that...
  7. Aussie_monitors

    Tristis localities

    I know there's a few pics and info already on here, but just wanting to see some new pics of tristis and their localities. Does anyone keep any nice northern localities? Maybe even start a tristis thread?
  8. Nero Egernia

    Calming or "Taming" Monitor Lizards

    This is a topic that I have relatively little experience in, and as a result I've been scouring many sources to satiate my curiosity. From what I have found there appears to be two schools of thought, "complete and constant exposure" to humans and their environment such as regular handling...
  9. Cunninghamskinks

    Thinking of getting another monitor what species

    Hey Guys what monitor should i get next. i have a ackie and im looking to get another.... advice needed>>>>
  10. BredliFreak

    Good lizards to own

    hi all, I'm thinking of getting another lizard in the future and I am looking for a good handling and somewhat affectionate, placid animal. I've narrowed down my search a bit to these animals: -Jacky Lizard -Mountain Dragon -cunningham's skink -black rock skink -white's skink -southern water...
  11. HaberfieldsReps

    NT Frillies, S. Swainii, N. Amyae, Black headed monitors, Smooth Knob Tails (N. levis

    We have the following for sale: ? NT Hatchling Frillnecks ? 6 hatchlings available. Feeding well on roaches and are colouring up well. Robust healthy animals that have been vet checked. $350 each. ? Hatchling Black Headed Monitors (Varanus tristis tristis) ? 4 hatchlings available...
  12. L

    Snake in the roof Perth suburbs Help!

    Snake in the roof Perth suburbs Help! SOLVED After hearing noises in the roof I went up for a look and was surprised to see 3 small fresh reptile droppings. I live next to Canning River in Thornlie. My question is would a young dugite live up there? Could it be a python in the burbs?? I am...
  13. N

    Small monitors?

    Ackies monitors? Hey everyone, for the last couple of years I was interested in monitors, one of the main things that stopped me from getting a monitor was their size. Right now and for at least the next couple of years I won't be able to take care of big reptiles. However, in a reptile expo...
  14. Amberbubula

    Feeding Maggots

    Hi, I've had a look around the net and this site but can't seem to find a straight forward answer. I had left some kitten kibble outside in the rain and forgot about it for about a week (got side tracked when cleaning out the cattery and just decided to leave the cat inside for the duration...
  15. HerpAddict

    Baby race horse Goanna

    I think it is a racehorse anyways. Rescued this little fella off a cat at my inlaws house. Doesn't seem to be injured at all so he is free to go when it warms up today. Is he fresh out the egg? Don't know how small hatchings are.
  16. woody101

    Varanus tristis orientalis

    Hey everyone I'm after some Varanus tristis orientalis willing to pay good money for the right animal. Willing to pay freight. Pm if you have anything or know of anyone with them. Thanks Josh
  17. B

    Has anyone ever learned the hard way?

    Just a thought, no need for details. No flaming allowed and all that but has anyone at any point in their reptile keeping hobby ever learned the hard way and suffered a loss or injury because of it? I'll admit when I was a teenager I made all kinds of mistakes. Some still bother me. I guess we...
  18. C

    Freckled monitor help

    Hi was wanting to know about these little guys. If anyone can let me know were to find info on them please. I'm wanting to know housing, temps,food, handling, how many u should have eg a pair one on its own will be fine? How to sex? Do I need to have an up grade in my license to get them? ...
  19. HaberfieldsReps

    Hatchling Black headed monitors (V. tristis)

    Black headed monitor (Varanus tristis) 6-10 week old hatchlings. Feeding well on woodies and growing well. Established line and will be the last available this year. Unsure of original locality however resemble the Alice Springs locale. 9 available. Unable to sex accurately at this age. See...
  20. spongebob

    Hatchling Black Headed Goannas

    Hatchling Alice Springs locale Varanus tristis. Photos of hatchlings for sale and parents. $250 each, $460/2 then $220 each for 3 or more. Pick up Ryde area Sydney or air freight for $70. Interstate export licence is $30. Sold as unsexed. PM me for enquiries.
  21. C

    Wanted-a few Black-Headed Monitor adult females

    I am looking to buy a few adult female V. tristis tristis. Please contact me if you have any you are willing to sell. Will pay freight costs as needed. Pm here or msg 0427011412
  22. Nephrurus

    2012: A year in review (warning: massive self indulgent post)

    I've seen a few "herping 2012" around the joint so I decided to put this together over the last few weeks when I've had spare time. I don't post much anymore, but I do put stuff on flickr. I just fail to use it in posts. I do enjoy putting threads together- so humour me. The last year is now...
  23. Stuart

    Small Monitor ID

    Hi All, I have limited knowledge in monitors (planning on changing that) and I was wondering if the below chap can please be identified? The photo is old I know, but I have been seeing more of these guys around and wouldn't mind knowing what they are and doing some reading up on them.
  24. P

    Varanus tristis taxonomy & locales

    Varanus tristis is currently a very confusing species in terms of taxonomy and work needs to be done to establish further clarity with this stunning and diverse species. The species has a remarkably large distribution and a range extending from the most northern point of Australia (Cape York)...
  25. Nephrurus

    Seldom seen: A few herps from the Goldfields and Northern Wheatbelt.

    Hi all, Haven't posted for a fair while! May as well do another quick one then go quiet for a few months! I drove out east for a few days to visit a mate who was staying in the Northern Wheatbelt. It was also a chance for me to have another crack at Pseudechis butleri (needless to...
  26. Ships

    Adult female Black Headed Monitor

    Scientific Name Varanus tristis tristis Common Name Blackheaded Monitor Age 3 Size 45cm Quantity Available 1 Bred By ? General Description Pretty monitor in great shape with all her toes etc, laid a clutch last season. Very rare to find female adults offered for sale Location...
  27. phatty

    please id found this in my pool today

  28. C

    WTB: Black-Headed Monitor (Varanus Tristis Tristis) - Adult Male

    I'm after a male Black-Headed Monitor, preferably an adult or sub-adult. Happy to pay reasonable cost plus AAE freight/handling costs to Adelaide. Please contact me via pm or phone 0433564505.
  29. P

    Aussie Monitors

    Following on from my thread on Aussie Snakes which can be seen here - - I thought I'd put up a thread on some of the monitor lizards that I have also encountered on my herping travels. I haven't seen a...
  30. Fang101

    Some Herp Pics

    Got a slightly better camera(canon 50D) on monday so thought I'd share some wild herp pics I've taken since then, enjoy! Green tree frog Litoria caerulea by Kieran Palmer, on Flickr Litoria caerulea by Kieran Palmer, on Flickr Desert Tree Frog Litoria rubella by Kieran Palmer, on Flickr...
  31. XKiller

    black headed monitor

    Want to buy varanus tristis sp, not worried about size/sex/age/locality. contact me if you have anything you want to sell/swap. pm or ph. 0413 111 656. Cheers Shane
  32. motman440

    Reptile Rooms

    Hello fellow enthusiast, I am coming to the end of my uni degree (Animal Science) and have decided even if I can only find a job waiting tables (which I'm am damn good at) or labouring, that I will be in need of a reptile room. A room solely dedicated to pythons. I currently have said room...
  33. Ships

    Adult Male Black Headed Monitor

    Scientific Name Varanus tristis tristis Common Name Black Headed Monitor Age 3 Size 60cm Quantity Available 2 Bred By Chris Haberfield General Description Large adult male Black Headed Monitor currently housed with another male although this guy is the dominent one. Problem free...
  34. B

    WTB: Varanus tristis tristis

    Hello everyone. I am chasing 2F and 1M varanus tristis... Struggling to get any currently in WA Surely someone out there that can help. Thankyou David Bloomfield
  35. V

    Varanus Tristis tristis

    Scientific Name Varanus Tristis tristis Common Name Balck headed monitor Age about a month old Size hatchies Quantity Available 3 Bred By me General Description I have three Tristis tristis hatchies for sale selling for $250 each or may swap for other monitors. Eating medium...
  36. mattG

    Monitors x2

    Scientific Name Varanus tristis & Varanus scalaris Common Name Black-headed monitor & Spotted tree monitor Age 5 Size Quantity Available 1 of each Bred By General Description Location Beerwah, Sunshine coast Willing to Freight? nup Contact Details 0434 928 701 License...
  37. J

    top 5 smallest monitors

    could someone help me make a list of the top 5 smallest monitors and there sizes. a picture included would be great. number one being the smallest and 5 bigger. for example; 1. varanus brevicauda average total length - 20cm (just guessing here) habitat - ground dwelling, desert, picture-...
  38. K

    Any Tips For Breeding Black Headed Monitors??

    hey guys i havent been able to find any info on the interned on breeding my black headed monitors. the breeding behavior, and any other handy info.. thanks guys
  39. T

    Various from Queensland

    Since arriving in Australia 4 months ago, I've had the chance to spend a lot of time herping in and around SE Queensland, and have been lucky enough to be shown some fantastic spots by a mate local to the area. Our time is coming to an end in this area, as we're heading north to Cairns for Xmas...
  40. Camphibious

    WB Female V.T.Tristis

    I am looking for a Female Varanus Tristis Tristis Preferably juvinile or if anyone has a properly sexed Hatchling. Pm me Cheers Cam Bump
  41. Jesse_H

    Best monitor for a 4ft enclosure?

    Yo, I have my eyes on an enclosure 4ft long x 100cm high. what's the largest adult monitor I could reasonably keep in this? Anything bigger than an ackie that anyone could suggest? I'm only looking to get one animal. Thanks!
  42. agrrr1

    Black-Headed Mointor(varanus tristis)

    My pair of black-headed monitors have already laid 2 clutches of fertile eggs this season no problems.Now when she was due to lay her 3rd about 1 month ago(going on her size etc) nothing is happening while she does not seem sick she still eats although she can only fit in about 2 woodies.She has...
  43. HaberfieldsReps

    Freckled Monitors

    Scientific Name Varanus tristis orientalis Common Name Freckled monitor Age 5 years old Sex Presumed males, however not 100% sure. Quantity Available 2 Price $600 each General Description Absolutely stunning medium sized monitors that are rarely offered for sale...
  44. damian83

    nsw reptile licencing

    im trying to get monitors soon, i have cbd's at the present time, ive been looking into upgrading my licence but the rule in nsw are rediculous this caption is from there web page 'Advanced class native animal keeper licences are only available to persons who are over 18 years of age and...
  45. justbrad

    WTB Adult female Varanus Tristis

    Im after an adult female tristis.....
  46. hrafna

    heads up for the penrith expo!

    just wondering if anyone would be interested in divulging what they may be selling at the penrith expo on the 15th? just want a heads up as to how much money i should be bringing with me! thanks.
  47. pharskie

    PLEASE HELP, my coastal wont eat.

    i transported my coastal from sydney when i moved back out to the central west of nsw. She ate 3 medium rats befor she traveled down but since has not eaten a thing, last week she looked like she wanted to but didnt. I have her enclosed with her life long friend, (male coastal) and am currently...
  48. HaberfieldsReps

    Black Headed Monitors

    Scientific Name Varanus tristis Common Name Black-headed monitors Age 6 weeks Sex Unknown - too small to sex accurately at this stage Quantity Available 5 Price $250 each Bred By James Haberfield General Description Strong patterns, feeding well on roaches...
  49. antho87

    Do i need a heater

    hey guys another question which i cannot find any answers for what should i be doing as in heat wise for my stimmie the ppl at the pet store reckon i dont need heat mat or anything the light will do the work as long as i put in on for a bit everyday is this correct here are some pics! thanks...
  50. D

    NT & Qld herping trip - Alice Springs

    Continuing on from After camping near the small border town of Camooweal, we left Queensland and entered the Northern Territory on the Barkley Tablelands, again targeting Speckled Browns...