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  1. R

    need help identifying a snake by the skin I found

    I live on the north side of Brisbane and found a snake skin in our yard. It's just a small one but not sure of the type. It's not a full skin. It appears the head and part of the upper body are missing. The scales on the back side (near what I believe is the tail) is 6 across. The further...
  2. M

    Legal trading of wild caught reptiles

    which states are you allowed to catch wild animals?
  3. AmazingMorelia

    Cane Toads

    The march of the toad is reaking havoc as im sure everyone is aware. I was talking to a herpertologist at the museum here and he was saying snakes and lizards are getting demolished in NT at the moment. So why wouldnt the government be doing more. I have two ideas. 1. Make the canetoad exempt...
  4. snakegirlie

    first snake

    im looking to get my first snake but i cant decide what kind i want. i was looking at things like spotted and pygmy pythons as well as common tree snakes. what are your suggestions? nothing that gets to big. and also im new to this forum :)
  5. markannab

    Friend's Video from Today

    A friend emailed this. They filmed it today in their backyard near Byron. It's a .mov file which can be played using Media Player and is about 3.5Mb. The main bit is toward the end of the video. The download is safe. I've placed it on my work server: Mark.
  6. T

    ID Please found on Manly to Spit Walk NSW

  7. the_tsar

    Green tree snake mice feeding question

    Hi Herb peoples Just a question about feeding mice to green tree snakes.. How often should I feed an adult mouse to my adult snake? Like once every 10 days, or once a week? Stangely, my snake took to mice with no preperation, going straight from geckos (I got sick of catching them...
  8. AlexandreRoux

    My stay in Brisbane city

    9 days in Brisbane and I spend some time in some "wild" places so I've met some interesting guys ! I've visited (very quickly) the Mt Coot-tha botanical garden, a nice experience. Dwarf tree frog, Green Tree snake, Cane toad, Asian House gecko, Water dragons, some turtles and some water skinks...
  9. C

    Colubrid LOVERS

    Hello all. My first solo post. I would love to hear from everyone who keeps, breeds colubrids. Love to see some pics of your own snakes and set-ups.
  10. AlexandreRoux

    New herper in Brisbane needs helpi

    Hi everybody ! I'm now arrived in Brisbane and this place is all new for me that's why I will be really pleased to meet some people and to herp with them. I'm with a Working Holiday Visa, I think I'm going to live next to Norman Park and I don't have any car so you understand... Of course if...
  11. V


    Hello All, I currently do not own a reptile but will be in the market for one in the coming 12 months. We have just had a snake presentation done here at work due to some lovely eastern browns being found in our warehouses. I have always had a love of snakes but never had owned any just...
  12. Bredli1956

    What's your favourite python

    What type of aussie pythons are your favourite
  13. W


    I have a green tree snake and I thought he had a mite but it looks like possible bacteria infection near his head. It is yellow in the outside and grown since yesterday, looks like hard puss. I will try and get a picture. It is Sunday and no vets open. Can someone please please please give me...
  14. R

    snake bite

    Hi guys, so my friends dog got bitten by a red belly on tuesday and the fang marks are 2cm apart. I'm just wondering if anyone would be able to give a rough size of the snake? My friend believes it was over 2m. Thanks
  15. GeckoJosh

    TRue Black Phase Common Tree-snake For sale/swap

    Species Common Name Black Phase Common Tree-snake Age 30 months Length 80cm Quantity Available 1 Bred By Breeders full name will be given on sale General Description I have a suspected female jet Black Phase Common Tree Snake that I am thinking of moving on, preferably I would like...
  16. G

    Brisbane city wild herping

    Hi I'm Austin, working holiday man from korea. And I live in brisbane city. When I was in korea, keeping and breeding a lots of herps as a hobbyist in my home and a zoo reptile keeper. My working holiday purpose is just to see the australian wild snakes and lizard and take picture them. My final...
  17. Tigerlily

    Another common tree snake thread

    Hi I'm new, I just bought a common tree snake Eden and I feel like I've exhausted the search function for CTS but still have questions. eg: She's quite shy which I understand is normal, and if I wanted a regular handling snake I should have gotten a bredli (still on the cards) but.... I'm not...
  18. Tigerlily

    Do you have small pet geckos/skinks/lizards?

    And if you do, would you be willing to part with some of their shed skin? My new common tree snake will only eat pinkie mice if they've been scented with live gecko fragrance (her last owner fed purely live geckos and skinks; she won't even eat fish)... I tried rubbing gecko poo and it doesn't...
  19. Dash667

    Entire Collection - including breeding setup

    We are placing our entire collection and breeding setup up for sale. Available are all of our breeding projects as well as a handful of juvies. Included in this sale are all of our racks built by Snake Whisperer (descriptions and photos to follow), a converted fridge incubator along with two...
  20. Vengeance

    Snake ID Please?

    Hello forumers, My Nanna sent my mother a photograph of a snake she wants ID'd. I wasn't sure so wasn't even going to attempt to give her an ID. I told her it could very well be venomous and to stay away from it - she's terrified of snakes so that shouldn't be a problem. Just had an update...
  21. S

    Need help to ID a snake from snake skin

    Hi, I've just found a snake skin wedged between brick and weather boards under our main bedroom window. The skin is in two pieces and is just over 1 mtr long. I've tried to id it from scales using arod website but that search came up empty. I'm not a snake person and found it quite...
  22. L

    green tree snake???

    Hi everyone Thismorning I was walking across the lawn and nearly stood on a little green snake. About 2 foot long, bright green with yellowish belly. I've done a little googling and a green tree snake is about the closest I can find. Not agressive. (not from 6 feet away anyways) It cruised...
  23. L

    Coastal Carpet eaten self to death..

    Hi all, I was called to a house to remove a coastal carpet python that had entered a guinea pig hutch (the day after the night of the 45 degree day Brisbane had a couple days ago). Upon arriving, the snake was dead and had been for a few hours or more, and without any human interference, I...
  24. eddie19

    green tree snakes vs green tree pythons

    Hey sorry in advance to all the people that are going to say this question has already been asked as I m sure it would have been but I m new and just suck at digging up old post (I don't know how to do it as it never seems to work for me even post I have read before I can never seem to find them...
  25. M

    Common tree snake clutch 2013

    I'm excited, had this captive bred pair since they where tiny. Watched them grow and was lucky enough to see then mating. not commonly breed so very excited and hopeful to hatch some common tree snakes
  26. Porkbones

    Found snake

    So had a friend find this inside an empty house where I had been working the day before . Think they might want to get the large gap under the front doors looked were taken off his phone.he didnt get to close for another pic as hes not to keen on our slithery friends.forgot to mention...
  27. NicG

    The (Sad) Tale of Gigantor

    Most CTS enthusiasts on this site would be aware of Gigantor, my particularly large Common Tree Snake. At ~1.8m long, I've been under the assumption that she may have been the largest CTS in captivity. Certainly, I've never been made aware of a bigger one. You may have noticed that I used...
  28. No-two


    Species Common Name Large Blotched python - Stimsons python Age 4 years Length 60-70cms Quantity Available 3 Bred By SXR and SR General Description 1 pair of georgetown stimsoni 4 years old, not very large adults, male feeds well through the warmer months but not the cooler months, he...
  29. J

    Out and about during the day

    Can somebody please list the species of pythons that move around and don't hide during the day. I have a stimmy who comes out about about 4:30 every afternoon and is tucked up in bed when we come out in the morning. I would love a snake that is out and about during daylight hours.
  30. T

    How many different snake species have you seen in your own yard?

    I was just reading another thread which got me thinking about how many species of snakes I've spotted in my yard. On an acreage block in SEQ, I have seen a couple of RBBs pass through. There was a communal nest of yellow-faced whip snakes under the thicket adjacent to the house. I once removed...
  31. Fuscus


    No - 21 is not my age, IQ nor the number of years I have been on APS. It is, however, the number of days it took to find and remove this snake. According to my phone logs the woman first contacted me on 29 September 2013. I came and searched the place to no avail. This womans phobia was one of...
  32. B

    Can you tell me what this snake is please?

    I'm not sure if this is a green tree snake or yellow faced whip snake. Please educate me!! Thanks
  33. Pythons Rule

    Eggs and Hatchlings 2013-2014

    Mums and Bubs 2013-2014 Hi everyone this thread is for photo's of mums laying there eggs, eggs, incubation methods, hatching or egg cutting, babies fresh from the eggs, and after feeds and during feed time. I have 1 clutch of 11 fertile 0 Slugs of a trio of Wenlock River Cape York female...
  34. James_Scott

    Question for Keelback breeders only.

    Hey Guys I have two Keelbacks that are going on 3 yrs old. There is a clear size difference between them even though they are siblings. I have always assumed the larger dominant one was female but today I watched her follow the male around the enclosure and tail tickling the male. Without...
  35. PythonOwner25

    Hunter Valley Sep 2013 "PIC HEAVY"

    Hey all. I flew up to NSW last week for some herping around the Hunter Valley with a few mates. After getting off the plane, we went for a poke around some spots in Newcastle. First finds were a young Marsh Snake and She-oak Skink. Marsh Snake (Hemiaspis signata) by Matt Clancy Wildlife...
  36. E

    My First TV Unit Conversion - Help!

    Hi all, After building my Bluey an outdoor sunning tub, I decided to attempt something a little more ambitious! Over the next 12 months I am planning on adding to my collection. I am definitely getting a Spotted Python early next year, but I am also considering getting a Bearded Dragon or Leaf...
  37. K

    Tree snake gravid?

    Hi, I have recently purchased a green tree snake (not python). I had it freighted and although from our conversation the seller seemed genuine, I was told she was gravid. I asked a few questions about her history and being paired up and the responses were very vague. Although I already have two...
  38. PilbaraPythons

    Good news, new W.A species addition's approved

    Good news, new W.A species addition's approved. Water pythons Rough scaled pythons Pygmy Pythons North Westerns Carpets Brown Tree snakes Time to go herping and have me some paid fun I think Regards Dave
  39. Lawra

    Tree snake?

    What's this? Friend found it injured next to their house they think it got run over.
  40. zoe87

    Backyard herping

    I was hanging out the washing this morning when I heard a rustling in the dry leaves behind me. I thought to myself that what ever it was it didn't have legs. I turned around and look and got glimpse of a brown tail in the shade. My first thought was oh no a brown snake. I then moved to see what...
  41. ronhalling

    Herping around Brisbane

    Wow this sudden cold snap in Brisbane has made finding anything decent to look at Herp wise, even the Aussie Pythons at the Australia Zoo have gone into hiding except for 1 amazing looking Water Python and a huge Coastal about 3m, checked out a few likely looking places around Beerwah and...
  42. jinin

    Injured wild gts

    My neighbours alerted me of a snake in their backyard so I went to help them out, the snake was a green tree snake which I often see that same one every year. the poor guy has some damage done to him which appears to have occurred over 24hrs ago. to me it looks like a rat has had a go at him and...
  43. BeZaKa

    A bit of fun

    As curiosity has gotten the better of me I thought I would try to post this question as a bit of fun. Do you have a story behind "how" you named your snake? I've seen some pretty interesting names and thought it would be interesting to hear the meanings or stories behind the names. I'll...
  44. Maxwell

    Next Snake

    Im sure this thread has been done a million and one times but it always is a fun one. And nothing wrong with living in dream land. What is your next snake. Mine is a blue phase tree snake (Second in line with one for sale) Sent from my GT-I9305T using Tapatalk 4
  45. C

    just signed up

    I signed up because im having trouble researching a common green tree snake. If any body could throw any info on them my way that would be awesome. I've researched heaps on them and have nearly finished my vivarium. I've been set on finding one. Im out of options as to where to find one.. I want...
  46. Tari-Q

    Golden Common Tree Snake for Sale

    Species Common Name Gold Phase Common Tree Snake Age 18 months Length 2 foot approx. Quantity Available 1 Bred By - General Description Stunning Gold Phase Common Tree Snake. Feeding well on Mollies and the occasional pinkie mouse. Flighty but does not bite. These snakes are awesome...
  47. spud_meister

    Planted Terrarium

    So, I picked up a nice big 80cm x 45cm x 80cm terrarium today, and I'm pretty set on putting a Common Tree Snake in it, but I'd like to plant it up. I'd like a big display like an Elephant Ear (alocasia brisbanensis) however, I know they're poisonous and probably wouldn't be a good choice, I...
  48. Luvbuz

    Middle of winter in the tropics

    Here's a pretty little green tree snake (Dendrelaphis punctulata) having a bask and a browse through back yard in Cairns this afternoon. Kept the dogs locked up til it had enough and wandered off just so it didn't get bothered by them!
  49. marto

    Hi Everyone, new to APS

    Hi everyone. I thought I'd make my first post after lurking around here for a little while. Always been a fan of snakes but only recently became a fellow snake owner earlier this year, along with my brother and his girlfriend. They are extremely addictive, and trying to refrain from just buying...
  50. Firepac

    "Uncommon" Common Tree Snake

    Got a call out this afternoon and found this fella. Haven't seen such a marked lack of colour on a CTS for a couple of years. Thought I would share.