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  1. snakegirlie

    herping in tazzie

    in tazzie for christmas and have found these guys so far :) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. saximus

    Live vs Dead Food for Elapids

    I was recently thinking about the pre-digestion role certain toxins in venom play when elapids kill their prey. That made me start thinking about the fact that almost everyone feeds dead things to their snakes which made me start to wonder how that affects their digestion. This may be me lacking...
  3. bohdi13

    Show us ya hatchlings

    The season has gone by and I thought it would be nice to see some hatchling reptiles, so show us ya cute little reptilians! Cheers, Bohdi.
  4. cheekabee

    Tiger snakes

    Just found this tiger snake today and reminded me of the variety of tiger snake colours patterns you can encounter even in the same locality. These are just a few tigers I have found in the Melbourne region, Please post any pics of tigers that you have come across anywhere in Australia. I'd love...
  5. R

    Advice on baby Skink

    So I was giving the dog a bath and noticed a large hole in the dirt. We have had quite a lot of Wolf spiders at the moment and the kids are a little worried about em so I put the hose down it to see if it would come out.... as you do! After a while, these little white things came up and I...
  6. aspidito

    From the Couriermail

    A sad article - Very quick First Aid response to snake bites is absolutely critical. Grieving dad makes plea to cut snake deaths across Queensland | The Courier-Mail Also check out the GALLERY: Snakes and their snacks at the bottom, some interesting pictures.
  7. caliherp

    ignorant Californian

    hello Aussie herp keepers. I was wondering about the legalities of keeping reptiles in Australia?
  8. shea_and_ruby

    Why do people so readily admit to owning exotics?

    As we have been selling some our of tanks lately, we have had a few coming over to check them out. Out of three people who ended up buying, two had exotics - one had corns and the other openly admitted he had boas! wasn't too surprised with the corn snake, but boaS, not just one, but a few, so...
  9. MathewB

    Kangaroo Island Trip (Pic Heavy)

    I got back from KI a couple days ago and thought I'd share some pics, this all of them btw. A Seagull Pacific Gull PELICANS!! Heath Monitors
  10. Tassie97

    New Rankinia diemensis

    :D classic mnt drag basking position :) he is a cool lil fella
  11. Tassie97

    NEW Hyper? Blotched Bluey!

    hello got this bluey removed about 23 ticks but still a few more isnt she an interesting colour is she a stage of hyper? het maybe? and is it a boy or a girl thanks :) I can keep her cause i have a Tasmanian herp permit (just for all the APS experts)
  12. yommy


    I think there is nothing better then a good headshot of your pythons. Here's a few i've taken, feel free to add yours..........
  13. Sdaji

    Unusual "Calico/piebald" Black Tiger Snake

    Scientific Name Notechis ater Common Name Black Tiger Snake (Kangaroo Island) Age About three years Sex Male Length About 120cm? Adult, ready to breed. Quantity Available One Price Offers General Description This snake has some very unusual...
  14. redbellybite

    Interesting ...

    I found it interesting in what type of anti vens are used for different species .... Immunotype Treatment of snakebite in a clinical setting depends in part on the immunotype to which the speces belongs. The Snake Venom Detection Kit (SVDK) helps with determining this information...
  15. Stefan

    Visiting a friend

    Hi all! Last weekend I visited a friend for his birthday and also to have some snaketalk and photographing some of his animals. I am sure that some of you would really like some of my pictures... At least the animals on my pictures :lol: Enjoy! The most animals are exotics for you guys, that...
  16. Stefan

    Current status of Pseudechis weigeli

    Hi there! Does some one have some information on the current status of Pseudechis weigeli? When I am searching around for information about Pseudechis I sometimes see the name weigeli. This would be a pigmy mulga from Australia. The pigmy mulga from PNG is mostly called Pailsus rossignollii...
  17. kensai

    New Tiger

    Just Got my new Kangaroo Island Tiger, Here are some pics
  18. m.punja

    black tiger snake classifications

    Does anyone have any links to papers written going into detail on the different sub species of black tiger snakes? I understand most of the different island tigers have different scientific names and that there are black tigers on tassie and the mainland I'm just confused as to what belongs...
  19. M

    Please ID this snake.

    Hello There were reports of "Yellow Bellied Black Snakes" In my area but there is no such thing. Then i happened to stumble across the closest thing to fit that description. I thought it was just another type of brown snake but someone told me last night they think not. So herp mad pplz help...
  20. Varanus1

    Black Tiger Snakes

    Hey guys, I am looking for a pair of Black tiger snakes (N. ater ater OR N. ater niger), any age (but the younger the better!), preferably feeding well. Will pay freight to melbourne for interstate sellers. Must be a definite pair. Any help would be much appreciated, Regards, Trent.
  21. m.punja

    black tigers

    I started a thread two days ago excited about going and helping a mate sort out some of his big tigers. He sold me this pair and has more for me in the future, these are nice, big boofy heads which is what I like and a little lighter which is good because I have a black male already and a black...
  22. m.punja

    black tiger snake pics

    I'll be playing with a hand full of different black tiger snakes tomorrow and am bouncing with excitment, if all goes well I should have a few more nice specimens to add to the collection. So here I am all keen and eager and thought hmm, don't often see keepers posting pics of their black tiger...
  23. Sdaji

    Patternless Tiger Pictures (Dial up warning)

    Hello, people who decided to view this thread, I promised a friend I would post pictures of one of my favourite snakes, Alana, into a thread, so here it is. When I made that promise I didn't realise she was coming up for a slough, but all the same, I've done it. ...and to...
  24. dragon lady

    Which of the top 10 vens in Australia...?

    was having a discussion with some non rep people.... led to a debate... need to know which of our top 10 venomous would kill a human the quickest without medical prevention?.... eg:...your one to help knowledge of what to do... so you just die... yes morbid....but...
  25. snakes01

    Pics...Venomous Snakes!!!

    Anyone got some good pics of their venomous snakes well they dont have to be yours they can be wild also. id love to see some big ones. so post away :D have fun.
  26. Riley

    Australia's most deadly snakes

    anyone know Australia's 10 most dangerous/deadly snakes? just wonderin:D i know that Australia has 7 of the most dangerous in the world..but yeah. also i saw a grey & black snake with horns at the ARP, anyone know know what type this is? thanks
  27. rodentrancher

    Guy at SA Venom Supplies Bitten

    Just heard tail end of a news item on ABC Radio. A guy at SA Venom Supplies bitten by a Venomous Snake. Didn't hear what type of snake it was. Exotic was mentioned though. Wish I had been listening properly. Cheers Cheryl
  28. mysnakesau

    Ven pix

    Just some pics I took at Billabong Koala Park. From left to right we have Coastal Taipan, Death adder, inland taipan and a red belly The taipans were very inquisitive. The flash frightened him but he came right over to the glass to check us out.
  29. mrmikk

    Most venomous

    It is a common discussion amongst snake enthusiasts as to how vens compare re; toxicity, deadliness, etc... I thought you might find this table interesting, it is based on comparison with the toxicity of the Indian Cobra venom, which is assigned a 1 rating. The table is not mine, but comes...
  30. Daniel Humm

    Sane or Insane, That is the question!

    Hi guys i have 2 Common Tiger Snakes and every time i tell someone about them they think im mad! Just wanting your opinion on owning elapids and would be intersted to know what sort of elapids you guys have! Cheers Daniel
  31. dodgie

    TV Caps from Todays totally Wild

    I hope you Guys like!:)
  32. bundy

    Top 10 deadly

    can anyone tell me what are the top 10 deadliest snake within australia?
  33. zard

    i think i spoke to soon

    some of u may remember we have had a few snakes visit us lately a large coastal a smallish brown tree snake a little green tree snake which we have seen several times since posting after the last snake i said 'at least we havent had anything venomous' well i jinxed myself today this...
  34. S

    Southern Cross Reptiles comp. updates

    Post from doc after judgement. All in all, that was a good effort. When you give out the scores could you point out that I rewarded points for picking the differences and for pointing out the exceptions to the rule as well (e.g. snakes have forked tongues and lizards don?t ? except goannas...
  35. S

    Southern Cross Reptiles Comp.

    Score after 1st round steve6610 1 JandC_Reptiles 1 craig.a.c 1 OuZo 2 soulweaver 2 staffsrule 1 Dicco 2 danep 1 munkee 1 newtosnakes 1 jonno 1 southy 1 junglemad 1 westaussie 1 What a great answers we have here. Impossible to judge fairly this first one. I marked all post...
  36. playwell

    Show us ya Hatchies

    I'll go first. :) I don't have a name for these guys ATM. But I nick name this "Little Worm" Then there is this one. It has a screw loose. Biting,pooing & weeing on you is it favourite pass time, besides eating that is.
  37. G

    Elapid Handling (poll)

    Hey all, i've had some mixed feedback as to wether or not i'm a fool for handling elapids without propper training. please add own personal experiences.
  38. B

    SOFAR Expo

    Hi Guys, All those in the Newcastle, Central Coast and Sydney areas, do not forget that the SOFAR reptile expo is on tomorrow(21/11/04) at the Wet Lands centre at Newcastle. It was a great day last year, and this year should be even better. If you have nothing on tomorrow why not come...
  39. toxinologist

    Doppy Aussie on NGEO again tomorrow ...

    For those after a Saturday afternoon chuckle ... National Geographic Channel are screening a new "Snake Wranglers" featuring one of my trips to Reevesby Island chasing black tiger snakes tomorrow afternoon (5.30pm in Qld). Cheers David
  40. Fuscus

    Triva - Fuscus's Ulitimate Creature Kontest

    I think it is time for another triva contest. One point per question. first to 10 points. Questions will be posted at randon times but most questions will be posted after 9:00 Central daylight time. I'll try and make the questions google - unfreindly ! Where a question asks for a species...
  41. S

    APS Trivia

    I will try to run trivia in forum now. every evening after 7 pm i will put question to our members in this forum. First correct answer will get the point. I know that people will be lucky to get the question first but it is just fun and please do not take this to seriously. First question...