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  1. Skelhorn

    Reptiles I see

    Love my job...apart from certain parts as with any profession. At the Caloundra Landfill the other day conducting some baseline water quality monitoring and came across my RBB friend that I see quite often. Most probably a different one each time but I have come across this fella several times...
  2. I

    Why are Death Adders so dangerously cheap?

    Serious Question. I always see Death Adders for sale for around $150. This A.) confuses me. and B.)Scares me. It's quite a challenge not too buy one of those cute little snugglesticks.
  3. markannab

    Keelback, Tiger, or Rough-Scale at Dingo Tops, NSW?

    A friend saw this snake inland at Dingo Tops NSW in a creek. It didn't appear aggressive even though they nearly stood on it. They described it as striped full length. The picture seems to show large eyes. Distribution maps I have suggest tiger snakes come this far down, but rough-scales and...
  4. I

    Another texty.

    Apologies Baz, couldn't bump the relocation thread. This one had spots:)!
  5. I

    How to cope with 45C.

    This is how Sid managed her first day of heat wave...still in the bath at 20:30hours. She did spend time stalking the house earlier. How did your favourite beasties cope today?
  6. C

    Snake ID please

    Hello, Found this baby snake in our garage. Is it a Tiger Snake? What should I do with it. It is currently in a bucket. Urgent response needed please Hope this image is clear enough for ID. Regards, CorteOnCamera
  7. S

    Herping Northern Nsw advice

    Hey guys, On a holiday in Ballina over the Xmas brake and am wondering if anyone knows any spots for herping around here. Ive found wild scrubbys, jungles, bhp's, waters, olives, Womas etc in my herping time but I just realized I'm yet to find a python in nsw yet so would like to tick that off...
  8. T

    Tiger snake fangs - Myth or fact

    Hi all. I am new around here and very much appreciate the vast knowledge and experience found here from you all. I have a question for you guys... (and given that I couldn't find it listed in the other forum posts about snake myths, I'd like to hit you guys up for an expert answer) A friend of...
  9. aspidito

    From the Couriermail

    A sad article - Very quick First Aid response to snake bites is absolutely critical. Grieving dad makes plea to cut snake deaths across Queensland | The Courier-Mail Also check out the GALLERY: Snakes and their snacks at the bottom, some interesting pictures.
  10. dodgie

    Warning read this

    This is something that had never entered my mind. I was in with the snakes feeding and i had one of the Tiger tubs out getting ready to feed it so i opened the tub and the snake came up flat out as they do looking for a feed and the next thing the power went out and i was left standing there in...
  11. Vikingtimbo

    Tiger Snake interacting with Blue-tongue

    Hi, I've filmed a couple of interesting interactions between a Tiger Snake and an Eastern Blue-tongue that live not far from me. They were both quite different and under different circumstances. Anyway I thought people might be interested. This encounter was an accident (actually it was my...
  12. Rach85

    FrogStock :)

    Just got back from a few days camping in Augusta, WA. Normally we'd be lucky to find a frog or lizard, and we've been to the same spot 3 or 4 times now. But on the nights we were there, in a space of maybe 10 square metres, there were 20 - 25 tree frogs. I couldnt get many pics, as all I had was...
  13. Snake Catcher Victoria

    Tiger Snake Pics & Vid

    This snake was in a shed in Arthurs Seat yeterday. When I got there, there was a guy leaning on a rake watching the snake that was now outside the shed. Thankfully the snake was unharmed. Kaz, working her magic with the video, lol. Cheers
  14. K

    Whats your Favorite species and why?

    Do you own one? and if no how come?.
  15. Xeaal

    Legless Lizards

    Can anyone please point me in the right direction for information about keeping (and where to buy) legless lizards in Victoria? Thank you.
  16. richoman_3

    Delma impar and tiger snake

    very happy boy :D :D this little guy was pretty hungry! Tiger Snake (Notechis scutatus) by Richoman_herps, on Flickr sorry for the very crap pics, but this has to be my fave find so far !!! Striped Legless Lizard (Delma impar) by Richoman_herps, on Flickr Striped Legless Lizard (Delma...
  17. C

    What to get for a second snake?

    Hey guys im thinking of getting a second snake ( i have a stimson at the moment and is around 9-10 months old ) not looking for breeding purposes just as a pet. something that grows a bit bigger than the stimsons maybe around 5-6 feet long that doesnt require a HUGE enclosure and that doesnt...
  18. Justdriftnby

    another ID thread

    I recently bought a 41 Acre property in Dixons Creek north east vic (near King Lake), unfortunatly the black saturday bushfires desimated the property but as nature does its all coming back, Plenty of frogs, Lizzards and even a couple of monitors so far. We have seen Red Bellies around the dam...
  19. Sezzzzzzzzz

    Energy worker killed by Taipan

    Energy worker killed by taipan - Seven News Queensland
  20. snakerelocation

    QLD Tiger snake good handler

    Species Common Name TIGER SNAKE Age Adult Length Appropriate Quantity Available 1 Bred By Unknown General Description Beautiful tiger snakes with good clean patterns, very good to handle for a tiger snake - still use hook and tail. Appropriate...
  21. Vikingtimbo

    Videos of a Tiger Snake Climbing a Tree

    Hi, I've been uploading dozens of Tiger Snake videos to YouTube over the last year, some really interesting, some less so. Just over a week ago I came across a huge Tiger Snake here in Melbourne that was climbing straight up the bark of a tree. It's something we've all read about but I always...
  22. mikey_mike

    article: antivenom update

    The current edition of Australian Prescriber has an excellent article on antivenom. It's available on the website as a PDF (untill the next edition is published). Independent information about drugs and therapeutics - Australian Prescriber Cheers
  23. turtlecheeks

    can some one help identify this snake!!!

    I found this snake curled up on my kitchen floor this morning at 7.30am. Not sure if one of our cats brought it inside or not as one of our cats was happy to wonder over and sniff it and seem very unafraid and possessive of it. It is approximately 40cm long, has a distinct diamond shaped head...
  24. I

    Plumber's delight!

    Had a morning call from a local plummer for this guy. Unfortunately the householder had poured bleach and hot water over him and flushed the toilet several times in an attempt to get rid of him before I was called, so he wasn't a happy chap. Cleaned him up and released at a local water supply...
  25. Snake Catcher Victoria

    Snake Callout I was called out to this tigersnake this morning
  26. lizardman59

    Herping spots in Perth

    hey guys im back and summer is coming which means ill be out herping the problem is our local herping spot is being mowed down by a near by school for more buildings :evil::evil::evil: so i was wondering if u perth herpers could help a fellow herper out with some herping spots up in the hills as...
  27. P

    Can anyone identify this fellow?

    We just got this guy... Free. Was told "jungle python" but we smiled sweetly and thought 'Nope!!' He's 8yo. What is he? I reckon an Inland Python, Gammon River or Murray Darling... We're new to this site. My sons snake is a Centralian and 1-1/2yo. Very healthy and going fine! Thanks in...
  28. reptilerescue

    Just a couple of pics

    just thought i would put a couple of pics up
  29. Pythonlovers


    hey everyone, quite curious on how hard elapids are to keep? are they hard? or is it the fact that there venomous make them seem hard to keep? and what would be a good elapid to start with? brown tree snake (night tiger), etc? cheers. jesse.
  30. damian83

    called to remove a snake a friends

    My wife got a distressed call from a friend today who's dog was barking at a brown and grey banded snake from a hole under their fence. I went over with no thoughts other than a brown, it had dug under the neighbours concrete pool deck (which is their fence line) I peeked under the concrete to...
  31. J

    types of snakes for sale

    is there an actual little non venomous snake i can own, i dont like the looks of pythons......
  32. sharky

    What do you feed your 9 month old jungles?

    Hey everyone, I just got my first jungle! She is 9 months old andI've just been looking at everyone elses 9 m.o jungles and they are huge compared to my little girl:| Mine is currently around 30-40cm and every one elses look so much larger and more bulky! So I'm wondering what you guys feed...
  33. PythonOwner25

    And so the Herping season begins!

    Was perfect weather around Vic today, so decided to go out for a herp around the local rivers/parklands with a mate. And although only second day of spring, the changing seasons and some sunlight proved to bring out some nice reptiles :D
  34. red_belly_blacks

    Pics from australian reptile park

    I know most people have all seen pics before but here a few pics from my trip to Australian Reptile park I was driving back from sydney and i saw the sign, I had to go. I spent 3 hrs there :( and at least 1/2 of that was with the king cobra. I could have easily spent the...
  35. Snake Catcher Victoria


    While travelling through South Australia last month I was given the opportunity to go and see the Venom Research facility at Tanunda. Thanks Nathan for your hospitality and giving me the chance to see you guys in action. Some pics and a video were mandatory of course. This is the dedicated...
  36. caliherp

    ignorant Californian

    hello Aussie herp keepers. I was wondering about the legalities of keeping reptiles in Australia?
  37. I

    For Sssssnakeman.

    Thought you'd appreciate this one Baz, as I know you've had a few of these yourself. Early morning callout (6.30am), drenching rain (flooded creek crossing) and 18K out of town. The strange thing was, she swears she saw it crawl out from under her septic tank! Thought it was my first local Tiger...
  38. V

    Eastern brown snake

    Found this juvenile brown snake around Bundoora. When first encountered it was making very little movements due to its cold body temperature when found (was in aestivation). However it soon warmed up from the heat of the sun and started to become more active and started bluff striking, gaping...
  39. someday

    mixing 2 differnt types together?

    hey guys. just bought a olive python and a bhp the bhp is only 4months old and the olive is only couple months older ive just bought a 4by2by2 tank with 2x hides just wondering will tehy be fine together for a couple days?
  40. D

    well trained ball python

    Sorry to the mods for putting this up here if I'm not allowed. Has anyone seen this add from another site. For Sale - Trained Ball Python ball python which is extremely lovely and well trained.It has all its documents so kindly bet back to us for more and extra details about this python...
  41. F


    If it took 1 hour to find it thier family wasnt in immediate danger and they could have called a snake catcher, grrrrr Snake gets the chop - Local News - News - Knox Leader
  42. W

    Cairns people

    The Cape York Herpetological Society is meeting today at the Cairns City Library at 7pm. Guest speaker: Greg Miles Topic: "The conservation crisis in northern Australia"
  43. disintegratus

    Grrrr!! Bloody cats!!!

    My sister refuses to keep her cats confined, and they are constantly killing stuff. There's usually at least one mouse or rat on our front porch almost every day, which is bad enough, and every time I catch them with something live, I take it off them and hold on to it for a while to make sure...
  44. Vikingtimbo

    Tiger Snake Videos

    Hi, I've spent a lot of time looking for Tiger Snakes around Melbourne's Eastern suburbs this summer and I've uploaded about thirty videos of them to YouTube. I've got a bit of a backlog too, so I'll continue to add more videos for a while even though the snake season's almost over. Here are a...
  45. S

    The secrets of wild hatchlings.

    Just a discussion topic for my own curiosity and to hear from some more experienced herp guys. Does anyone regularly find hatchlings of any type in the wild? My whole life I have only once come across a hatchling. It was a diamond on a rock face in the bush at about midnight. It's the only...
  46. Poggle

    Reptile Photography

    I have seen some beautiful photo's on here recently. I am getting into photography more and more and would love some tips of some one is willing to give them to me. Also if people could post osme more great pics of their snakes that would be great! First one is a RBB and second a pain in the...
  47. Vikingtimbo

    Tiger Snake Videos

    Hi, This summer I've spent a lot of time looking for Tiger Snakes around Melbourne. I've uploaded more than twenty Tiger videos to YouTube but so far they haven't got many views. There must be lots of people out there who'd really enjoy them so I thought I'd post a link to my YouTube channel...
  48. Vikingtimbo

    Tiger Snake Videos

    Oops, sorry. :oops:
  49. TaraLeigh

    Gorgeous Tiger Snake Photos!

    Just thought I'd chuck a handful of photos up I took on Saturday. We found this gorgeous boy. I think he is just a stunner. Thought you guys might enjoy a gander.
  50. Jake007

    What got you in to reptiles?????

    I'll start off my brother in law got me a hypo coastal as our wedding present :) just got married last year He got the cage and all so was a great present and loving all 3 of mine now :D