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There best snakes to keep i say. But thats a few from over the years, there just reminding me its feed time.
Well it finally happened, my 9yo daughter got bitten by her beloved nearly 2 year old blue tongue. Turns out that last bit of rockmelon treat WAS too small to hand feed. lol

Tears from shock at first but she rinsed it off until it stopped bleeding and went straight back to bluey, much more concerned that she had frightened her and ruined their relationship than any pain. And, yes, a bit of strawberry later and they do appear to still be friends ;)
Just coastals at this stage, helped a friend sex there tristripe hatchies coz her partner was to nervous of the bitey end hahaaa


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We had some het Darwin hatchlings a few years ago. One female struck me 17 times while my wife cleaned the click clack.
We had some het Darwin hatchlings a few years ago. One female struck me 17 times while my wife cleaned the click clack.

Hahaaa the only good thing about a fiesty hatchie is that they tend to smash food :p
The only female that bit me came home with me that day :D

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Childrens Python, woma Python, stone gecko, bluetongue, eastern water skink, Eastern water dragon, jewel cichlid, tomato clownfish, paradise fish, goldfish, red back, funnel web, some other spiders just not sure who, bush tick(one had 17 on me at once),paralysis tick, leaches, thousands of mozzies, green tree frog, striped marsh frog, brown tree frog, perons tree frog, leaf green tree frog, axolotl, princess parrot, cockatiel, galah, rainbow lorikeet, Quaker, sun conure, green checked conure, jenday conure, blue and gold macaw, sulphur crested cockatoo, budgie, Canary, emu, various finches, bourses parrot, scarlet chested parrot, tawny frogmouth, mouse, rabbit, guineapig, cat, dog.

I'm sure there are more but I just can't think of them...
Besides a few hatchling strikes, I've only been hit by my first snake, back when she was a year old. Took a few weeks but she calmed down, and hasn't even attempted to strike at me since. Jungles, in my experience, have a really unwarranted bad rep. For the most part, they're sweethearts. Although my old boy "Monty" is a psycho... still hasn't gotten be yet though!
Personally, i've only been bitten by a few geckos of mine but nothing major. However, my uncle has been bitten by 3 venomous snakes, they were a whip snake, and 2 red belly black snakes. This happened at 3 separate times of course
I got bitten by my bluey twice. Both of which involved with handfeeding crickets. The first time I dangled a freshly dead cricket, I dropped it the split second before she clamped on my finger. It didn't hurt. The second time was with a live cricket, it hugged my thumb and she struck at it including my thumb, it hurts like hell. The next time I feed live insects I should get feeding tongs.
I used to have a nephrurus asper and it was the most aggressive gecko I have ever seen would chase your hand around just to bite you some days but once it bit you everything was all good and it would rub its belly against your fingers, one of my nephrurus levis levis can get a bit bitey too if hes not in the mood.

other animals would be
-bearded dragon
-tommy roundhead
-carpet snake
-my bluetongue bit my mate once and wouldn't let go if that counts
-feral cats
-spiders (numerous types) hospitalized once
-ring neck parrot (ouch)
-a very aggressive mumma duck I have loves to attack me
-very very close call relocating an eastern brown
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