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  1. M

    David and goliath

    Found these pair on Fraser Island a while ago. The white bellied sea eagle must have been bitten by the snake as it tried to eat it and died as a result. Bare in mind these eagles are almost as big as wedge tail eagles. we often see these eagles pick off sea snakes from the surface and fly back...
  2. NickGeee

    SE nsw herping.

    Headed up to Pambula in southern New South Wales for afew weeks in January. Behind many of the residential houses the area was cleared with many fallen logs. this made good habitat for many lizards, snakes and frogs. first reptile i flipped, not a bad start. Cryptophis nigrescens by...
  3. jordanmulder

    This seasons Hauls (Pic heavy)

    So I thought I'd post a thread sharing some of my photo's from this years sightings. I've been able to find a whole heap of new species for me in my local area, a rather broad definition of the word 'local' too. I will start with reptiles from the newcastle-central coast vicinity... Red belly...
  4. S

    5 snakes in Australia - ID requested, please

    Hi all, Last november, I've encountered several snakes. Could you please help me identify these creatures? I tried to catch them on camera. Not all of the pictures are showing the entire snake, but I hope it's clear enough to analyze. Myself I thought that these are 1. Eastern Brown, 2...
  5. GeckPhotographer

    Herp pics (warning - pic rich!)

    So this thread is composed of a bunch of reptile pics I've taken since back in October, through to now over a couple different trips. First off was a short night up around Newcastle with a couple of friends. This Rough-scale was one of the few snakes out on the road. Tropidechis carinatus...
  6. N

    Red-bellied black or small-eyed snake?

    Could somebody tell me whether this is a red-bellied black snake or a small-eyed snake? I'm in Northern NSW/Northern Rivers. I read they're often mistaken for one another. 20131109175658_zpsa89ad35e.mp4 Video by Ericzzzz | Photobucket Thanks!
  7. T

    How many different snake species have you seen in your own yard?

    I was just reading another thread which got me thinking about how many species of snakes I've spotted in my yard. On an acreage block in SEQ, I have seen a couple of RBBs pass through. There was a communal nest of yellow-faced whip snakes under the thicket adjacent to the house. I once removed...
  8. cheekabee

    Herping around Vic

    Just a few herping shot from around vic Managed to get to the Mallee and had some success Ramphotyphlops bituberculatus by Melbourne herping, on Flickr Tree skink(Egernia saxtilis) by Melbourne herping, on Flickr Spotted Burrowing Skink(Lerista punctatovittata) by Melbourne herping, on...
  9. cheekabee

    Herping around Vic

    Just a few herping shot from around vic Managed to get to the Mallee and had some success Ramphotyphlops bituberculatus by Melbourne herping, on Flickr Tree skink(Egernia saxtilis) by Melbourne herping, on Flickr Spotted Burrowing Skink(Lerista punctatovittata) by Melbourne herping, on...
  10. Chicken

    Recent herping (Pic heavy)

    Hi everyone, heres just some of the herps i've found over the past 4-5 months. Start off with some snakes - Eastern small-eyed snake (Cryptophis nigrescens) by James Lowe Reptile, on Flickr Lowlands copperhead (Austrelaps superbus) by James Lowe Reptile, on Flickr Dwyer's snake (Parasuta...
  11. cheekabee

    Recent Herping pics

    Just a few of my recent herping pics from around vic that I haven't posten on APS, ps some might be from last year. Snakes from around Melbourne Eastern Brown Snake(Pseudonaja textilis) by Melbourne herping, on Flickr Eastern Brown Snake(Pseudonaja textilis) by Melbourne herping, on Flickr...
  12. richoman_3

    Snakes and more c/vic herps!

    Start with the crap snakes! Little Whip Snake (Parausta flagellum) by Nick Volpe, on Flickr False start! heres the ugly one! Small Eyed Snake (Cryptophis nigrescens) by Nick Volpe, on Flickr Small Eyed Snake (Cryptophis nigrescens) by Nick Volpe, on Flickr A cooler Snake! Lowlands...
  13. Barrett

    This years herping so far

    I've done a little bit of herping this year, in a few different locations. Jellybean pool, Blue mountains Vermicella annulata Phyllurus platurus Diplodactylus vittatus Litoria phyllochroa Toadlet, not 100% sure which one. Scenery Tunnel Gully Reserve, Blue Mountains I found...
  14. cheekabee

    More herping pics Melbourne

    These are just a few herping pics some from a while ago that I haven't post on APS. I've posted these few pics of the little whip recently in another thread but thought I'd add these as well. Snakes Wild little whip snake eating marbled gecko by Melbourne herping, on Flickr Wild little...
  15. jordanmulder

    Local herping

    Some reptiles from around Newcastle and the hunter region. I don't like a lot of these photo's so excuse them I will eventually get some better shots of these reptiles... In addition to the species I have presented in this post I have also seen quite a few skinks... I haven't taken the time to...
  16. GeckPhotographer

    Coastal NSW Herping.

    Coastal NSW, some common fauna and some flood oddities. So the past few months have been pretty hectic. Lots of herping, a herping conference, more herping,... more herping. Somehow I've ended up with a few photos from various trips I haven't put up yet and I decided to do all the trips here...
  17. cheekabee

    More herping pics Melbourne

    Just a few more Melbourne herping pics from these summer holidays which are unfortunately over and which went way to quick. Can't complain though as I had a good time. Lizards Weasel Skink(Saproscincus mustelinus) with eggs, in shared laying site by Melbourne herping, on Flickr Delicate...
  18. Mitella

    small elapid catch

    thought i might show you what i caught yesterday.........a carpentaria snake, we (me and the local snakecatcher who i go catching with) spent about 2-3 hours checking him/her out and calling some herp friends to see him/her since they only are seen or caught every few years where i live so this...
  19. F

    Snake ID - Lake Cooroibah (Noosa area)

    Hi everyone Our Jack Russell's killed this baby snake on our driveway a couple of nights ago so he's been in he freezer for a few days. Hopefully the photos are good enough to help with identification. We back onto a nature reserve at Lake Cooroibah which is mainly melaleuca and eucalypt...
  20. T

    Is this snake a red belly or something else???

    Hey i found this snake in my back yard yesterday where the kids play and was wondering what kind of snake it is? I thought it was a red belly but my mate thinks differently. Where should and how far away do I release it? The pics aren't the best sorry. Cheers for the help!
  21. fourexes

    Baby Black Snake

    I uncovered a baby snake the other week when doing some work in the yard, red belly is the order of the day around here but I didn't see the red on it. It had to be the smallest snake I've ever seen, even considering the ones I've seen breaching eggs. The small size of it got me to doing some...
  22. Justdriftnby

    another ID thread

    I recently bought a 41 Acre property in Dixons Creek north east vic (near King Lake), unfortunatly the black saturday bushfires desimated the property but as nature does its all coming back, Plenty of frogs, Lizzards and even a couple of monitors so far. We have seen Red Bellies around the dam...
  23. L

    Can someone ID this please?

    This little guy showed up in a mates garage near jilliby nsw central coast area , can someone id it for me please . has since been released back out into the garden.
  24. Rocket

    Regulated taking of wildlife.

    Now, I don't know if this has been done before so forgive me if it has. Also, this is strictly an opinion-based thread so there is no need to get all "huffy and puffy" and cause a virtual riot. In light of recent... stories in regards to smuggling and illegal removal of herpetofauna from the...
  25. ShepQLD

    please identify!

    just caught a very healthy black snake, about 60 cm long, high red belly. there is now a debate as to if it is a small eyed snake or a red belly black. can someone help please? snake is safe and sound is a hatchie container with a bowl of water and hiding contently in a toilet roll lol. I will...
  26. GeckPhotographer

    Past Weeks Herping

    Well while you haven't seen a hundred threads, that doesn't mean I haven't been out frantically herping every night since my last thread. I've finally gotten some pictures of some snakes and a dodgy shot of a leaftail which I promised myself I would get before making this thread. So here we go...
  27. carterd

    Small Eyed snake???

    Is it a Small Eyed Snake, Rhinoplocephalus nigrescens.
  28. Treknotechelaps

    Hey everyone

    Hey, I’m Darren and have just recently joined APS… thought I should introduce myself I’ve been interested in Reptiles and Frogs since about the age of 4 after catching skinks and geckos in the backyard and this interest has progressed from there and become a lifetime hobby that I’ll never get...
  29. R

    Eastern Brown or Coastal Taipan

    Sorry if this is a well-worn question but does anybody know whether this snake is an Eastern Brown or Coastal Taipan? Spotted today at the top of Mount Beerburrum in the Glasshouse Mountains on the Sunshine Coast. Not great photos but we weren't about to get any closer (spotted in the grass from...
  30. R

    Redbelly Black Snake Venom

    Got a strange situation as you sometimes get. Was driving home tonight and seen a snake on the road so did a U turn and went back, it appears to be a red belly black snake but only a light pink underneath, and had a head injury, it wasnt happy to see me but will take a closer look in the...
  31. Daryl_H

    small eyed snakes

    hi there i was justwondering if anyone else has found small eyed snakes very far south i have found the on the mornigton pensulas, they seem to be diff to the other population i havent found one that more than 320mm in toatal lenth just wondering if this is a diff local type of they just dont...
  32. XKiller

    Last nights herping

    Last night after work i headed of for abit of herping allready knowing it was going to be a cold night from the forcast... but i wasnt expecting 22c at nightfall and 19c shortly after, knowing the temps i decided to look for a new Gecko species salturius swani, i went on a 1.3k round walk and...
  33. moloch05

    a day in the Blue Mountains

    Greetings all, The last 6 months have been a busy time for me at work and I have not been out much. I have had a few free days so will post photos of what I observed when out and about. Back in December, I headed to the Blue Mountains National Park for a day. This area is about a 2-hour...
  34. R

    Snake ID for New Members

    Ok, all you pro's see if you can leave this one to the amateurs...;) I just found this tonight on my front patio. I know what it is... Bragging rights goes to the first correct guess. :)
  35. G

    show us ya dead on road stuff thread

    ok I'll start with a sandy
  36. A

    what snake is it?

    Hi all, This is my first time in a forum so be kind :D I have just come across a small (approx 30cm) black snake under some carboard in my yard. We live on about 1.5 acres in Sth East Qld, I have tried to google snake pics to help determine what sort of snake it is but I am not getting very far...
  37. ShepQLD

    I give up! can someone answer some licencing questions for me?

    Ive just spent twenty minutes on hold to the QLD EPA, had to hang up as I only have a mobile phone ($$$!!)... Ive searched their website, searched on my actual lisence but I dont see anything that clearly tells me what I want to know! my question is this.. (and it may sound silly but I really...
  38. N

    what type of snake is this

    Hi I was out driving late last year and found this snake was just wondering if anybody could tell me what type of snake it was??
  39. junglemac

    license conditions?

    OK I am getting conflicting answers from people arounf me. I have a QLD RWL and it states: one place that the license gives me the right to keep unlimited animals, reptiles and amphibians under this it says Conditions for : keeping live commercial reptiles and recreational amphibians Agency...
  40. wizz

    what snake am i ????

    mm what am i ;)
  41. moloch05

    Wollongong -- late summer and autumn

    Here are photos of various plants and animals from the Wollongong region. These photos were mostly taken from late summer to autumn. I have not been out all that much recently due to work commitments. A shot of typical habitat near Wollongong. The coastal forest is damp with eucalyptus...
  42. M

    Snakes 2010

    Seeing its getting colder which leads to a decline in herping threads (plus I'm just bored on a Sunday night) I thought I'd throw up some pictures of the snakes I have photographed so far this year. Majority of pics have maybe been seen before. Cheers. Bandy Bandy Vermicella annulata Brown...
  43. M

    Easter? Herping seems like the thing to do...

    These are a few pictures of the animals I managed to photograph whilst herping over Easter with Dan (Dantheman), unfortunatly a few species would rather run instead of posing...including a fairly large Red Bellied Black snake and a pair of Spotted-Tail Quolls! Small-Eyed Snake Cryptophis...
  44. Acrochordus

    I Have Just Photographed 3 New Species!!!

    Hi everyone, I whent up to the Mid North Coast two weeks ago for 2 nights and 3 days, i tried to make this thread awhile ago but for some reason it didn't let me!!! Anyway I whent up there just to find 2 species that i have been wanting to find for a long time and haven't sucessfully, but i...
  45. Gecko75

    Southern brigalow belt and Granite belt of Queensland (DUW)

    Just another of my recent herp threads, put them up else where and decided to put them up here just for anyone who missed out or doesn't use other forums. enjoy Have been lucky enough to have spent the last 3 nights in the south east brigalow belt of queensland, found about 30 species, went to...
  46. Gecko75

    Reptiles and Amphibians of the mid north coast

    Just thought I would post a few herping pics, don't want to leave anyone out that doesn't use the other forums. you now know who I am if you already didn't, enjoy. these are the species I have managed to photograph. Agamidae Amphibolurus muricatus Jacky Lizard These lizards are very...
  47. Shano92

    snake ID

    hey i was wondering if anybody could help me figure out wat sort of snake this is, bit hard to tell from the photo. i spotted it on Moreton island, and it was about 30cm long. Cheers Shane
  48. Colletts

    Caramel coloured Small-eyed Snake

    Came across this little beauty recently, Cryptophis nigrescens. Has anyone seen one similar? We found this one about 500m down the road
  49. moloch05

    Tropical Queensland, Paluma Area

    PALUMA AREA After my wife returned to Wollongong, I visited Gus, a grad student who is attending James Cook University in Townsville. Gus is an enthusiastic herper who is interested in leaf-tailed geckos. We decided to try and find a few of these. We started with the rarest of all...
  50. xterra

    MTB ride turns into herping

    Hey Guys, Training for a 12 hour coming up so I have been racking up the kms getting ready and thought I would dust off the lights and stay out for some night riding tonight. Came across these two. Was a good ride anyway, but this topped it off for me - never seen an echidna in the wild aside...