demansia atra


  1. C

    Snake identification

    Good day, I found this beauty in August near Tunnel Creek, Western Australia. Can someone help me and identify the snake ? It was around ~80 cm long and very thin. Thank you very much :)
  2. S

    Snake ID required

    Hi all Hoping someone can help me identify this unfortunate snake Thanks! Scott PS - the last photo was from a different day, so may represent a different snake!
  3. junglecarpet

    What snake is this? Located in South East QLD

    Hi guys, This little guy was spotted this morning at the back of my work and wanting to clarify what it is... the only thing I can see that is close is a yellow faced whip snake... but it does not have the black tick underneath the eye Thanks for your help!!
  4. naivepom

    2-WEEK TOUR OF ASIA-Oct'13 (Oman, Thailand, Indonesia, Australia + Malaysia)

    My apologies for anyone who has already seen this post from Field Herp Forum but I thought I would include it here too.... I have finally got time to sit down and do a write-up of a trip me, my girlfriend and friends and family members did in October. It was a combination of business, pleasure...
  5. M

    Snake identification

    Hey guys I was bush walking near campbelltown south west of sydney today. And I come across a small brown snake about 40cm long and had pale yellow markings under it's eyes and towards his neck. Just wondering if anyone could tell me what it was. Sorry I don't have a photo. Thanks
  6. clopo

    The last month in The Isa

    First up a little freshie, there are plenty around the lakes at the moment Freshwater Crocodile by R. Francis, on Flickr I was very excited to see this Black-palmed monitor, unfortunately the bugger disappeared in to the rocks before getting any other photos Black-palmed Monitor by R...
  7. woody101

    Snake I.D

    Hey Everyone I was looking at my feed on Facebook and a friend of mine was tagged in this photo ( not the one holding the snake ). The guy said its a common tree snake but I strongly disagree I'm not trying to name and shame him on his I.D skill but I told him to be careful in picking up animals...
  8. I

    From Docker River!

    A couple of pics taken by a friend from Docker. Can anyone ID the Demansia for me?
  9. thomasssss

    golden crown or other possibilities

    ok so just failed at attempting to catch a small snake about 15 cm(make that 20/25cm just looked at a ruler ) that looked very much like a young golden crowned snake , only thing thats got me thinking that it might not be is that it was in a very dry/hot area in my backyard in amongst a heap of...
  10. T

    More from home - Striking pose

    This morning I was moving a bit of tarp that had been laying around for a year (or two I can be incredibly slack at times). There was this little fellow coiled up in amongst leaves that had been covered by the tarp. Of course, in typical Childrens style it decided the way out of the situation...
  11. Pythonlovers


    hey everyone, quite curious on how hard elapids are to keep? are they hard? or is it the fact that there venomous make them seem hard to keep? and what would be a good elapid to start with? brown tree snake (night tiger), etc? cheers. jesse.
  12. H

    Can someone please ID this for me...

    Just after an ID of this snake as it was in my house and the cat found it... The snake is saf... is it a venemous snake and is it harmful to my cat???
  13. tyson001

    story's that are total rubbish

    OK so i decided to start a thread for people to add story's that are total bull that people against reptiles have told you to stop you from getting them. my most recent one is the my uncle story example one of my mates say i was talking to my uncle and he says he new a lady who had a carpet...
  14. W

    VIC WTB Yellow-faced Whipsnakes

    WTB Yellow-faced Whipsnakes any age, feeding or non-feeding. Willing to pay freight. PM me if you have any available. Cheers
  15. Tristan

    Fastest snake in the world?

    Snake emerges from motorbike at 250km/h the article says its in Brazil anyone ID the snake? i have no idea about Brazilian species.
  16. J

    show us your deathadders and rbbs

    im still dreaming of getting my venom licence and just wanna see some death adders and redbellies. cheers
  17. disintegratus

    Grrrr!! Bloody cats!!!

    My sister refuses to keep her cats confined, and they are constantly killing stuff. There's usually at least one mouse or rat on our front porch almost every day, which is bad enough, and every time I catch them with something live, I take it off them and hold on to it for a while to make sure...
  18. junglelove

    snake ID

    found this little hatchling in the backyard, just moved to the area far north nsw. anyone know what it is all my books are in storage, im thinking a whipsnake or brown tree???
  19. Skelhorn

    ID of this snake?

    Afternoon Guys, Found this little guy yesterday and he looked different so I snagged him (gently :) Had a close look. He looks like a whip snake. Am I correct? let us know what you think!
  20. snakerelocation

    yellow face whipsnake

    hi all, just chasing a yellow face whip snake, or any of the demansia psammophis species. doesnt matter what age, please add details if any available
  21. Allies_snakes

    ID Help

    Can you tell me who my visitor is??
  22. Poggle

    Understanding Identification.

    Hi all, I am making this thread to assist with people making I.D's of snakes. Have been alot of threads lately and people guessing at I.D's. So i am making this thread for it. Please feel free to post pics of snakes for peopleto try and figure out what it is. Please explain your reasons for...
  23. moloch05

    Florence, Assisi and Cinque Terre

    Assisi and Spello Here is part II of my Italy report. In October, my wife and I spent a number of days in Florence (Firenze). Our stay was split by a short visit to Assisi. The weather during this portion of the trip cooled rapidly and we had several rainy days. Birding was not too bad and...
  24. moloch05

    Italy: Amalfi Coast

    Last year was my wife's 60th birthday and I surprised her with tickets to Rome. My wife loves Italy more than any other country in Europe. She wanted to travel in September and October while the weather was still warm but the summer crowds were absent. We therefore delayed the trip until this...
  25. R


  26. G

    Identyfy snake to my house

    Yesterday I opened the front door and this snake was happily laying there. I did manage to take a picture and would like it identified. The snake then made it's way under the house where I store many things. Is it a variey that I should be concerned about? Regards Mario
  27. S

    Id this

    Hi all, a friend sent me this picture of a snake they found while out swimming in a lake, its got me puzzled anyone got an idea of what it could be? At first i thought gts, i may be right but im not too sure. Also one of the pics i have enhanced for a better view.
  28. HerpMad


    Ah good times, So in a refresher first aid course i had to take today, we were outside in the carpark of the training complex we were simulating a snake bite victim and all the jokes and mucking around was in full swing with the boys and the rubber cobra we were given when this little dude...
  29. anna.jc

    Snake Vs Cat Tail!

    I found this quite amusing and thought I would share. (Not the part where the cat bats it of course). To me it looks like a black whip tail what do you think?
  30. N

    Drysdalia coronoides venom

    Hi, I was wondering if any one have seen some information or documentation on venom or envenomation with Drysdalia Coronoides ? Thank
  31. T

    Snakes on the home front

    While doing my regular toad patrol at home tonight I took some photos of other night prowlers. Slaty-greys are out all year round mostly getting into the fish (natives) in my ponds. I've seen up to 4 different individuals in a night, but mostly only 1 or 2. The Night Tigers are less...
  32. noah2112

    What snake to get next?

    Hey :) I've had plenty of snakes... I've had bredlis,coastals,spotteds,waters,womas etc but I'm now looking into getting something more interesting? Any ideas? Was thinking of bts? Cheers
  33. snakeluvver

    Weird Coastal I Found...

    Check out this weird coastal I found today, has pale grey colouration and stripes down its sides, couldnt see any blotches. Also it has a solid white stomach and the scales seem to be in flecks almost looks like part Diamond but I'm too far north. Anyone have any ideas or ever seen anything like it?
  34. Reptile_Maniac

    What Herps are in your area?

    Hey everyone, What herps are in your area? Feel free to add pics. Thanks, James
  35. G

    Yellow Faced Whip Snake Breeders? Or anyone selling?

    I work at the Australian Reptile Park and i am in love with elapids and venomous snakes. unfortunately if i ever want to be a venom keeper i need a hell of a lot of experience to stand out. I have had no venomous snake handling experience apart from a snappy juvenile brown tree snake. in looking...
  36. C

    first snake

    Hi all I am considering getting a snake but am unsure as to what type of python to get or are there easier snakes to keep than pythons?
  37. snakeluvver

    Latin Names

    Any one else find the latin (scientific) names of some reptiles frustrating? For example, I always though amyae was pronounced Am-yay but I've been told its ay-mee-ee? So how do you pronounce Amyae? Also, I've always pronounced Levis as its spelt Lev-is. Is that correct?
  38. 5

    help identifying snake

    hey guys im new here to this forum just joine now we recently moved to caboolture in brisbane qld we know absolutely nothing about snakes and tonight we found this one in our house our cat had it in his mouth so i got it out of his mouth but am unsure wat it is our neighour said it is a baby...
  39. kawasakirider

    Can someone ID this elapid?

    Hey everyone, my dog killed this in the backyard about 3 years ago. When it happened I got my grandfather to rush me down to the petrol station to buy a bottle of metho so I could preserve it. I found it in my room when I got home last night :) I don't want to hear that my...
  40. TA1PAN

    Pics of my mates snakes.

    Hi guys , went to a mates house yesterday and took some pics of his snakes. Please note i am still learning how to use camera haha
  41. W

    It's all in the colour

    There are 3 threads on ball python x this and that, people wanting exotics, jags, etc, etc.. Is the colour of the snake all that people admire? If it is, that's pretty sad and demonstrates the shallow interest in reptiles. "colourful pets" - is that all? I apologise for the negativity in this...
  42. MatE

    snake id

    Now there is a magnum ice cream riding on this,a fellow work mate is saying it a GTS.I wont be bias and say what it is,ill let the APS crew do that LOL.So here is a couple of pics i took with the motorola. Cheers MatE
  43. Helikaon

    when snake meets whipper snipper

    This poor bugger got sent over to me after a person said they accidently hit it with the whipper snipper. I am still a little worried about it, but it came back together pretty well. atleast its a reptile and wont need to eat for a while. the carer picked it up today so i will know more in a...
  44. slim6y

    Escaped taipan... In Sweden???

    'Missing snake' note rattles Malmö residents - The Local (the original in Swedish is Planerar ormrazzia | Nyheter | Aftonbladet) Note the following in the story (is it a hoax?): "The note described the snake as "a teenager" which hadn't yet fully developed its venomous potential, and...
  45. zack13

    Snake ID

    Can anyone ID this guy? Found on the road on North Head in Sydney.
  46. Squish

    What sort of snake is this?

    My cat found a snake and started eating it. I'm in Sydney. I think it looks brown-snake-y, but wouldn't mind a second opinion.
  47. miss2

    albino tiger snake

    hey guys yesterday as i was feeding the yabbies i saw a weird long pink thing, presumably a snake. i jumped on the bike as im scared poo less of snakes and went to drive away. i then saw it again only this time i recognized what it was... an albino tiger snake!!! wish i had had my camera. has...
  48. R

    New visitor

    this just came wondering into my office this afternoon, just wondering what kind of snake it is. I'm keeping my distance and letting it leave on its own hopefully after it fixed my little mouse problem Sorry for the bad pic but has big distinguishing black eyes.
  49. XKiller

    Herping Glenmorgan - St George

    Heres a few pictures of afew reptiles i saw from this weekend herping between Glenmorgan-St George and Dalby sertin spots in each aeras. Leaveing thursday afternoon heading stright to Glenmorgan to stay the night target species for the weekend brigalow rub in Dans face lol, De vis...
  50. moloch05

    Kakadu/Litchfield in the wet

    Greetings everyone, I went on a brief trip to the Northern Territory last week. I have always wanted to see this area during the monsoon when it is lush and green. It really was a lovely site. The only problem with a visit during the wet was that the highway between Darwin and Kakadu can...