emydura subglobosa

  1. Ninabuddha

    turtle species allowed in QLD on wildlife license

    So I am wanting a pair of turtles to add to my collection but i dont know what species im allowed on my RWL in QLD. such as a pig nosed turtle or a painted turtle i can not find a list of species legal in QLD. thank you in advance
  2. Ausage

    Hello from the Great White North

    Just a few quick words to introduce myself. My partner and I have been keeping herps for many years. Our many interest is turtles -- we have 11 species from 3 continents including an Australian Painted Turtle, Emydura subglobosa. We also have a several other reptiles, including a Bearded Dragon...
  3. lizardjasper

    What did you name your reptiles?

    Wondering what most people name their pet reptiles? Mine are: 4 C Beardies - Jasper, Diego, Cricket and PeterPan 2 E Beardies - Pepsi and Schweps 1 E Water Dragon - Mr. T.Rex 2 Bluetongues - Buffy and Leelo What do you have and what did you call them?
  4. geckodan

    Courting painted turtles

    I thought I'd share my very first youtube video Painted turtles Emydura subglobosa courting - YouTube . Sorry about the quality, it's my first time with the camera as well as having a small child trying to climb me at the end. Best with the sound off.
  5. snakekid666

    Mini turtles for sale ??

    Hey is anyone selling or does anyone know someone who sells miniature turtles in the Nelson Bay, Newcastle, Port Stephens area. thanks heaps.
  6. Tit4n

    Anyone owns a fresh-water turtle? (Have some noob questions, thinking of getting one)

    Hey guys, Wife was interested in getting a turtle so i thought id do some research. I currently own a bearded dragon so know somewhat basics of lighting etc. However would like to ask few questions. Species: - I heard that short-necks are generally smaller than long necks. Is this so? - What...
  7. shea_and_ruby

    Why do people so readily admit to owning exotics?

    As we have been selling some our of tanks lately, we have had a few coming over to check them out. Out of three people who ended up buying, two had exotics - one had corns and the other openly admitted he had boas! wasn't too surprised with the corn snake, but boaS, not just one, but a few, so...
  8. waruikazi


    Finding heaps of these little fellas atm and similar numbers of long necks about a month ago. Pretty much one everytime i go for a jog (which is why i don't have more pictures, never take a camera jogging). Does anyone know their breeding cycles and where they lay in relation to water bodies? I...
  9. saximus


    Hey guys just after some info on the different species we can keep. My girlfriend loves them so I was thinking of looking into their care requirements and eventually getting one. So could someone tell me which are the smallest species and also a rough idea on pricing? Any other info I can...
  10. M

    which turtle??????

    ok so i have decided that i am going to get a turtle or 2 or 3 lol but i dont really know anything about them. & yes i have done my research and everywhere has something different to say. so i put it all to you guys to tell me about the ones u have & maybe post some pics of urs. thanks any1???
  11. sebbie0983

    QLD Pierre, Two year old painted turtle and 3 FT tank with accessories

    Scientific Name Emydura Subglobosa Common Name Painted Turtle Age 2 Years Sex Male Size Approx 130mm Quantity Available 1 Price $700 Inc Tank and Accessories General Description 2 Year old male painted turtle named Pierre. He is easily handled and loves his trips outside...
  12. joeyr


    Australian Painted Turtle /Jardine River or saw shelled in sydney leme know what use have guys
  13. Banjo

    Question about QLD Reptile Lincenses

    HI All, Are you able to keep GTP's in QLD on a standard Recreational Wildlife Licence. I have looked on the epa sight and I'm still not 100% sure. My license says; Conditions for: Keeping live commercial and recreational reptiles and recreational amphibians Agency Interest: General A1G1...
  14. walpole_reptiles

    NSW Painted Turtles

    was after 2 females 1 male pm me if you have any
  15. Fuscus

    Snal\kes Down Under

    Did a trip to SDU over the weekend. Very pleasantly surprised to find that they were doing their venomous talks, I would have imagined the EPA would have at least suspended them. Ian was back at work and as full of enthusiasm as ever, though he didn't do the show I witnessed (that was done by...
  16. trax_86

    painted turtles

    I am chasing a pair of painted turtles if anyone has any for sale or know where i can purchase some please i am located in Brisbane QLD PM me cheers.
  17. vaughans81

    Painted Turtles

    Looking for 2 Painted Turtles to buy in Sydney. Will have a great home! Let me know if you can help [email protected]
  18. L

    Painted Turtles

    Hi I am after 3 painted turtles 1 male and two female. Please email me if you have any up for sale. Thx
  19. M

    south american turtles?

    not sure which section this would best be suited in, but im wondering if anyone knows if there are any south american types of turtles available at all in australia?, or if im just on a wild goose chase?. thanks mark~
  20. Bax155

    Snakes Downunder!!

    Yesterday I spent the day at Snakes Downunder at Childers and let me tell you it's one of the best reptile parks I've had the privilage to visit!! The staff are absolutly fantastic, Julie-Anne said 2 years ago she had never handled snakes and has only recently started doing the 1st show of the...
  21. R

    Turtles and Fish?

    Hey can i put turtles in a tank with tropical fish or 'pretty fish' (gf wording not mine). Sorry if it seems like a newbie question :P Cheers Robin
  22. Jungle_Freak

    QLD Painted Turtle Pair

    Scientific Name Common Name Painted Turtles Age 10 months old Sex M & F Length 12cm Quantity Available pair Bred By General Description healthy and happy turts Location North Queensland Willing to Freight? Yes at buyers expense...
  23. P


    A couple of months ago I seen a captive Red eared pond slider in S.A. Day's later the pet store selling these, got busted as they had them on display in the middle of there store.:oops: Any idea's on how they were obtained? Apparently they are common in some local creeks in other states, is this...
  24. pete12

    What are painted turtles?

    hi guys what are painted turtles their are some for sale on petlink.:shock:
  25. sebbie0983

    Suicide Turtles

    Hi, I've had two emydura subglobosa turtles for just over 1 year now, these turtles are going strong but have never had any sense of height perception, when I'm holding them they are normally trying to get out of my hand (which would result in a nasty fall), or when I have them sunning...
  26. R

    what size tank for murray river turtle?

    HI, I have a Murray river turtle. I currently have a 1.5ft tank for her, she is about a year old. She is starting to grow to big for her tank. So Now I am looking into buying a bigger tank for her. I was looking at buying a 3ft x1.5ft x 1.5ft. How long will that last her? Should I be buying...
  27. E

    4 Sale- Painted Turtles

    Scientific Name Emydura subglobosa subglobosa Common Name Painted Turtles Age Hatchlings Sex Unknown Length 10 - 20 cent piece size Quantity Available 19 Bred By Craig Latta General Description Nicely coloured (RED) Painted turtles and all Yellow phase...
  28. ari

    3 x Emydura subglobosa (Painted Turtles)

    Scientific Name Emydura subglobosa Common Name Painted Turtles Age 6 months Sex Unknown Length 7-8 cm (shell length) Quantity Available 3 Bred By Latta General Description Price $1000 the lot includes freight, pic on belows link...
  29. E

    Another colour mutation- Painted turtle

    This season we've hatched out approximately 95 Painted turtles from 10 clutches from the same pair of Painted turtles. I have never heard or known of any other species laying this many clutches in any given season. Obviously being worried about her over doing it, I have separated them and...
  30. sebbie0983

    Restricted Reptile License

    I currently own two emydura subglobosa turtles or painted turtles and am trying to upgrade my recreational license to a restricted license so I can add one more to my collection and hopefully breed these cool things one day. I sent a request to EPA and finally they've replied with this: Hi to...
  31. sebbie0983

    Getting A Restricted License For A Turtle

    I currently own two emydura subglobosa turtles or painted turtles and am trying to upgrade my recreational license to a restricted license so I can add one more to my collection and hopefully breed these cool things one day. I sent a request to EPA and finally they've replied with this: Hi to...
  32. sebbie0983

    Painted Turtle

    Hi all, I've currently got a male emydura subglobosa turtle or a painted turtle and am looking to find a female in the same variety at the same age. Anyware from 6 months to a yearling would be perfect, thanks :)
  33. I

    wanted- red bellied short necked turtle

    hey guys im looking for a red bellied short necked turtle or any kind of turtle that will only grow to be small in size like this one. cheers.
  34. E

    Turtle swing

    Just thought I'd post this pic of one of my turtles using a dislodged turtle dock as a turtle swing. Sorry. It looked funny at the time. Cheers, Craig
  35. dragon_tail

    australias smallest turtle

    what is australias smallest (and still obtainable) turtle? pics please if possible and any info on their size and temprement, im very interested in buying up some turtles lately!!!!
  36. dragon_tail

    painted turtles

    anyone got any? can we have them in vic?
  37. sxc_celly

    WANTED: Jardine River/ Worrels or Painted Turtles

    WANTED: Jardine River/ Worrels or Painted Turtles. Any age any size, will pay freight :) thanks!
  38. Adandiluvsmyreptiles

    Turtle Pictures (Hatchlings)

    Pictures of Mary River Turtles (thanks Expansa - they are doing GREAT!)
  39. Krizzy31

    turtle set up help

    Hi, I'm looking to start a turlte set up. One shop had advised me that you needed to heat the water, and another one said cold is fine?? Also is it safe to keep fish with the turtles, and possibly frogs? Any one have any pics of their set ups so i can get an idea. Thanks
  40. sebbie0983

    Wanted: 2 Red Belly Short Necks

    I'm looking for a pair of red belly short neck turtle hatchlings. I live on the Gold Coast and will pay freight. Could anyone let me know if they are available? thanks ;)
  41. Tristis

    WANING to all turtle keepers

    well i woke up to a histerical phone call that Abie our juv painted turtle wasnt moving. i rushed over to my girlfriends house to find Abie wedge between the tank and a rock, she drowned in the night. where both so up set. i dont wont this to happen to any one else and i cant stress enough...
  42. mrdestiny

    Cross breeding turtles question

    Hi I have a male Hunter River (Emydura macquarii gunabarra) who has been very keen to try and mate with a female Krefft turtle (Emydura krefftii) outside in the pond they share with a few others. Every time I had a look today he was after her. If their mating was or will be successful, what...
  43. sxc_celly

    WTB: Hypo pythons, Painted Turtle, Frogs!

    Wanted: Hypo Carpet Python or similar any age, painted turtle, any age (prefer smaller than 15cm diametre shell), and frogs of interest. Will pay freight! PM or email [email protected] Thanks Celeste
  44. sxc_celly

    A few Photos Of My herps!

    Heres a few photos Ive managed to get. Tell me what you think. 1. My Hypo Bredli Hatchling (Male) 2. Pic of the Hatchlings Dad (Also Hypo) 3. Pic of the Hatchlings Mom (Also Hypo) 4. Female Adult Knob Tailed Gecko (needs a name) 5. Male Adult Knob Tailed Gecko (needs a name) MORE PICS...
  45. sxc_celly

    Turtle Hatchlings For Sale/swap

    Short Neck Murray River And Eastern Long Neck hatchlings available. Eating well, in excellent health. 20-50c piece size. Come with care sheet, camn freight. Asking $75 each, or swap for painted turtle, geckos, or frogs. Put in this thread because of wanting to swap for frogs and other turtles...
  46. sxc_celly

    WANTED: Painted turtle hatchling

    Wanted: Painted turtle hatchling! Will pay freight! Photo would be great! THX
  47. Saz

    Emydura subglobosa worelli hatchlings!

    How cute are these little dudes! I can't thank Craig and Gabrielle enough for them, and for showing us round their amazing property, and animal collection! They already take pellets from my fingers, great little pets!
  48. stary boy

    free reptiles anyone???

    HAHAHA what a goose.... http://www.petlink.com.au/Classifieds/sale/471937.html
  49. xrushx

    need painted turtles

    does anyone know where i can get a pair of Juvanile Emydura subglobosa (painted turtles) from???
  50. hornet

    pics of your turtles

    hey, just want people to post pics of their tutrtles, paticulary their saw-shelleds, i will get some of mine up when i get batteries for my camera