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Tempting, yes. Is their care any different to other carpets? They NEED UV don't they?
I used to think so, but after taking advice from more knowledgeable people on here, apparently not. But like all pythons, it's not necessary, but it won't hurt either.
Mate if you want an olive you get an olive, ive seen all your posts, youre not an idiot, just do your research and you will be fine. Plus its going to take a few years until it gets big so you will be able to grow with the snake.. No point spending money on something you would think is ok.. get what you think would be awesome!
Thanks Alexbee, I'm still researching everything. There's so much to choose from, another reason we don't NEED exotics! I still really want an olive, and it'd be a few months so I have that time to do the research. I have to admit the idea of growing with a snake appeals to me, one reason I love carpets.
My first two snakes in Aus were an Olive and a Jungle mate. Two snakes that according to a few I shouldnt have got because of this and that but I got them anyway.
I still have them and still enjoy them.

Olives get big yes and they can be a handle but I agree with Alexbee, you have a good head on your shoulders and my opinion is you will be fine with whatever you choose.
Well then, I'm gonna hunt for an olive. Anyone know of any good breeders?
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