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I'm all for drug laced beetles though...

Cause only toads eat beetles yeah?

While the long term effect of kill a toad, or two hundred toads may not be much I like to think that it is better than just leaving the toad to live. Every toad counts.
Cause only toads eat beetles yeah?

Oh no... Sarcasm is becoming lost on the net (even more than I first believed)....

Drugged up beetles would be mostly for human consumption... and stoner toads... I was merely pointing out the way Guam deals with its reptile pests!!!
There is no real quick and human way to kill a toad or any animal in that matter without having access to the green dream. But if you put holes in a ice-cream container and the lid place the toad or toads in this then place that in the fridge for a couple of hours this puts the said toad/toads to sleep then you take said container and place that in the freezer. If you put the cane toad or another animals in the freezer they get icicle build up on their lungs and die a slow painful death. Yes cane toads and some other animals like field mice/water rats are pests in places but are they worth getting an animal cruelty charge over. Clubbing, detol, bangers, car tyres have been ways of quick kills we feel for many years I am sure many people are guilty of doing at least one of these things to cane toads at some stage of their lives but I don't see that it would turn them into murders etc.
The Devil is watching...

gone now
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So you want one of Australias worst pests to spread to Melbourne just so you can have the fun of killing them? Sounds like your not one for reducing the population...

shut up -.-
yes i want to reduce there numbers
even though cane toads are pests and a danger to our wildlife they should be dispatched by the most humane and quickest method possible.. being sadistic and cruel is just not needed or appropriate..
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