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I suspect may populations of Ackies are somewhat inbred anyway. Having visited remote rock outcrops in Northern Oz, where they're as common as garden skinks on the ground, surrounded by a sea of grassland that stretches as far as the eye can see, I don't think may would make the treacherous trip to the next rock pile just to avoid inbreeding:).
You would need unrelated pairs for mixed genes, otherwise you would be just inbreeding... Are you referring to 2 individuals that have never seen each other?
[MENTION=40362]CrazyNut[/MENTION], yes, apparently there is a risk when introducing ackies for the first time that they can fight. As I said, haven't tried it myself, but I am sure there must be a way to do so. Hopefully someone with first hand experience can enlighten us.
We have a trio of sandfire yellow ackies that we bought as a trio, although one of them does have some toes missing; watching them since we've had them, I suspect that one was introduced to the other two, judging by their behaviour.
We also have a red ackie by himself.
I once owned a trio of reds and kept them in a relatively large enclosure without any issues for several yeras. I later on sold them and the new owner put all 3 in a 4 foot fish tank. Within days, the larger male had killed one of the females and badly mauled the other. I'm fairly certain it had something to do with space and/ or the use of enclosure furniture to create barriers between resident animals.

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They had more opportunity to get away from each other, when required.
@pinefamily I say you would need to do a slow introduction with a clear barrier so they can get used to each other before the barrier is removed after 1-2 weeks, well thats what I would do anyway lol.
[MENTION=41911]imported-varanus[/MENTION] that's actually really interesting and would make sense, do you know of any papers been done on this or any official scientific research? I would love to read about it. I wonder if dessert chameleons are also slightly inbred?
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Yea i was referring to putting 2 unrelated hatchies in with each other. I was thinking that space probable has alot to do with fighting and dominance. ill make sure to put heaps of hiding places in myn.
[MENTION=41323]Trewin[/MENTION], and make sure the enclosure is big enough; better bigger than smaller. [MENTION=40362]CrazyNut[/MENTION], I'm not sure if monitors can "in-breed" as such; maybe after several generations? Monitors are the closest relative of snakes, and there doesn't seem to be any evidence of inbreeding with snakes that I am aware of.
Here is a couple of photos of a lacie I found on my mates property over the weekend. Photos were taking with a phone so sorry about the quality. He was a fair way up the tree too. I sore another one the day before but didn't have a camera with me unfortunately. Its always good to see them out in the wild.




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Male and female rosenberg


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Would love to have one or two SMALL monitors as pets one day , don't have the space for the big guys .
And introducing our newest monitor, a freckled monitor (tristis orientalis).

You can see how small it is, sitting on my wife's wrist.


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