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1 x Spotted black
1 x Eastern brown
1 x Northern death adder
1 x Keelback
1 x Bredli
1 x Cunningham
2 x Pink tongues
2 x Dark bar sided skinks

Cheers Cameron
As much as I would love a death adder, tiger snake or red bellied black(I love them)I think I would have to lock them up and give the key to someone else until feeding time lol. I recon I'd just be to tempted to get a bit to close for my own safety
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In no particular order:

2 spotteds
6 MD's
4 Gammon Ranges
3 albino Darwins
2 het Darwins
2 coastals
1 jungle
2 diamonds
2 Mertens'
4 ackies
2 sandies (flavis)
4 EWD's
3 beardies
2 eastern water skinks
2 thicktailed gecko's

Thinking about planting a pear tree for the partridge.....


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Murray Darling Carpet

Centralian Carpet

Water Python

Proserpine Coastal


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We have alot......

30 sp of snake
28 sp of lizards
4 sp of turtles
5 sp of frogs
and fresh water crocs
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You are good with a camera, that's for sure! :D

Thanks :)

One of the photos was taken by my mother, she has a pretty decent camera.

They are stunning snakes snakewoman! Like the Prossie:D

Thank you! The prossie has a nice nature and has finally learned to enjoy eating, she was a problem feeder and is much smaller than she should be but other than that she seems healthy and content. These days she polishes off her food faster than the others!
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