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Nov 17, 2009
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Daintree, FNQ
Ok, so I was talking to a mate of mine and flicking through the elapid thread, and it got me wondering, how many female ven keepers are actually out there? That actually own them on their license and not just their other halves owning them etc...? And got into keeping hots, on their own accord?

You never really hear or see much of them, or maybe I'm just missing it...? I only really know of two females who own and keep them on their own accord (i.e. nothing to do with their other halves etc...)

Be interesting to see...

P.S. Sorry in advance if this topic has already been run before (recently) etc...
I'm getting a little rbb soon, license on is it's way eheh 8)
Good topic. It hadnt occurred to me that it would be a gender thing. I fully intend on getting into them eventually. But I have literally only been keeping for 2 months so I'm a long way off it, unfortunately. Hence my 2nd snake will have to be one known for being bitey... baby steps.
You're kidding right? Water pythons don't bite and if they do they're slow.
Since when don't they bite? :lol: I've only ever seen nutjobs, not to say there aren't quiet ones out there, but still........

I know one person who keeps of her own accord, and a woman who is married to a keeper who now both keeps and handles the elapids herself.
haha for sure, he's only a little bugger atm, will get him home soon as he's feeding regularly :D
I would love to work with them one day! but for now I'm sticking with lizards and a whole heap of other animals. There's just no where to keep them!:D
Since when don't they bite? :lol: I've only ever seen nutjobsQUOTE]

Come round to my place and I'll show you a puppy dog tame water python that will not bite no matter what! :D

There are a couple of female members of this site that keep elapids.
:rolleyes: omg... This thread isnt about water PYTHONS... :| Create your own thread NoURdeadRight if you wanna talk about those.. I'm more keen to see how many chicks out there keep VENS...aka Venomous snakes... Not chitchat about something completely different... Cheers for ur thoughts though... :|
A close friend worked for 6 years at Venom Supplies, and was wrangling cranky Coastal Taipans at 16...she then went on to start ERD with me, and after that, maintained her own collection of Browns, Adders, Tigers and various Black snakes until she became gravid...
No worries Matt (you weren't the main offender ;) )

LOL Jonno... Nice to see some out there... Lets hope she gets back into it after she.... becomes ungravid? :? :lol:... Although there'll be a little more caution with that afterwards I'd presume...

My five years is almost up... So I'm starting to look into it a lot more... Already got a wishlist started in my head :lol:
Id like to in the future...Want to learn more first and wait till my kids are older
To be honest, I don't know why more gals who are into reptiles don't keep vens. Obviously us blokes tend to make little mistakes here an there, But ladies tend to have a keener eye for detail and are usually more thorough.

I would LOVE to keep Vens, but alas my other half wouldnt ever allow it.
I'm toying with the idea after doing one of Jonno's courses - damn you Jonno for making me want vens :lol:

Thalia - let me know how you go with the rbbs!
i know of a couple that keep vens. but thats it, and a few more that relcate but not to many in the ven game
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