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  1. twistedreps

    Our babys

    New here and wanted to show our baby's off
  2. B

    Snake For Sale FREE Canberra, ACT (Zebra Jungle Male)

    Hey guys I have a zebra jungle python (male as stated from previous owner) I bought him not too long ago and he was advertised as 10 months old, around 11-12 now. Have had a few problems with him regarding his biting and am currently sitting in hospital thanks to him, have nothing against him...
  3. T

    Bredli or Mcdowelli?

    Hi everyone! I bought my first snake just over a year ago. He’s 630g and ~1.5m long. He was sold to me as a Centralian Carpet Python (Morelia Bredli) with potential Hypo genes, but as he’s grown, I’ve gotten very confused with his markings. I posted it in a facebook herp group, and so far...
  4. X

    Feeding Help

    My Murray Darling (around 3 years old, Male) stopped eating after shedding in June. Before then he was a great eater never missing a feed. Since then he’s only had one large rat in August and hasn’t seemed super interested since. I was wondering when I should start trying to feed him again as...
  5. Drew Cheshire

    Bredli x Jungle or Jag cross??

    Hello, I'm very curious if anyone has any experience in these two species cross-breeding and what the outcome is, if so. Is it possible to cross a Bredli and a Jungle or Jaguar carpet? What do the offspring look like? Are there any health concerns regarding this other than the...
  6. Sasskia

    Help!! Mites on hatchling carpet python

    Hiya, im a new proud mum of my hatchling Jungle X Jaguar X Darwin carpet python, Sasskia. I only get her 2 weeks ago and noticed some mites on her bedding (hand paper towels) the other day. I spoke to a vet (friend of mine) and she recommended soaking her in warm water with a couple of drops...
  7. Noureldebal


    So I work at a vet clinic and every year at Christmas time we get a wooden box filled with cherries, this year i decided to get creative with the wooden box we got and decided to turn it in to a platform hide thingy and honestly turned out better then I expected, I’m pretty proud with myself and...
  8. Dani161

    Is my coastal sick?

    Hi, my 8.5 year old Carpet Python has strange marks on him and he is having a bad shed. It has generally always had a good to perfect shed but for some reason he has these horrible patches on him and he is shedding in bits as it’s breaking at these bad patches. See photos. Thanks in advance for...
  9. A

    wtb coastal carpet or diamond python

    located in bermagui nsw but happy to pay shipping or travel once its possible
  10. Ben_Imbricata

    Carpet Python Appreciation Post

    Hi everyone! I have been keeping reptiles for the last 4 years, have owned many species in that time but nothing has made me happier then owning a beautiful carpet python, I'm located in w.a so can't exactly get to much of a variety like you guys in the other states, here's a few pics of my...
  11. R

    Adult Costal carpet + enclosure - Glenfield nsw

    Adult Costal carpet python. Gender unknown $450 ono enclosure included Owned for around 12 years from a hatchling. Feeds well on thawed food. Has been fed quail, day old chicks, rats and mice with no issue. Bit snappy if it thinks your feeding it. But handles well when out of the enclosure...
  12. M

    Strange contorting behavior in python

    Occasional lurker, first time poster. For about 2 weeks now my Central Australian Carpet Python (5 years old, 1.5m long) has been showing strange behavior. It started with insistent face/chin rubbing along the walls, but not to the point where there was visible damage to the snake. Then it...
  13. G

    Jungle carpet python for inexperienced person

    Hi, this is my first ever post! I'm planning to get a blonde spotted python soon but I've always wanted a jungle more than any other snakes. Problem is I've never owned a snake before (hence, I'm planning to get the spotted python) and the only reptile experience I have is with my current pet...
  14. cooperftw

    Adult friendly Murray Darling Carpet Python + optional enclosure

    Hi there, Just welcomed my first child, am moving house and need a larger enclosure for my beloved Murray Darling Carpet Python (morelia spilota metcalfei). Too much for me to take on at the moment so I've decided to sell the family pet. Also included (if you want it) is a used but in good...
  15. ColourBombReptiles

    Carpets Not eating

    I have 3 carpet pythons at the moment. Onion is eating mice, however the rest arent eating. Citrus would usually eat fuzzie rats, but he isnt eating at the moment. He hasnt eaten since may 16th. He will get offered frozen-thawed rats, the exact same as he used to take, but wont eat. Sage would...
  16. P

    WANTED dark imbricata

    Looking for female dark diamond or a dark female imbricata. Must be confirmed female, proven breeder even better. Paying for tipoffs if I end up buying the animal you tipped me off to. Very negotiable Not interested in other carpets. Please text me on 0419419052 if you can help me!
  17. S

    Wanted python hatchling

    Looking for a jungle carpet hatchling in particular. NSW can travel, happy to pay freight.
  18. J

    Darwin’s python hatchling activity

    Hey guys, Just joined this forum and am very privileged to be a part of this community! Only got a little 6month albino Darwin’s yesterday and she’s been settling in. She was heaps active last night and moving around her tank but she hasn’t come out of her hide once today and I was just...
  19. S

    beginner snake suggestions

    Hi all, I understand that you probably get quite a lot of questions similar to mine, but for some reason I feel the need to write me own thread. I'm planning on purchasing a snake early this september and need suggestions on which type of snake I should get. I'm alright with decently a snappy...
  20. Gabrielle & Ártemis

    What will my snake look like?

    Hey everyone, I’m new here so I’m so so sorry if I’ve posted incorrectly or to the wrong forum or chat or whatever. I honestly don’t know how to use this site aha I’ll learn eventually. anyways, I purchased this beautiful girl (I’ve named her Ártemis) and I was wondering if anyone had any...
  21. Sebastiannn000

    Bio-active substrate for carpet python?

    Hey! I was just wondering if putting my 12 month old carpet python on a bio-active substrate was a bad idea. I have been advised against it by the people at the place I got her from (the Gully Reptile Centa, Tea Tree Gully, SA) as it can create a too humid environment and cause respiratory...
  22. KingTommo719

    How to "tame" Snappy juvenile?

    Hi everyone, I'm new to the python keeper's game. I got a South-Western Carpet python 2 weeks ago, currently 16 months old. I have handled him a few times already for short periods (3 - 5 minutes). He does not enjoy this at all. Has anybody else had this problem? Should I just stick with it...
  23. Sugar

    Sphagnum moss dried out in my egg box.

    Hi, I’m 7 days away from the 60 day mark of my first clutch of bredli. I’ve noticed the sphagnum moss I’m using as substrate in the lay box has dried out considerably. should I add water or just leave it ? Any info would be greatly appreciated. cheers
  24. Scarlett

    For sale Australian carpet python

    Rosie has been a delightful family pet for the past 3 years, and we have been the sole owners since she was 3 months old. She is likely a coastal variety and is in great condition. We are selling her with habitat with lights, gauges etc. She has out grown our family and needs a great new home...
  25. Aria abedinnezhad

    1 year old Albino Darwin Enclosure Size

    Hello beautiful people! So my little Jiya is growing bigger (she just turned 1) and I think it's time to get her a bigger home. She's been living in an enclosure a bit bigger than a shoe box (higher as well) She is now just over 90cms. I've started looking for enclosures but the more I...
  26. Shikito123

    Difference between a hypo and a super hypo carpet python

    HI, So I'm wondering if there is any differences between a normal hypo and a super hypo? Is it just the double allele or is there a phenological difference aswell? Thank you
  27. R

    Jungle jag scale issue?

    Hey guys, So I’m fairly new at snake keeping and my partner has had snakes his whole life. We recently got Kaa our jungle jag python of 2-3 years old from a friend who could no longer keep her. She is roughly 1.5m at the moment. We have her in an enclose that’s 2.5m H x 1.5m W x 1.5 L we use...
  28. Badass Snake Mumma

    Hi! I'm new...

    Hi, I recently acquired an NT carpet Python whom I've called Fluffy. My 8 year daughter is keen on getting a bearded dragon; since Fluffy will soon outgrow his/her enclosure, I'm looking to upgrade to a bigger enclosure and use Fluffy's current enclosure for the bearded dragon. So I'm on the...
  29. ClintN

    Newbie feeding question

    I inherited my daughter's carpet python when she left our home in Brisbane. I am not sure about giving him his first feed for spring 5 October. There's currently no heater & the carpet python is pretty active. However, his body & eyes are looking dull, I think he's in for a shed. Normally he...
  30. K

    First snake, need help please

    hey all, im new. and i dont really know much when it comes to caring for a snake. hoping some of yous could answer my questions. so i recently got a snake, henry. we got him from a family member who was too scared to look after him. he hasn't had his cage cleaned in 2 years and hasn't eaten in 3...
  31. Aria abedinnezhad

    Albino Darwin not eating

    Hi guys, So I've had my Albino Darwin for about 4 weeks. She's 6 months old. The first couple of weeks she was eating really good (1 mice per 7-10 days). When I tried to feed her for the third time on Tuesday (3 nights ago), she stroke at the mice and wrapped her coil around it for a minute...
  32. E

    WTB black and yellow jungle python

    I’m currently living in narromine and I’m wanting to buy a black and yellow jungle python. No preferred sex. Please send me a text of what you have 0415685630
  33. A

    Looking to buy frozen rodents (Cairns area)

    Hi! I was wondering if anyone was selling frozen rodents in the Cairns area. I live on the tablelands but I'm willing to travel to pick some up. I'd also be willing to pay for shipping if that's a possibility, but I haven't really looked into that. Usually I just buy them from a local petshop...
  34. D

    Heating advice for Albino Darwin Carpet Python

    Hello! I have an (approx 1 year old) albino Darwin carpet python in a 60x40x40cm enclosure. I have a heat mat on during the day whilst he’s in his hide, highest temp reaches 32 degrees & then a CHE on during the night whilst he’s up & about which is set to 31 degrees on a thermostat with a 3...
  35. D

    First Snake!

    Hi everyone! I have been researching about getting my first snake for a while now and it's finally going to happen! I am still debating what type to get though. I've been looking at childrens and stimsons pythons but people have been telling me snakes such as the darwin carpet python are easier...
  36. Brooklyn

    Help// Albino Darwin Carpet Python.

    Hello! I apologise if I have posted this in the wrong thread, but I have received an albino Darwin carpet python today. Her first feed was on the 28th of the 5th month, and the next 13th of the sixth month, she has been fed six times and happily had her first shed today. Should I continue to...
  37. Christopher Camarda

    Do yearlings keep nice temperament and should i move to big enclosure when small

    I recently got a yearling Darwin Carpet python M.s Varigeta. It has the most beautiful temperament, loves being handled and climbing up my body and wrapping around me, never tried to strike or bite once. Perfect feeder and shed perfectly. Just wondering if I keep regularly handling it will it...
  38. Southernserpent

    Male female size difference

    What do people think about dramatic differences in size of male and females when breeding. Is their any tips or recommendations when it comes to the risks associated with this
  39. B

    5yr carpet snake turned aggressive?

    Hey guys i dont understand completely how this site works.. so if i am posting in the wrong place i am sorry. So my question is.. i have a female morelia bredli carpet python in which has turned 5 not too long ago. She is usually so friendly, she goes for walks and kids pat her and hold her she...
  40. Southernserpent

    Axanthic carpet pythons

    Hello I am wondering if the coastal axanthic and jungle axanthic mutations are the same recessive gene or two separate lines. Has anyone crossed them and if crossed will they produce axanthic hatchlings or just coastal and jungles het for the two separate mutations
  41. T

    help with darwin carpet not eating

    hi i have a female yearling darwin carpet im not sure on the exact age but i would say between a year and two years cannot be sure though sorry. she last fed on the 20th of november. at 7:15pm she took a bit of time to finally strike at the food, so i did i bit of teasing and she stuck and ate...
  42. DragonTemple6

    Help with a Carpet Python

    Hi, I just picked up my new carpet python from her previous owner yesterday. He advertised her as a 2 year old Darwin Carpet Python X Jag, but when I went and signed the movement forms and everything, he'd written her down as a 2 year old Coastal Carpet Python. I've attached a few photos, does...
  43. 1

    Do heat mats actually work?

    Hi guys, I've got a 7 watt reptile one heat mat on a plastic tub that is going to be for a juvie carpet python, it's been plugged since yesterday but I've yet to see it get over 20 degrees. Does anyone have a setup like this with a heat mat actuality providing the heat needed? Should I just get...
  44. T

    new bloke here with a question

    g'day anyone reading this. I am new here to the forum and just had a question i was wanting answered if possible. i got a darwin carpet about a month ago he is a great little bugger, really energetic, great to watch and handle. But the past two days he has gone into his hide and has not come...
  45. O

    Worried my baby is undersized!

    IMG_3253 by Olive.99 posted Oct 10, 2017 at 3:31 AMIMG_3252 by Olive.99 posted Oct 10, 2017 at 3:31 AMImage by Olive.99 posted Oct 10, 2017 at 3:33 AMImage by Olive.99 posted Oct 10, 2017 at 3:37 AMHi there! I'm the proud mum of a coastal carpet python, the breeder I bought her from said she was...
  46. EllieSkyline

    Placing heat in a uniquely shaped enclosure?

    Hi just after some opinions on whether or not, I should place a second heat source in my uniquely shaped enclosure and if so where. I actually already have a pretty good idea of what I wish to do, but being an in-experienced owner I wanted to confirm that it would be the appropriate thing to...
  47. ClintN

    Carpet python feeding questions

    Sorry in advance for joining the community & ask questions straight away. I "inherited" my daughters carpet python earlier this year & was told that feeding once a fortnight during the colder months is OK. What happens in the warmer months? Should we look at a weekly feed? Also, when is it OK...
  48. Ausknight

    Coastal - F- Sutherland Shire - Free To A Good Home

    This girl must go his weekend!!!! (By 21/05/2017) She is an amazing handler and has never tagged me.... never even really tried (other than when being fed). Is great with kids and was handled regularly until the start of 2017. Feeds amazingly well and is on Large Rabbits. She is now 7yo and was...
  49. C

    General Question Regarding Diamond Pythons Setup

    Hello, i'm new to the reptile world and im interested in the diamond pythons and i have some questions regarding lighting/heating. 1) what should i do regarding lights during the night? do i turn them off or leave them on? 2) I've been reading and its says that its best to have a globe that...
  50. TekknoWaffle

    South West Carpet Python Poop.

    hey guys, my south west carpet python just shat on my bed and the white part looked normal, but the brown part was a bit watery and looked sort of like chocolate ice cream topping. Is she OK? I feed her fuzzies. She is close to shedding. She is 11 months.