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I wouldn't discount the possibility of envenomation. The nitrates shouldn't cause problems it would more likely be bacterial. The way RBB described it with the swelling down the cheekbone could imply the lymphaic system was kicking in. Its a short hop from the eye down the face to the glands in the neck but that could be either thing.
I would be inclined to think bacterial. I got a few throat infections when I use to use an old vacuum cleaner to get the feacl and uartes from the rrb enclosures. I wear a mask these days.


Here's a little ornata i found out near Gnukurr where i was working.

And one of me moving it.


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Thats what I was led to believe ,and probably no doubt what it was ....But as you know the eye is a sensitive thing and you can absorb through your eye ..and after Peters post ,it got me curious I said above ,the swelling is in my cheekbone,eye socket and that was as far as I could open my eye ,plus I had a headache but put that down to the pressure me stumped ...either way becareful with snake poo too ;)

would any top ten elapid poo = Uric acid "dust" in saline solution injected into a mouse be one way to test this theory? probably already been done , would be great to see what the results were.:)

cheers steve


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Incase you mised them in the field trips section, here are a few wild elapids my wife and I stumbled across while out and about during the week in the Victorian high country on a herping/fishing trip..



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few more recent pics.


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Gotta love the copperheads, this one was in a pink fuzzy slipper when i picked it up this morning.
He was in the bedroom of a house here in Mornington and had crawled into a slipper as i arrived.
Was a tight fit as this snake is almost 130 cm long.


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