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  1. K

    Keeping Asian House Gecko's and Cane toads

    Okay so i know you can collect AHG's to use as feeders but are you allowed to keep and breed them? and is it legal to keep Cane toads as a pet? (Queensland)
  2. K

    ID please

    Hello, This was found in Townsville. Any suggestions on ID please? Thank you.
  3. P


    Just a question... I have a neighbour who wants to get some Asian House Geckos - he has a NSW licence, but doesn't do these forums and has no other reptiles, and can't collect them himself. We have a few here (on the adjoining 100 acres) in my shed and around the house (fairly recent arrivals)...
  4. C

    exotic reptiles

    Will we ever be able to keep exotic reptiles in Australia? Is there hope or is it something that will never happen? A lot of other exotic animals are allowed to be imported into Australia, as long as quarantine regulations are followed, for example cats can be imported, they are devastating to...
  5. M

    Gecko at Mission Beach, QLD: ID please!

    Hello everybody, can anyone ID this gecko on the picture? Unfortunately it?s the only pic I got. Found at Mission Beach, QLD, on April 25th, 2010. Thanks in advance and best regards, Mario
  6. C

    Eye problem in Oedura Marmorata

    Hi everyone, sadly my newly acquired Oedura Maramorata (marbled velvet gecko) has one eye that is significantly larger than the other. I have spoken with Dr Danny Brown and he believes this to be either abscess or a tumour behind the eye pushing it outward. Due to tha fact that this only...
  7. mikey_mike

    Juvy Texty? - Darwin

    Found this fella on the bikepath on the way home this afternoon - just outside of the CBD. I guess the snakes have started to move again even though it still seems bloody cold to me. Perhaps 20cm long. Anyway 2 questions: 1) Is it a textilis? 2) Anyone got any tips on how I can id snakes without...
  8. snakegirlie

    surprise in my horses rug

    this guy is lucky i found him the rug before i put it on the horse. he is soo cute. what kind if gecko is he ?
  9. Lawra

    Gecko ID Please

    Location: My windscreen, Mackay QLD Apologies for dodgy pics, had to drive at the same time.
  10. congo_python

    Voice contestant holding a corn snake in her home on ACA ???

    Did anyone else see the segment interviewing a the female Voice contestant at her home handing the interviewer a corn snake on A Current Affair ??? She would not have a licence and/or know that the corn is Illegal LOL !!!!
  11. kwaka_80

    Unusual frog - ID please

    Hey guys, Location : imbil, qld Time : early night / ~8pm Environment : mildly planted acreage with small pockets of densely planted eucalyptus. Situation : after several days of prolonged rain with moderate flooding. Notes : frog was alone and somewhat "brave" allowing me to get...
  12. AlexandreRoux

    My stay in Brisbane city

    9 days in Brisbane and I spend some time in some "wild" places so I've met some interesting guys ! I've visited (very quickly) the Mt Coot-tha botanical garden, a nice experience. Dwarf tree frog, Green Tree snake, Cane toad, Asian House gecko, Water dragons, some turtles and some water skinks...
  13. Trogdor

    Post your gecko set ups!

    Hey guys and girls, Looking at getting a gecko(levis levis) or two soon, I need some inspiration for the set up as i want everything ready before I even think about purchasing them. So please post some set ups and show off your lil guys, All set ups are welcome of course, and any tips and tricks...
  14. AlexandreRoux

    New herper in Brisbane needs helpi

    Hi everybody ! I'm now arrived in Brisbane and this place is all new for me that's why I will be really pleased to meet some people and to herp with them. I'm with a Working Holiday Visa, I think I'm going to live next to Norman Park and I don't have any car so you understand... Of course if...
  15. C

    FIRST SNAKE! Carpet Python.. Need help/advice on care!!

    Hey guys, in about 2 months i'm going to be picking up my first snake. The breeder just told me they've hatched today, and he has to hold onto them for 2 months before selling. This is my first snake, I own a gecko, and have had lizards before, so I get the general jist of it's needs, but I...
  16. Stevo2

    Few pics from last night around Townsville

    First night out for the year, after a bit of rain the past couple of days. 4 Carpets, 1 Hatchling ven that was either a Coastal Taipan or Brown (off the road and into the grass before we could get a decent look), a Gecko that we found while looking for the ven off the side of the road (lol) and...
  17. L

    Accidentally disturbed a gecko family

    HI, I just joined this forum in order to see if I can get an answer to my question, I'm in Perth, WA and have seen quite a few geckos around the place. Similar to the one pictured. I feel bad at the moment because today I disturbed some bricks and accidentally killed a gecko. Luckily it's head...
  18. Reptiles101

    Keeping red back spiders

    Anyone keep red-back spiders? Because I'm interested in keeping one, what's their care like, enclosure, temp, substrate wise? Is spraying the enclosure a good idea for water? I know they eat crickets flys and that stuff. I know their extremely dangerous so I won't be handling it.
  19. azzmilan

    Gecko ID

    Found this Gecko when I was in Darwin in September. Not entirely sure what this little bugger is specifically . Would love the help. Thanks guys :D
  20. Narelle

    Gecko ID brisbane

    Hi all Is this an asian gecko? I have heaps of them at my place but this is at my mum and dad's out west of brisbane. it is much bigger and paler than the ones at my place. It is about 7 inches long. Sent from my GT-I9305 using Tapatalk 2
  21. Cunninghamskinks

    reptiles i found in bali

    these are the reptiles i found in Bali can you help me identify them also swam next to a common banded sea snake
  22. ronhalling

    Asian House Gecko's

    Hi Guys and Gals, I have managed to finally drag my sorry self out of the house and have gone to Brisbane for the week and last night i finally seen the infamous Asian House Gecko for myself, lol they are funny lil buggers in definite need of some Ritalin, anyway my son is fascinated by them and...
  23. S

    Gecko ID Northern NSW

    Hey I live in northern rivers which is in northern nsw, my mate picked up this gecko that was in the mail box and he has bought it inside for the night. Just wondering if any one know what type it is?
  24. P

    Redback spider bite question...

    I had the misfortune to be bitten on the little finger by a redback yesterday, around lunchtime, and by mid-afternoon the pain was so intense I took myself off the the ER at the local hospital (Poisons info told me the pain could last for days, and my finger felt like it was being crushed in a...
  25. Oriolus

    Mourning Gecko v Asian House Gecko

    Hi guys. I was hoping you could help me with identification of the Asian House Gecko and the Mourning Gecko. I understand both of these species occur in houses in the Townsville region, which is where the photo below was taken. I know that AHG has prominent spines along its original tail, but...
  26. TrevorJ

    Which Gecko did I see

    Sorry no photo but this morning picking up some scrap tin to take to the dump I happened upon a tiny Gecko. It was between 2 and 3 inches long, very dark, either black or very dark brown, and was covered in white spots. Very very cute. Can someone tell me which one it is please?
  27. PieBald

    What would you do

    So I just watched a video on youtube of someone who has an asian house gecko. If it is legal to keep it, he will. If it isnt he will get it healthy and release it into the wild again. What would you do. If people want I can PM you the video but is it right to be keeping an asian house gecko and...
  28. A

    Gecko identification, Hemidactylus frenatus or Gehyra?

    Hello, can you help me to identify this 3 pictures of geckos I made at my holiday trip? Are this all Asian House Geckos Hemidactylus frenatus or is one Gehyra? Cairns: Townsville: Area of Brisbane: Thank you, Alexandra
  29. Wombok

    Cane Toads.

    Just thought I'd share a few pictures of this cane toad that comes into the laundry and eats our cat food every night. My mum insisted she held it. So I was like. "YES, AND I'LL TAKE PICTURES."- Over enthusiasm. Anyway, here they are. Oh, and by the way, we don't kill them, as my family have...
  30. I

    ID this gecko?

    found him under a bin eating maggots
  31. Fang101

    Herping Pictures

    Here some reptile and other animal photos I've taken from around central QLD recently, Frogs... New Holland frogs Cyclorana novaehollandiae by Kieran Palmer, on Flickr Cyclorana novaehollandiae by Kieran Palmer, on Flickr Cyclorana novaehollandiae by Kieran Palmer, on Flickr Cyclorana...
  32. F

    1st Question to win a Calendar

    Ist person to PM me with the answer will win a calendar.. Harold G. Coggers Book, Reptiles and Amphibians of Australia 6th Edition Published 2000 What reptile is pictured on Page 485?
  33. C

    Keeping wild pet spiders

    Hey guys. I'm new to this and just want some advice. I recently picked up a redback spider while on holiday. I thought it would be fun keeping one and letting it go before I went home, but now she lives in a small tank next to my bed. She's literally doubled in size since I got her around a...
  34. Tehmwak

    The wildlife in and two steps out of my bedroom...

    I took a walk to the power-meter a couple of hours ago... And took my camera for the ride. This little fella was on the roof inside my room. Just above the door. 1# I open my door to see... 2# /sigh I saw a little bit of movement off to my right; 3# YAY! Brown thing! My girlfriend decided...
  35. Mick666


    Hi, my name is mick I'm from kalgoorlie wa. I often go searching in the desert for reptiles and hopefully will upload some pics in the near future. I found this website to be a good place to identify lizards and snakes so I decided to join.
  36. H

    What is the best/cheepest gecko for a beginner gecko keeper?

    Just as the title says gus :)
  37. Reptiles4me

    Class three

    Hey I was wondering what kind of reptiles (if any) I can get with a class three licence that aren't native to Australia?
  38. Stuart

    Double Trouble

    Found this little guy today when we were cleaning up some equipment in the field. To be honest I have never seen anything like it and the possibility of it happening has never even crossed my mind but it was interesting from a reptile enthusiests perspective (Not so much my colleagues who call...
  39. Cougar2007

    Asian House Geckos

    Hey guys, Im wondering if anyone can point out to me where i can get some Asian house Geckos. I need them to make a living display in my shop. There is a story behind why i need those particular Geckos. It is to promote our tropical holidays. They are always a big part of any Scuba Diving...
  40. Cougar2007

    Friend looking to get into Gecko's

    Hey guys, I am posting to gather some info on Geckos. A good friend of mine has seen my Diamond and has let go she has always loved Gecko's Ill lay it out here why i reckon they would suit her down to the ground. She lives in a unit. She loves Gecko's and travels the world so knows them...
  41. eipper

    ok lets see how we go with this one...

    ok so lets see how we go with this one. I already know what it is but this group can be troublesome especially without locations...so its from Australia. What is it and more importantly why???? ok now secondly, there are a few on this site (that don't need to be named) that are more than...
  42. S

    can someone identify this cuttie :)

    hi everyone.... I'm wondering if someone can identify this gorgeous little fella. not sure if the pic will be big enough so I'll give as much detail as I can Hubby and I have just come back fom FNQ where we stayed at Trinity Beach for our birthday and 3 of these little guys would come out every...
  43. buffcoat

    General feelings toward hybrids

    Since Im new here, please don't take this the wrong way. I was just wondering what yalls general feelings toward hybrids. Im talking like Walls, Comas and Carpondros. I personally am not totally against it and theoretically I could produce some of these, I don't think that I could bring...
  44. L

    What lizard is easy to breed and people will buy?

    what lizard is easy to breed and people will buy
  45. emmadiamond

    I.D? I just found this gecko

    I just walked into my bedroom and found my cat trying to get this little guy. Can anyone tell me what sort of gecko this is? I live on the northern beaches in sydney. I caught him and put him in a tank. I also need to know, where I can release it should I just take it outside? and what it eats...
  46. K

    Under weight Stimson

    Hi, History: We have two adult Stimson ( about 6+7 yrs old) They have bread once before this about 4 years ago and none of the eggs hatched. They have bread again and had 13 babies, 2 didn't mature out of eggs and 1 not long after that.) Story so far: We have 5 month old baby Stimson. They...
  47. Rocket

    Hemidactylus frenatus abundance

    Hi all, Mainly directed at the QLD and NT keepers, I am just wanting gauge the public perception of asian house gecko abundance... i.e. how many would some of you see on the walls or trees each night? I have been speaking to the NPWS SA and have found a new method that will allow for keepers...
  48. PythonOwner25

    Dtella ID?

    Hi everyone, looking through my photos tonight from my trip to central Australia last year...and I have a photo of this large (what looks to be) a Northern Dtella or something...the only thing is... I found it in alice springs so i doubt it was a northern Dtella...Also I am pretty sure it wasn't...
  49. Justdragons

    is this an asian house gecko?

    This little guy came over in a crate from melbourne this morning. seems very friendly. the 2nd pic is one i took a week or two ago in the barossa. both look similar. i didnt know we had them here in sa to much if thats what they are. cheers guys.
  50. M

    Girl with new baby Green Tree Snake :)

    Hey... Ive just got a baby Green Tree Snake. He's beautiful. Just wondering if anyone has any ideas on favourite foods for him? He's definitely too small for pinkies at the moment. Hes been eating crickets for now... but just wanting to get some other ideas from people with little Green Trees so...